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Chapter 55 Breakfast with Beautiful Girls

 I catch Nagisa's slash with my sword held above my head.
 I strike back, but Nagisa's body is already gone.
 Intuitively, I turned my sword to my left, and there I saw Nagisa swinging her sword.
 "Seikai Itto-ryu, Freeze Wave (凍波)!"
 A slash is shot out from the sword, emitting a blue effect.
 I dodge the slash of magic power that comes flying at my neck, keeping my posture low.
 "Hey... It's dangerous!"
 I evade and run forward at once.
 This technique is also a player skill in [DunBrave], and is called 'Tobinori'.
 By avoiding an enemy's attack and pressing the move button at the same time, the player can get to the top speed at once. This technique is often used by players as a counter technique to turn an evasion into an attack.
 Nagisa rushes to intercept me as I close the distance instantly, but I activate my magic before her.
 "Illusion Ghost!"
 My image splits into multiple people. This dark magic creates shadowy alter egos and increases my evasion rate.
 Nagisa tries to cut me open with her sword, but it's just an illusion. The next moment, I hit Nagisa's abdomen with the back of my sword.
 "Kuh... I gave up!"
 Nagisa falls to the ground, groaning in frustration as she admits her surrender.
 I sheathe my sword and sigh lightly.
"Don't tell me magic is against the rule. You were using your skills too, weren't you?"
 Nagisa's flying slash - that's a technique from her swordsmanship skill.
 It is not magic. It is a shockwave created by the sword, as seen in manga and video games.
 By the way... Nagisa's current status is as follows.
Nagisa Seikai
Job: Swordsman
 Swordsmanship 45
 Body Enhancement 40
 Speed Enhancement 42
 Magic Resistance 1 NEW!
 Abnormal Resistance 1 NEW!
 Deadly Attack 1 NEW!
 Since she has been alone in the dungeon, her three initial skills have already grown to more than 40.
 But the following three skills are learned by giving her orbs.
 First, I gave her skills to improve her resistance to magic and abnormalities, which are Nagisa's weak points. In addition, to compensate for the lack of offensive power of a speed fighter, she has learned the [Deadly Attack] skill, which increases her critical attack rate.
 These skills are designed to compensate for her shortcomings and to enhance her strengths.
 This is probably the best skill structure among the skill orbs that I have now.
 "Of course. I will not argue about the match. But I never thought that the man whom I have acknowledged as my teacher would be able to use even 'Jiryu-hashiri (Dragon Running on Earth)'."
 Nagisa got up from the ground and said that she was impressed.
 "Jiryu-hashiri (Dragon Running on Earth)... what is that?"
 I asked suspiciously at the unfamiliar word. It was a word that did not appear in the game.
 "'Jiryu-hashiri (Dragon Running on Earth)' is also a technique considered to be one of the secrets of Seikai Itto-ryu. In this technique, the fighter avoids the opponent's attack and then turns to counterattack as if a dragon were running on the ground. This technique was not taught to me by my father..."
 "Hmm... Are there other techniques? I'd like to know as much as you know."
 "Of course. First of all..."
 Nagisa tells me about some of the techniques that are considered to be the secrets or secret arts of the Seikai Itto-ryu.
 And all of the techniques Nagisa mentioned were those used by [DunBrave] players.
 It seems that the techniques that are considered to be the secrets of Seikai Itto-ryu are player skills. This is also a setting that did not appear in the game.
 "...I could teach you all those techniques..."
 "What...! I'd love to learn them!"
 Nagisa comes up to me with a fierce look on her face and clasps my hand.
 The hands of a girl who has devoted most of her life to swordsmanship are firm and muscular, but they are still the hands of a woman. They are much smaller than mine.
 With such small hands, Nagisa must have been carrying her own weight.
 The murder of her father, her sword master. Also, the crushing of her school.
 She carried her anger and grief all by herself.
 "...You're my comrades who will fight with me from now on. So, I'll teach you everything I can."
 "Thank you very much! Please take care of me!"
 Nagisa smiles with a big smile on her face and moves her clasped hands up and down.
 Nagisa usually acts cool, but her face is that of a girl of her age as she smiles like this.
 If I could see her face like this, it might not be a bad idea to serve as a teacher, a role I am not accustomed to.
 With this thought, I try to keep Nagisa's smile in my mind's eye.
* * *
 After finishing the training, Nagisa and I rinse ourselves off lightly with water and go to the dining room.
 Apparently, breakfast is being prepared in the dining room, and Levienna and Aeris are setting out plates of food.
 I could smell the appetizing aroma of the soup on the plate, which made my stomach rumble.
 "It smells delicious, Levienna."
 "Oh, Zenon-bocchama, I was just about to call for you. Today's soup is prepared by Centorea-sama."
 "Zenon-sama, I borrowed your kitchen."
 Aeris, wearing an apron, smiles at me and then offers me a chair, saying, "Come on, enjoy it."
 Urza, on the other hand, is already sitting at the table, staring at the sausage on her plate with wide-open eyes. She had a fork in each hand, and drool is dripping lazily from the corner of her mouth.
 "...If you are hungry, you could have eaten first, right"
 "No, Urza is Goshujin-sama's slave! I can't eat before Goshujin-sama!"
 "You're a very disciplined... well, it doesn't matter..."
 "I'm hungry too because I've exercised all morning. May I join you?"
 After me, Nagisa takes her place at the table, followed by Aeris, who has finished arranging the food.
 I sit at the host of the long table, with Urza and Aeris on my left and right. Nagisa sits beside Aeris. Levienna, the maid, does not sit on a chair but stands behind me with her back straight.
 As we sit down at the table, we begin to eat breakfast.
 "By the way, Master. What are your plans for the next few days?"
 Nagisa asked me, scooping up scrambled eggs with a spoon.
 "I think this party is taking a quest from the guild, isn't it? I'm new here, so I'll try to follow the schedule as much as possible..."
 "Uh... yes"
 I sip my drink from my cup, thinking about it.
 The first thing that comes to my mind is to deliver the red dragon flower that I got from yesterday's search to the client.
 By giving this item to the client, I get a small amount of money and a small jewel as a reward.
 This small gem is the start of the "Straw Millionaire Rally event". Then, starting from there, I would go around the city to exchange the items.
 "Well... let's take a break today..."
 "Hmm? Does that mean we won't go to the dungeon?"
 "We just went away yesterday. Besides, I thought I'd just go to the market to restock."
 "That's true. It's important to be prepared before going to dungeon. Then I'll go with you. I'll at least help with the luggage."
 "Well... okay."
 I think for a moment and nod.
 I had been thinking of doing the "Straw Millionaire Rally" by myself, but it would not be a problem if I had someone with me.
 Anyway, it'll be a casual way to do some shopping and get around the capital.
 "W-Wait a minute! A date on a rest day is indecent!"
 Aeris, who had been listening to our conversation, opens her eyes and raises her voice.
 "We bathed together and shared a bed together, what's the point now? You've been doing more naughty things with us!"
 "That's not the same thing! Seikai-san is the one who's being unfair! I want a holiday date with Zenon-sama too!"
 It seemed that she was simply envious of her.
 What makes this woman a saint? She is too greedy when it comes to love.
 "I don't mind if Aeris comes over... but is everything alright at your home now that you're staying over at my place without permission?"
 Aeris's face paled at my words.
 I don't know what kind of a person Viscount Centorea, Aeris' father, is, but I'm sure he would be very worried if his daughter stayed overnight without permission.
 Perhaps he might think she was involved in some kind of trouble.
 "W-What should I do...! My father (Otou-sama) must be worried about me...!?"
 "...You should have noticed it last night. Well, I forgot too."
 Anyway, it would be better to have Aeris go back home as soon as she finishes her breakfast. So, I can't take her shopping today.
 Aeris' shoulders droop with disappointment, while Urza's voice is cheerful.
 "Urza wants to go shopping too, desu~no. I want to go on a date with Goshujin-sama..."
 "Ugh... Why am I the only one left out? My date with Zenon-sama..."
 "...Don't cry about it. That's too much."
 I shrug my shoulders and take a spoonful of the consommé soup Aeris has made for me.
 The taste is rich. Still, I wonder why consommé soup is served in a game world, but it tastes good, so I won't complain about it.
 At any rate, I should make it up to Aeris somewhere. Maybe I should send her a gift in return for the delicious soup.
 With such thoughts in my mind, I enjoy the beautiful girl's home-cooked food.

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