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Chapter 36 The Sacrifice of the Saint

 A scream pierced the air from deep within the dungeon. It was a high-pitched female voice.
 Urza and I turned our heads in the direction the voice came from. Just as we were considering whether or not we should go, we heard a scream again, and my eyes glazed over.
 ”Why are those monsters here!”
 A group of three boys come running from the direction of the voice. They were armed and wearing armor, and their faces were familiar. They were the boys who had picked up Aeris Centorea at the school a few hours earlier.
 The boys looked a little surprised to see us, but they tried to slip past us without a care.
 ”Shadow Bind!”
 The magic I had cast stopped them. Shadow tentacles crawl out from under their feet and bind the boys.
 ”Hey, you! Stop right there!”
 ”Y-You're Baskerville!? How did you...!?”
 ”Answer the question! Why are you here? And what about Aeris Centorea?”
 ”W-We were just in the dungeon to collect items and materials...”
 ”I-It can't be helped! I can't believe such a strong monster came out!”
 ”Really? You guys didn't mean to leave her? But...”
 I quickly realized the situation and clicked my tongue.
 Apparently, they had unexpectedly encountered a powerful monster and had escaped on their own, leaving Aeris behind.
 ”Let's go, Urza!”
 ”Yes, desu~no!”
 I immediately turn around and run deeper into the dungeon.
 I don't think that Aeris, a healer, can get out of this predicament by herself. If I don't get there immediately, her life will be in danger.
 For now, I leaves the restrained boys alone and tries to go deeper into the dungeon.
 ”Can you remove the spell? We can't escape!”
 ”I don't care! You idiot!”
 I spit out and run without looking back.
 Anyway, I've killed most of the monsters in the area. Hopefully, they'll be safe until the binding spell wears off.
 Even if the monsters find them, I don't care about the lives of those who would abandon their friends, especially the woman whom they forcefully recruited, and run away.
 Without hesitation, I went deeper and deeper.
 After a while, I came to an open area.
 There was Aeris Centorea and a monster.
 ”Is that... a Gigant Mithril!?”
 I gasp, gnashing my teeth at the sight of the familiar monster.
 A shining blue-silver golem is swinging its fist at Aeris.
 Aeris is using one of the holy magic spells called 'Sanctuary,' and is praying desperately while blocking enemy attacks with a hemispherical barrier.
 'Sanctuary' is a barrier that can be used by priests of the Holy attribute, and it is a magic that can prevent attacks for a certain period of time.
 It was a powerful defensive magic, but while protected by the barrier, the user could not move or use any other magic, and the duration of the barrier was not long.
 And now, Gigant Mithril repeatedly slams its fist against the barrier. The translucent barrier was already fading away, and it was obvious that there was no time left for its effect.
 ”Dark Bullet!”
 A black bullet lands on the head of Gigant Mithril.
 The attack with elementary magic did not do much damage, but it succeeded in drawing its attention. The silvery blue golem stops punching the barrier and turns to face me.
 ”You are... Baskerville-sama!?”
 Aeris looks up in surprise at the sudden intruder.
 Her eyes widened while she were staring at me from a distance.
 ”Run away! You are no match for this monster!”
 ”...in this situation, can you say 'help' instead of 'run away'? You really are no different than in the game, aren't you?”
 I sigh and laugh, oblivious to the situation.
 Aeris Centorea is a very kind-hearted and self-sacrificing woman. She believes that her existence is worth sacrificing herself for the sake of others, and she is willing to sacrifice her life to help those in need.
 Perhaps, the fact that she was attacked by the Gigant Mithril was a result of her taking the bait in order to save the trio.
 ”Aeris Centorea, I've always respected you... but you piss me off just as much!”
 I ducked under the swinging fist of Gigant Mithril and ran over to Aeris.
 ”Urza, buy some time! Don't attack too aggressively, just avoid!”
 ”Yes, desu~no!”
 Urza did as ordered, moving left and right to attract the enemy's attention. Gigant Mithril has a high attack power but a very low hit rate. With a speed and fighting sense as good as Urza's, it is not difficult for her to keep dodging until the golem runs out of energy.
 About the same time, I arrive Aeris, whose barrier is lifted. I pick up Aeris, who falls down exhausted.
 ”Hey, are you okay!?”
 Aeris moans weakly.
 Although she has a glamorous body with clearly protruding parts, she is surprisingly thin and light when I pick her up in this way.
 With such a body, she has been fighting all alone? To save someone, to sacrifice herself?
 ”Run away... don't worry about me. If you don't, she'll die and so will you... please leave me alone...”
 ”Are you still saying that? Really...?”
 Aeris grabs my shoulder weakly and pleads with me to run away again.
 I feel a little annoyed, but I force the bottle of recovery medicine into Aeris's mouth and force her to swallow the liquid.
 Apparently, I need to give this idiot in front of me a lecture before I smash that big piece of shit.
 With this thinking, I squeezed Aeris's shoulder and opened my mouth.

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