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Chapter 37 Tears of the Saint

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 ”You idiot. Who's going to listen to you?”
 I guess she didn't expect me to reject her. Aeris's eyes turned black and white at my blunt words.
 ”B-But... if things continue as is, you will die as well. Please don't die for someone like me...!”
 Someone like me, huh...? You have a very low self-esteem. You make it sound like your life is worthless”
 The reason why a girl named Aeris Centorea has come to sacrifice herself so much is because of her mother.
 Aeris, the daughter of a viscount, was attacked by bandits when she was a child while traveling with her mother in a carriage along the streets.
 While her guards and attendants were killed one after another, Aeris' mother cast a barrier to protect her daughter.
 The barrier magic drains her magical power as time passes. And thinking that her lovely daughter would be killed if the barrier removed, the mother forcefully extended the effect of the barrier by draining her life force even after her magic power was exhausted.
 As a result, she succeeded in protecting her daughter until the patrolling guards arrived, but in exchange, she lost her life.
 However, after surviving in exchange for her mother's life, Aeris began to take her own life lightly and to give up her life for the sake of others.
 ”I hate that kind of self-sacrifice the most! I hate it when people who can live give up their lives, when people who can be happy but miss the opportunity that's right in front of them. Are you mocking me!?”
 ”B-But I'm a servant of God and I have a duty to serve others...”
 ”That's what's annoying! And since there's no hero here, I will say it for you! 'Think of the people who'll be sad when you're dead!' Your father who raised you, your mother who died for you! Don't you realize that when you deny yourself, you're denying the people who care about you too!”
 Aeris is frozen speechless.
 It was a line that Leon, the main character, should have said, but he is unfortunately not here.
 Then, I have no choice but to say it. I can't allow such a depressing situation where only others are saved and one heroine dies without being saved.
 Now that I have been reborn in this world, I will not allow the heroine to be unhappy.
 I will become a hero or a villain if I have to destroy all the depressing developments.
 ”Your life is yours! There is no life you can waste for others. If you can't even make yourself happy, how dare you try to make others happy? Don't be so self-centered!”
 ”Don't you have things you want to do? Don't you have hobbies? If you don't want to die, why don't you just say so? Be a wimp and cling to me for help!”
 ”Ugh... ahhh...!”
 Aeris's blue eyes were dripping with tears. Her tears are as beautiful as pearls.
 She had survived her mother's death, and had chosen to sacrifice herself as if to punish herself. And because of her great ability, people around her were also spoiled by the kindness of Aeris and treated her like a saint.
 But I will destroy such sweetness and illusion.
 She is neither a saint nor an angel. She is just a weak little girl, that's what I will tell her.
 ”Can I... be saved? Can I, someone like me, who survived at the cost of my mother's life, ask for someone else's help?”
 ”You idiot, it's a privilege of the weak to ask for help. You're weaker than me. So get off your ass and beg for your life”
 ”......Y-Yes. Please help me. Please help me”
 Aeris said in response to my blunt words.
 It seems that my thoughts had been heard. I patted my chest in relief and turned my face away from her to cover up the fact that I had uttered the embarrassing words.
 ”Huff, I envy beautiful women because they are also beautiful when they cry. I really want to see them cry!”
 ”It's so embarrassing...to be called beautiful...”
 ”Of course I'm being sarcastic... Don't blush!”
 I said these words with a sarcastic intention, but for some reason Aeris's cheeks turn rose-colored and her face looks down.
 I felt a strange flag in the corner of my head... However, I pretended not to notice it and took out a magic potion from my magic bag.
 ”I'm going to sink the big guy now, and you're going to help me. You have no right to refuse”
 ”I-I understand. But... that monster is really powerful. Even if we attack it together earlier, we couldn't put a scratch on it...”
 ”I'm not like those scum who leave women behind. I have a plan.”
 A little further away, Urza and Gigant Mithril are fighting.
 Urza seem to be able to avoid its punches, but she still cannot do any damage. Still, her white skin is not without damage. Every time Gigant Mithril strikes the ground, a piece of stone shattered by the punch is grazed on Urza's white skin.
 But, Urza also seems to hit her opponents when she sees an opportunity, though this does not seem to result in any damage. Gigant Mithril had hardly any wounds.
 ”...Gigant Mithril was hardly damaged, huh? Just like in the game”
 Gigant Mithril is not a monster that is usually encountered.
 They are dangerous enemies called 'Dangerous Encounter Monsters' that rarely appear during dungeon exploration.
 Also, one of the mysterious beliefs of the production staff of [DunBrave] says, “There is no safe dungeon!”
 In other words, no dungeon is 100% safe, no matter how familiar player might be with it. There is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. Based on this strangely realistic belief, the production staff included a certain setting in this game.
 This setting is a mysterious theory called 'Dangerous Encounter Monster'.
 With a 0.1 percent chance, such monsters, which are obviously more powerful than their dungeon level, appear in the dungeon.
 Each of them has a strange skill that makes them a first-time-killer player. If the players encounter them, they will inevitably be annihilated by them.
 ”Heal Urza, that demi-human girl... while you regain your magic power. Meanwhile, I'm going to start chanting magic.”
 I unilaterally instruct Aeris and enter the preparatory stage of casting the spell.
 In the game, I have encountered this strange creature several times, and it has given me a lot of trouble. Let me return the favor here.

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