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Chapter 38 Gigant Slayer

 ”No, stop! Magic doesn't work on that monster!”
 Aeris shouts in panic as I start chanting magic.
 Of course, I know it.
 Gigant Mithril — that dangerous monster has its body covered with a coating of mithril ore.
 Mithril is a metal highly resistant to magic. Thanks to this, magic attacks are repelled and do no damage at all.
 ”Just shut up and obey me, can you? Do your job as you're told!”
 Aeris' eyes flicker with confusion, but she still follows the instructions and casts a healing spell on Urza, who is stalling for time.
 Urza's wounds, large and small, disappear without a trace as she is enveloped in a green light.
 ”Ex-heal... Strength Up... Guard Up... Stamina Charge... Rapid Foot...”
 ”...!? I suddenly have a lot of power! I can still fight, desu no!”
 She continues, casting one auxiliary magic after another to boost Urza's abilities.
 This is an appropriate action as a rear guard. Aeris, one of the main heroines, is a very capable one. I was reminded of her greatness through our joint battle.
 ”That's good... Your strength is recovery and support. You're not going to go out there and shield someone, you're not going to fight head-on”
 ”...I know that. But I still don't want to see someone else get hurt”
 ”If we're hurt, you can heal us. That is your job as a healer. And it is our job as the vanguard to stand in front and protect the rear guard”
 ”Well then...”
 Aeris is silent, and I focus on my own work again.
 Magic is no good against Gigant Mithril. Physical attacks are not that effective either.
 This monster is very hard and its endurance is almost inexhaustible. If I try to beat it with physical attacks, I need to have a skill level as high as that of the latter half of the game.
 ”It's a real... first-time-killer. It shows the ill character of the production staff.”
 I swore at the ill-natured production staff and took an item out of my magic bag without stopping my chanting.
 The magic I am about to invoke cannot be used with my current level of proficiency in dark magic.
 As there is no level system in the world of [DunBrave], I have to acquire a “magic book” to master new magic. The new magic can be used by learning it from the spellbook, and furthermore, by training the skill to the level of proficiency to invoke the magic.
 On the other hand, it is possible to learn powerful magic even with low proficiency as long as someone have a spellbook. It is just that it cannot be invoked.
 ”Mithril Gigant — there are two ways to defeat it”
 The first one is to force it with physical attacks.
 By avoiding the enemy's attacks, and by attacking it continuously, I can chip away at its durability.
 The second is to use magic.
 Gigant Mithril nullifies magic. Actually, it is a fake.
 Though the mithril armor of this monster can nullify magic attacks, if it receives more than a certain amount of magic damage, the mithril armor is destroyed and it turns into a simple golem.
 Incidentally... this strategy was not available in the game, and it was an information that was posted on the strategy site after an unbelievable number of players challenged this Gigant Golem.
 With these information, I take out a rainbow-colored bottle from my bag and crush it in my hand. Immediately, a rainbow-colored light envelops my body.
 ”Paid Item — Doping Bottle.”
 Nevertheless, I can't use enough magic to break down the armor of Gigant Mithril at my current skill level.
 So, I used a paid item to temporarily increase my skill level to the maximum. With this, my skill in dark magic is maxed out, and I can use magic that I can't use now.
 Now I can use even the highest level of dark magic!
 ”Get back, Urza! Dark magic — Abyss Gate!”
 Urza instantly breaks away in response to my voice.
 The next moment, a jet-black darkness like a black hole engulfs Gigant Mithril.
 'Abyss Gate', a single attack-type dark magic.
 The power of this magic, which can be invoked only when one's mastery of dark magic reaches 90 or more, is truly one of the most powerful.
 Except for Zenon Baskerville, only the Demon King can use this magic among the characters in [DunBrave].
 This is the ultimate in darkness, and it consumes Gigant Mithril.
 Mithril's armor is destroyed like a piece of paper by the most powerful single attack magic. The stone body that emerges from beneath the armor is also shattered.
 Even after the Gigant Mithril is destroyed, the darkness of the abyss continues to erode, crushing the remains of its stone until it is reduced to a fine powder of sand.
 This is a clear overkill. After the Gigant Mithril is gone, all that is left is a small medal the size of the palm of one's hand.
 ”Successfully defeated... Good grief”
 ”Did it work, desu~no? As expected of Goshujin-sama!”
 ”Amazing... this is Baskerville-sama’s power...”
 Urza hugged Aeris with a cheerful voice, and Aeris breathed a sigh of dismay.
 ”Mother, have I finally met the one to whom I must devote everything, the one you told me was 'my destiny'?”
 ”Goshujin-sama? You were so cool, desu~no!”
 Aeris mumbles, but her soft words are drowned out by Urza's bright voice.
 It is only a short time before I realize that missing the murmur is a fatal problem.

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