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Chapter 51 Hell in the Name of Paradise

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 And so, after some twists and turns, Nagisa Seikai has joined the party. This means that two of the three heroines of [DunBrave] have joined my party.
 At the beginning, I had policy, “No involvement in the scenario of the game. No cuckolding of heroines.”
 But before I knew it, I went along with the flow and I surrounded by beautiful girls.
 No doubt because of this, the scenario of the game has already collapsed and I can't predict what will happen in the future.
 It is possible that Leon will defeat the Demon King and save the world as in the game, or it is possible that the world will be destroyed due to the altered scenario.
 The future is in the dark. Things are now uncertain.
 However, thanks to all that has happened, I am prepared to break away from the game scenario and face the world crisis in my own way.
 I am now going to start my life in the true sense of the word. I will create my own story.
 Not as the hero or the villain of [DunBrave]. But I will create the story of Zenon Baskerville, as a new human being!
 "I wish I could say that, but..."
 What's going on here? What is happening?
 I mumbled, at a loss. The situation is unfolding like a storm, and I can't understand what's going on.
 "Master, does it hurt? Should I rub harder?"
 "Au~, some foam got in my eye!"
 "Urza-chan, don't do that. Don't open your eyes when I'm washing your hair!"
 "Mmm... Gh..."
 I groaned, my voice sounding like something pushed in. That's all I could do.
 We are now in the Baskerville family mansion. Inside the bathroom.
 I am sitting on a bath chair, naked for the bath, and my back is being washed.
 The person who is scrubbing my back with a towel is a person I never expected to think. It is Nagisa Seikai, one of the three great heroines.
 And Urza is sitting on the bath chair next to me, and Aeris Centorea is washing her white hair.
 Urza is completely naked, and Aeris and Nagisa are dressed only with towels wrapped around their naked bodies.
 Although the towel itself is of a larger size, Aeris had big melon-sized breasts, and Nagisa had big breasts that are bigger than an orange, though not as big as Aeris's. So, the size of the towels was not enough to cover their ample breasts.
 Furthermore, Aeris and Nagisa's bodies are wet from the hot water, and the towels are sticking to their bodies, making them look quite revealing.
 "...Why...? How did this happen?"
 "What's wrong, Master?"
 Nagisa asked me from behind, responding to my soliloquy.
 I do not have to worry about being able to see Nagisa's body now that she is behind me, but as she leans her body forward, her two oranges are pressed against my back.
 My shoulders jumped at the sudden stimulation, and I barely managed to squeeze out a few words.
 "N-Nothing... Just rub me a little harder"
 "Understood! Is this better?"
 "...Yes, that feels good"
 For some reason, she replies in an honorific tone, and I think back to the events that led up to this point.
* * *
 After adding Nagisa to our party and healing Urza's injuries, we decided to leave Forel Forest.
 Of course, we don't forget to collect the red dragon flower, which is the objective of the quest. We were able to collect it without much trouble, thanks to Nagisa's help in defeating the boss monster.
 Then, by the time we returned to the capital, it was already evening and we decided to leave for the day and deliver the flowers to the client girl tomorrow.
 And as I was going home... for some reason, not only Urza but also Nagisa followed behind me.
 "...What's the matter, aren't you going back?"
 "Go back...? Where am I going back to?"
 Nagisa asked me curiously.
 In the game, Nagisa lived in a rented room and went to the school from there. I thought she would return there...
 "I am your disciple now, aren't I? Then, as a student, I will assist Master from now on!"
 Nagisa said this line, and I was taken aback by it.
 Does she mean that she will come and stay at my place?
 I agreed to take her as my apprentice, but I never allowed her to live with me.
 "Wait a minute! That's out!"
 Not only I reacted to Nagisa's words. Even Aeris, who was already on her way home, interrupted at high speed.
 "Staying at Zenon-sama's house is such an enviable thing... I mean, it's out of bounds! Out in the name of God!"
 Aeris is shaking her head and shaking her golden hair, showing a very entertaining temper tantrum.
 "Hmm? But Urza lives with Master, too, doesn't she? Then, why can't I accompany Master?"
 "It's okay because Urza-chan is still a child! But Seikai-san, you are a girl in your prime!? I won't tolerate such behavior!"
 "Well, it's a problem... but my father taught me to show respect to those who are my teachers. So, as a disciple I'll take care of Master."
 "W-What do you mean by taking care of him? You don't mean to be obscene, do you...?"
 "Well, cooking, laundry, room cleaning..."
 "Umm... T-That's okay, you can do that..."
 "I'll also wash his back in the bathtub and if he wants, I'll even 'entertain' him."
 Aeris shouts.
 It is evening, but we are in the middle of the royal city. Furthermore, there is plenty of traffic in the city. Of course, passers-by on the street look at her to see what's going on.
 "I won't tolerate such an indecent thing! I'm the first one to join the party, so please keep the order! I'm the one who will create Zenon-sama's successor first!"
 "...What are you talking about too!?"
 I replied to Aeris, who unintentionally revealed her own desire, in a stifled voice.
 Although I had given up my thought because of Nagisa's bombastic statement, it is not so strange if I think about it calmly.
 I almost forgot that both Nagisa and Aeris are heroines of 18-rated games. It is natural that they have their own sense of chastity.
 Maybe it is an instinctive behavior of heroines of erotic games that they try to make the story more erotic whenever they have a chance.
 At this point, I must exercise self-control and not be carried away by my desires.
 "I appreciate your feelings, but the maids and butlers will take care of me. There's no work for you to do if you stay at my place... right?
 "Well... how about personal protection? I'd be happy to escort you."
 "That's already taken care of too. Because I've got Urza"
 "Yes, desu~no! As long as Urza is around, there's no problem, desu~no!"
 I patted her white head, and Urza responded proudly with her chest puffed out.
 "As long as this Urza White Ogre's eyes are yellow, I will kill every crook that comes near Goshujin-sama! There is no need for Nagisa, desu~no!"
 "Hmm... then what can I do...?"
 "Urza-chan is safe. Because she's a child."
 Nagisa reluctantly withdraws, and Aeris is relieved.
 This was the end of the story and I breathed a sigh of relief, but my face turned grim when I heard Urza's next words.
 "By the way, Urza is not a child. Urza is 18 this year, so I'm older than both of you, desu~no"
 "What the......?"
 We all froze at that statement.
 For a moment we stood still as if time had stopped, but then Aeris let out a yell, twitching and convulsing, and time began to move again.
 "O, Oooutttttttttttttttttttt"
* * *
 After all that had happened, Aeris and Nagisa ended up coming to the Baskerville family's mansion.
 Nagisa says, "If Urza is good, there is no reason why I can't be good!" . Then, Aeris says, "I'll keep an eye on you two to make sure that nothing indecent will happen!" and so on.
 As a result, the three-party members gathered at my place and we ended up taking a bath together for some reason.

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