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Chapter 53 Morning of a Beautiful Woman and a Beautiful Girl

 I can say for sure that I will never forget that night for the rest of my life.
 Because, at that time, Aeris and Nagisa slept at the house of the Baskervilles, and there was a commotion over the room in which they slept.
 This was because I was sleeping in the same bed with my slave Urza and my maid Levienna.
 I forgot that it looks immoral to others because I was so used to sleeping in the same bed with them.
 "A young man and a young woman in the same bed... it's immoral. It's out. It's unacceptable!"
 "But, I, as Master's disciple, have no problem sharing the bed with him, right? There's no problem to have many guards, after all"
 "I'll sleep with him too! I won't tolerate any sins in the name of God!"
 They both insisted on sleeping together with me.
 At first, I refused, but I have learned in the short time I have known them that they are terribly stubborn.
 In the end, just like in the bath, I gave in and the five of us slept together.
 My bed is quite large, but as expected, there is not enough space for five people. So, I decided to bring in an extra bed from the guest room and join two beds together.
 The king-size bed occupied most of my room, and a large-scale redecoration took place during the night, including moving some of the furniture such as the table to another room.
 After a long night, the morning came.
 I open my eyelids and speak frankly as soon as I open my mouth.
 "...I can't sleep."
 I was sleeping in the middle of a huge bed, sandwiched between beautiful girls from both sides.
 The four women had decided by rock-paper-scissors where each of them would sleep, and I was naturally placed in the middle, which meant that I was not allowed to participate.
 To my right is a small beautiful girl. Urza is sleeping comfortably in my arms.
 To my left is a big beautiful girl. Aeris is also holding my arm and pushing it into her too-big cleavage.
 Despite her last night's comments about my being "pervert" and "indecent," her thin negligee was unbuttoned two buttons at the top, and her bosom was exposed quite boldly.
 If I change the angle a little, I can see the tip of the mountain. I felt like telling her which one of us is the more indecent.
 "Mmm... haaaan..."
 Aeris let out a troubled sleep in my arms and I wonder what she's dreaming about, as she presses her face against my shoulder and rubs her cheek lovingly.
 Whatever the case may be, it's very erotic.
 It's really a very slippery situation.
 Still, with a strong will of steel, I shook off my desire and slowly pulled my arms out of the beautiful girl's chest. I then sit up so that I can see the whole bed.
 Behind Urza's back, Levienna in her nightgown is sleeping elegantly, and on Aeris's side, Nagisa is sleeping with her hair undone.
 Nagisa is dressed in white like in a historical drama, and she is carrying a sword on her chest. It seems that she is ready to fight at any time, and that her purpose is more than just a pretext for being an escort.
 "...This isn't going to go on every night, right?"
 "Yawn... Good morning, Goshujin-sama."
 Perhaps woken up by the soliloquy I mumbled unintentionally, Urza woke up rubbing her eyes.
 Levienna and Nagisa also woke up in turn.
 "Mmm... Zenon-sama..."
 Unexpectedly, it was Aeris who slept until the end.
 Aeris, who turned over wriggling in her sleep, rested her head on my thigh as I sat up on the bed, and looked happy and relaxed.
 "...this girl."
 I finally understood.
 Among the members of this group, Aeris Centorea must be the one I have to watch out for the most.
 She talks about morals and common sense, but her body and her behavior are more erotic than anyone else's.
 Even now, her head is on my thigh and her face is between my legs. If she moves her head a little more, her nose and lips will be touching the dangerous parts of my body.
 The three girls, who were already awake, had white eyes at the sight, which was like a morning service.
 "Levienna, do it."
 Levienna nodded, grabbed Aeris's collar and dragged her off the bed.
 "Mugyu... W-What is happening!?"
 "Good morning, Centorea-sama. It's already morning."
 "You're... uh, is it Levienna? You could have woken me up more gently."
 "I'm sorry. I mistook you for a b*tch in heat."
 "A-A b*tch? Heh...?"
 Aeris looked at each of our faces in turn curiously and tilted her head.
 "Everyone, what's wrong?"
 "...Aeris-san, you're too vulgar..."
 "...Centorea, I don't think you're right..."
 At Urza's and Nagisa's repeated comments, Aeris's expression became more and more puzzled.
 "The Cardinal will cry. Really..."
 I muttered in dismay, too, and looked up at the ceiling as if at a loss.
 And so, the first dawn arrives with my personal maid, my party mates, and my instant harem.
 It seems that life surrounded by multiple women is different from manga and video games, and is more difficult than I had imagined.

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