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Chapter 5 The Suffering of Villainous Faces

 It took me a few seconds to realize what I had done.
 By the time I realized it, it was already too late. The students start to murmur as "Zenon Baskerville" doesn't seem to be getting up.
 At first, the new students didn't seem to know who "Zenon Baskerville" was, but it seems that one of them knew my face. Following this students' gazes, the other students' gazes were immediately drawn to me.
 In addition, the seats around me were empty as if specially arranged, and thus I was the target of their gaze. And the buzz was only getting louder.
 “Baskerville... that evil nobleman?”
 “Yes, it's rumored to have assassinated the previous king...”
 “The crime guild...? Oh, I see...”
 “I heard that they are in contact with a neighboring country...”
 There was even some whispering among the new students. There were even some bad rumors I didn't remember, and the stares I received were a mixture of fear and loathing.
 This is not good. I've made a bad impression on the new students. I try to stand up impatiently with my face scrunched up.
 But before I could do so, the teacher who was hosting the meeting sighed.
 “Good grief... It really can't be helped”
 The old teacher stares at me with monocle-encrusted eyes.
 “Zenon Baskerville. I understand your frustration with the results of the entrance exam and your position as runner-up. As the successor of a high-ranking nobleman, your determination to reach the top of your class is commendable. But this is the Royal Swords and Magic Academy, a school where both nobles and commoners are treated fairly. We do not give special treatment to anyone because of his or her birth. Even if you are a member of the Marquis family, I ask you to refrain from any disrespectful behavior on school”
 Wait, that's not it. I just missed the timing to get up.
 I mean, I never took the entrance exam in the first place. So, how can I be satisfied or dissatisfied with the result of a test I didn't take? And I''m not being rebellious in the slightest.
 Well, what's going on?
 I could stand up as the teacher instructed, but that would be too pathetic, wouldn't it?
 I'm not trying to look good, but if I give in too easily and get humiliated, I might be bullied in my future life in the school. I would like to avoid such a situation.
 For the time being, shall I apologize to him while sitting down and see his reaction?
 “I apologize for this. I will take your advice to heart”
 I bowed lightly in my chair.
 ...I wonder why it's so quiet.
 I might have been a bit cocky, but I have apologized to him.
 I hope my reputation has been saved, and they can let me go and move on.
 “I see. You mean you don't intend to restrain your rebellious attitude?”
 The old teacher looks as if he's biting a bitter bug.
 No, no, no? I'm not disobeying you. I've already apologized to you. Please check the context again!
 But is it because of this villainous face? Or is it the aura of my sulky attitude? It seems that the teacher and the students around me took it that I was rebelling against the teacher.
 Why is this happening to me when I really feel sorry, not to mention my face?
 Despite my confusion, the teacher gave a heavy sigh.
 “It's all right. Let's not pursue the matter any further, since today is an auspicious occasion. If you don't show any improvement in your attitude, who knows what will happen to you”
 “Now, we'll continue with the top students”
 What have I done?
 Is it such a crime to be delayed in getting up by accident?
 In the first place, I'm not yet accustomed to being called by the name of Zenon Baskerville. It's no wonder I can't react quickly.
 While I am being beaten down by such irrationality, the name of the last student with the highest grade - the first place of the class - is read out.
 “First place in the entrance examination. First in the entrance exam, Leon Brave!”
 A boy stands up with a cheerful reply that seems to dispel the atmosphere of the previous moment's awkwardness.
 The boy stood up with his quirky silver hair. He is the hero of [DunBrave] and the descendant of a hero - Leon Brave.

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