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Chapter 52 An Abyss called Heaven

 "...N-Nagisa, why are we taking a bath together?"
 "Hmm? Well, when Centorea heard that Master always bathes with Urza, she got competitive, and I joined her to wash her back...?
 "...I see. Yes, that's right."
 The impact of the melon and the orange had caused my memory to wander a bit. However, I finally finished sorting things out in my head and let out a long "Huff" breath.
 Come to think of it, the situation is not that confusing.
 Although I am now possessed and reborn in the body of Zenon Baskerville, in my previous life I was a working man and had experience with women.
 Besides, there were more extreme scenes in the event of [DunBrave]. There was even a foursome event with Ciel Uranus, another main heroine, in addition to Aeris and Nagisa.
 I mean, it's not like they are little kids who get upset just because they take a bath together...
 "Okay~, I've finished washing your hair... Hyaa!"
 After Aeris finished washing Urza's hair, I don't know why but the towel covering her body suddenly fell off. Immediately, the two melon fruits are exposed.
 With towel on, it looked like a melon, but it turned out to be a watermelon.
 The sight of the flabby fruits released from the tightness of the towel hit my head as if I had been hit by a blow.
 "All right, the back is done! Now, Master, let me wash your front..."
 This time I was attacked from the back. Nagisa reached for my chest with her hand holding a sponge, and as a result, a soft object is pressed against my back.
 I couldn't see her fruit because she is behind me, but the feeling of her nice weight and her fine and smooth skin is so...... unbelievable.
 "N-Nagisa... Wait, where's your towel!?"
 "Hmm? I took it off because it was too tight. Also, it's not good manners to wear a towel in the bathroom, isn't it?"
 Nagisa hugged me from behind and washed my chest and waist. As she moves, the soft texture on my back changes its shape.
 What kind of a test is this?
 Is it a reward for my hard work? Or is it a punishment for changing the scenario?
 "This kind of thing, it is impossible. How am I supposed to endure it?"
 Will there more extreme scenes like in the game?
 No, no, no, but the reality is more stimulating than the game!
 However, have I had experience with women in my previous life?
 Yes, but I've never been surrounded by such beautiful girls!
 Just like a volcano about to erupt, my face is getting hot and my head is about to explode.
 Maybe the explosion will be somewhere else... No, this is no joke!
 Just when I feel that my brain is about to boil over with unprecedented excitement, or that my desire is about to explode into a savage act... Urza jumps into my sight.
 "Goshujin-sama, Urza will wash you, too, desu~no"
 A beautiful white-haired girl with her body covered in foam appeared in front of me.
 Although Urza turned out to be older than me, her body is so immature that her breasts and other parts looked like two small cherries on a cutting board.
 Looking at her underdeveloped body, a sense of emptiness filled my heart, as if I was lamenting the cruelty of the world. But thanks to her, I dropped my shoulders and murmured like an enlightened monk.
 "...I feel so relieved when I look at you. Many things have cooled off."
 "...Goshujin-sama, I don't know what you are talking about, but it makes me very angry, desu~no"
 Thus, with Urza's assistance, I survived the bathing event and successfully escaped from the bathroom.
 "Ah! Have you already left, Bocchama!?"
 Incidentally, Levienna, my personal maid, was in the middle of taking her clothes off to jump into the bathroom. If I had come out of the bathroom a little later, I would have received a crushing blow.
 I would have had a fatal blow if Levienna had joined the bathing event, and I would have been unable to suppress my desire even with the power of Urza's chopping board.
 "That was close... that was really close...!"
 I was horrified by the appearance of the last assassin, but I was relieved to have averted a crisis, got dressed, and went back to my room without incident.
 However, I didn't realize that the night was not over yet.
 Because the 'Bed fighting, cuddling event' is waiting for me...!

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