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Chapter 54 The Warning of the Old Butler

 After understanding the hardships of a harem protagonist, I changed out of my sleepwear and left my room. I got dressed and went out of my room to do my morning training, which I have not been doing for a long time now.
 The purpose of this resumption of training is to teach my unintentionally created disciple.
 "Master, you are finally going to train me!"
 Nagisa shouts in a cheerful voice as she is walking down the corridor toward the training ground.
 She has changed into a Japanese-style kendo outfit with her hair tied back behind her head and her favorite sword at her waist. She follows behind me with a light, skipping step.
 By the way, the other girls are preparing breakfast for us. So, it's just me and Nagisa who head to the training ground.
 "Well... I promised you. I'll teach you what I can."
 "Umumu! Now I can move forward on the path of the sword again...! Heeheeh, heeheeheeheeh... my blood is boiling!"
 I sigh softly to Nagisa who seems to be in a good mood.
 Urza, a warrior of the oni-jin tribe, Aeris, a priest, and even Nagisa, a samurai, have joined my party, and as a result, we end up living together.
 Although it is a good thing to have more strong companions, living surrounded by women is surprisingly tiring. I wonder how the harem protagonists in the world can endure such a life.
 "Good morning, Zenon-sama."
 As I walk along, a man appears in front of me.
 He is an elderly man with romance gray hair, a beard, and a monocle on his left eye. He has a sturdy body despite his age and wears a butler's uniform.
 His name is Zaius Ooren, my father's close aide and the head servant in charge of the household under the family order.
 "You seemed to have a lot of fun last night."
 "...If you see it that way, your eyes are blind. You'd better buy a new glasses."
 "What do you want with my Master? Old man?"
 Nagisa stepped forward protecting me, perhaps sensing the tense atmosphere between Zaius and me.
 Her right hand is touching the hilt of her sword, ready to fire a killing blow.
 "Hmm...? Well, well, well...!"
 Zaius gazes at the female swordsman who has appeared before him, and breathes in admiration.
 "Rough but alert atmosphere, deadly spirit sharpened like a sword... Zenon-sama, you have found a good ally. I'm relieved to hear that you seem to be enjoying your school life to the fullest."
 "...Yeah, pretty much."
 "I was worried that you might have indulged your sexual desires when you brought two women into the house at the same time... but they are both rare talents, the daughter of the Centorea family and this woman here. I'm sure the Lord will be pleased with Zenon-sama's growth."
 "That man? Don't joke about it. How can he be so interested in me?"
 I had not seen my father, Garondolf Baskerville, the head of the Baskerville family, since I was punished right after the entrance ceremony.
 He had not been seen for several months, but it seemed that he is going back and forth between his job and his mistress. Although he comes back to the mansion from time to time, it seems that most of the time he is away from the mansion when I am away from home for school or on a quest.
 However, I am glad that I don't have to face my father, whom I consider to be my enemy, but I still don't think that Garondolf will ever feel anything like a normal father toward me.
 "If that man has even a shred of love for his son, he would at least come to see me once a week or once a month."
 Zaius opens his mouth to argue. But when I give him a glare, he shuts up.
 I don't know how powerful this Garondolf guy is in the underworld.
 But I know better than anyone, having been tortured and punished by him, that he is an unfit father. I will not allow any rebuttal.
 "...Zenon-sama, the Lord will return to the villa next month to meet with Zenon-sama."
 "You'll soon have a final exam at the school. Depending on the result, he will lecture Zenon-sama again."
 I am speechless, and my shoulders shake slightly.
 No matter how hard I try, my body remembers the torture.
 If I don't get 'first rank' in next month's exam, my father will come back and torture me again.
 "...I won't let him do that. I will never surrender to him again."
 "I don't want to become a father like that. The thought of that man's blood running through my body makes me want to gouge out my heart."
 When I say this to him, Zaius smiles, his wrinkles deepening due to his aging.
 "You say so, but... Zenon-sama looks very much like the Lord when he was young."
 "...Don't you say such a horrifying thing. Are you trying to pick a fight with me?"
 "It's true. When he was young, he used to bring women into the house with him every night... no, this has nothing to do with it."
 Zaius cut off his speech and coughed repeatedly.
 "Anyway, there is a saying that 'a parent's heart is a child's heart, and a child does not know. I'm sure that Zenon-sama will come to know that feelings sooner or later."
 "No way! I hope such a day will never come. I don't want to go crazy!"
 With these sarcastic words, I slip past Zaius and continue walking. I have nothing more to say. After all, any more talk will only make me feel uncomfortable.
 As I quickly walk away, Nagisa follows me, casting a wary glance at the hulking old butler.
 Zaius' calm voice follows my back as I ignore him and walk away.
 "The time will surely come. You are the heir to the 'Demon Dog of Baskerville'. You are the one who will rule the nights of the Slayers Kingdom."

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