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Chapter 23 Oni Loyalty

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 “It is a very comfortable equipment, desu~no. I didn't know there were such good weapons and armor in the human land”
 Urza jumps up and down, her voice full of joy.
 Her white hair is swaying as she jumps, and her body is wrapped in a blue-colored shirt and skirt and light leather armor.
 Her equipment, which emphasizes ease of movement rather than defense, suits her very well, and is full of cuteness that makes people smile.
 And ― the most eye-catching feature is the kanabō clasped in her both hands.
 The thick black metal club was covered with countless spikes and emitted a violent force that would have shattered someone's skull if he/she had been hit with it.
 “That oni kanabō also suits you well”
 I nodded my head in satisfaction and snapped my fingers.
 The oni kanabō is an equipment item dropped by ogres, hobgoblins, and other oni monsters. It has very high offensive power and requires low skill proficiency, so it can be equipped even in the early stages of the scenario.
 In the [DunBrave], there are only a few characters who have the skill of [Hammer Art], so this is a gem that has been kept in a dead storage.
 Combined with the two horns on her head, it looks as if the weapon was made for Urza.
 “I'm so happy, desu~no! I'll take good care the present from Goshujin-sama!”
 “Well, I'm glad you like it”
 “With this I can fight any enemy, desu~no. I'll kill them with all my heart for Goshujin-sama!”
 “Like I said, don't say such scary things... are all Oni-jin people fighting maniacs?”
 Urza holds the kanabō in her hands as if it were a stuffed animal. Despite the fact that the spikes on the club look as if they might be painful, the white-haired oni girl does not care about that and hugs the kanabō tightly.
 “Ehehehehehe... Goshujin-sama, I love you so much!”
 “...Hey, why do you love me so much?”
 “We just met. And I just gave you some equipment, I don't remember doing anything to make you like me so much”
 Urza's face, which had been sold at the auction, was filled with sadness and despair, and her eyes were moist as if she were about to cry.
 However, ever since she was sold to me, Urza has been so excited that she was so happy to have been bought by me.
 I wonder why her favorability has increased so much in such a short period of time.
 “Urza likes good-looking men, desu~no!” (*Note: 面食い: menkui)
 “You see, Goshujin-sama is so cool. So, I'm so happy that I belong to such a handsome guy, desu~no!”
 “Cool...? Are you talking about me?”
 Urza's answer is met with a questioning look on her face.
 It is true that Zenon Baskerville is a good-looking man with a slender and sharp face.
 However, his sharp eyes and hawk-like nose give him an evil look and make him unapproachable.
 In fact, I was obviously shunned by the girls in my class. And sometimes they screamed at me when I smiled at them in a friendly manner.
 “Yes, desu~no! Eyes that could kill people just by staring. A wickedly pointed nose. A mouth with sharp fangs as if to devour flesh and blood... All of these are Urza's ideal man! Goshujin-sama is just like a legendary demon god (Asura), so wonderful, desu~no!”
 “...That's great. But I don't feel like I'm being praised at all. Even though I should be happy about it”
 But wait, is it possible that Urza has a special sensibility? Or does this villainous face look like a handsome boy to the oni-jin people?
 Still, it is surprisingly unpleasing to hear girls praising me.
 It is as if I became popular among the natives in a village deep in Africa, while I was not popular at all in Japan. It is a very complicated feeling.
 “I fell in love at first sight with such a wonderful Lord from the moment our eyes met in the hall, desu~no. It was a fate that Goshujin-sama would buy Urza, desu~no!”
 “............Well, I'm happy for you”
 I shake my head, giving up on thinking.
 I had a rather unsettled feeling, but there was no point in interrupting the conversation at this point.
 Whatever the reason was, it would be good if the girl I was about to join was like me. After all, it is much better than being feared and hated.
 “...Anyway, it's better to be liked than hated. Okay... let's switch it up. If you're done getting dressed, we're leaving. Follow me”
 “Yes, desu~no”
 Urza follows me out of the room behind me, her body bouncing nimbly.
 On my way out of the building where the auction was being held, I ran into the auctioneer, Leybold. The well-dressed slaver strokes his chin in admiration as he sees Urza following behind me like a loyal dog.
 “Well, well, she seems to have grown quite fond of you in such a short time... You are just as strong at night as the big master, young master”
 “...You can say whatever you like. I'm getting tired of correcting the mistake”
 I glared at the well-dressed slaver with half-lidded eyes and quickly tried to leave the building. As I was leaving the building, Leybold called out to me from behind.
 “Please come to our auction again. We have a good selection of slaves waiting for you.”
 I waved him off with a curt wave and left the auction hall without looking back.

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