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Chapter 4 Three Heroines

 After getting off the carriage, I passed through the gate of the school.
 There seemed to be guards in armor waiting on both sides of the gate, but I was able to pass through without being stopped because I was wearing the uniform that had been provided to me beforehand.
 As I entered the school, there was a signboard in front of the school with a congratulatory message and directions to the entrance ceremony site.
 “Tsk... don't be nervous. I’m not the only one”
 As I walk from the gate to the school building, I clutch my chest in excitement.
 Although the sequel has made me despair, [DunBrave] is a game I have played many times. So, the fact that I was walking on the grounds of the school where [DunBrave] took place moved me deeply inside.
 I felt as if I were on a pilgrimage to a holy place. I couldn't suppress my excitement and tightened my facial muscles desperately not to loose my facial expression. But...
 ―I heard a short scream from a female student who was nearby saw my face.
 Wait, there is no need to make such an expression as if you had met a man-eating tiger. Even if I look like a bad guy, it's still hurtful to be frightened when I didn't do anything.
 “Phew... It’s so depressing...”
 The tension that had been building up was cooled down to a moderate level thanks to the frightened reaction of the stranger. But I take a few deep breaths to calm myself down, and then I list out my future plans in my mind.
 The entrance ceremony is to be held in the auditorium. After that, the students will be divided into classes for the orientation.
 This is the end of the school day's events... but after that, there is a class social gathering invited by a girl who has been appointed as a class committee member. There, for the first time, the hero, Leon Brave, comes into contact with the heroines who will be deeply involved in the story.
 “The legendary social gathering event, huh...? Hehe, hehehehe...!”
 When I let out a laugh, a group of girls nearby scream in unison. A group of three girls in school uniforms and blazers were huddled together, trembling and shaking their shoulders.
 No, no, no, why do they have to be so scared?
 Feeling unreasonable, I looked to the side and saw my face reflected in the glass window of the school building.
 The reflection of my face on the glass window is a villain's face, which looks like he is playing an evil trick. His eyes are upturned, and his sharp canine teeth are peeping out from between his lips.
 He looks as if he is thinking about how to cook his captive, and I almost screamed.
 “...Okay. Calm down”
 From now on, I'll try not to laugh in public.
 With this vow firmly in my mind, I followed the signboard and walked toward the auditorium.
* * *
 Finally, I arrived at the auditorium, despite being avoided by the students walking around me.
 The seating order is not fixed. And it seems that the first person to arrive at the auditorium gets to choose the seat of his/her choice. So I sat down on a chair a little behind the center of the hall.
 Half of the seats in the auditorium are already occupied. The new students are talking with the students around them in a friendly atmosphere, thinking about the school life that is about to begin.
 Maybe I should make small talk with the students around me.
 I look around, but there is no one sitting beside me in the adjacent chairs. Strangely enough, even the one who had been sitting down just a moment ago has gone away.
 “...Why am I suddenly sitting alone at? Not that I'm lonely”
 I held my eyes, which had mysteriously grown hot, and mumbled a few words.
 I'm a villain, anyway. I'm Zenon Baskerville, the bad guy, the evil cuckold. I won't be lonely if I'm all alone.
 Soon it is time for the entrance ceremony to begin, and the auditorium is almost full.
 Only around me, though, there was an empty seat in a neat rectangle.
 I crossed my arms and legs, sniffling lightly. There was no one around anyway. No need to worry.
 The entrance ceremony begins with the headmaster's speech and the congratulatory address, and goes smoothly. In the game, it was a short event of about five minutes, but in the real world, of course, it is not so short. It lasted for more than an hour with the introduction of faculty members and speeches by the guests.
 “Now, we will announce the top scorers of the entrance examination”
 At the words of the gray-haired teacher, my eyebrows twitched.
 This was an event that had also occurred in the game. The top five scorers of the entrance exam are called in order and stand up from their seats.
 And this is also the scene where the main heroines are unveiled.
 “Entrance Exams, 5th place. Ciel Uranus”
 A girl with short-cut red hair stands up. Her long, healthy legs stretch out from the short skirt of her school uniform. Her face is cheerful, and she is one of the main heroines.
 Ciel Uranus is the daughter of a local nobleman who owns a territory in a remote part of Slayers Kingdom, and is Leon's childhood friend.
 She is a curious girl and has been playing in the villages of the territory since she was a child, sneaking out of her house. Ciel is the one who encouraged Leon to enter the Academy.
 Her initial job is a [Sorcerer]. She is a rearguard who specializes in offensive magic.
 “4th place. Nagisa Seikai”
 The next person to stand up was a girl with black hair tied in a ponytail. She stands with a straight back and a dignified posture. Her strong-willed, crisp face seems to be more popular among girls than boys. She is also one of the main heroines.
 Nagisa Seikai is a foreign student from the far east. Her home country is a country with a culture similar to that of Japan, and she is a "Samurai girl" who grew up as a daughter of a swordsmith's dojo.
 Her initial job is [Swordsman]. She mainly uses katana as her weapon, and is a speed warrior who is faster than Leon.
 Nagisa came to study in this country with complicated circumstances, and she has a deep darkness in her heart. The key to winning Nagisa is to clear the darkness from her heart.
 “3rd places. Aeris Centorea”
 The last main heroine stood up neatly. With her golden fluffy hair flowing down her back in waves, she looks like a daughter of a noble family.
 Her behavior of simply standing up when her name was called showed her good upbringing, and the students around her gaped at her with bated breath.
 Aeris Centorea was also an aristocratic daughter like Ciel, but while Ciel came from a local noble family, Aeris was born in a central noble family. Her father was a [Cardinal] in the court, a position in charge of the church, and Aeris was also a [Cleric] in her early life.
 She has a beautiful face and the biggest breasts among all the characters in the series. She was a perfect beautiful girl who charmed the people around her with her full body and her voluptuous style.
 There are many female characters in [DunBrave], but these three are the main heroines who are deeply involved in the scenario.
 Together with the hero Leon Brave, they defeated the Demon King... and then, they were the poor victims who were corrupted in mind and body by the villain Zenon Baskerville.
 “Phew... fortunately, that future is gone”
 Now that I am Zenon, I will not allow any NTR plot to develop.
 I will improve the scenario by avoiding all depressing developments, and create a real happy ending that I could not see in the game.
 “2nd places. Zenon Baskerville, the second runner-up in the grade”
 I'm lost in thought when I hear my name called and my eyes go black and white.
 I forgot even the simple task of standing up when my name was called, and sat there with my arms and legs crossed in an arrogant posture.

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