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Chapter 24 The Incarnation of Desire

 By the time I went out of the hall, it was already late in the evening.
 The market was closing down here and there, and the number of people on the street had become much sparser.
 “...It is easier to walk at this time of the day because I don't have to be bothered by the crowds of people”
 It has been a few days since I was reincarnated in this body. But, aalthough I've gotten used to looking like a bad person, it is easier to walk in a quiet town like this than to walk in a crowded place and being avoided.
 And now, while paying attention to the slave girl following behind me, I walk home at a rather fast pace. Although there was no curfew, it still took me about an hour on foot from the market to the house in the aristocratic district. But it would be better to return home before nightfall.
 Urza follows behind me, humming happily.
 She carries a big kanabō on her shoulder, but her steps are light and bouncy. It is as if a rabbit is running in the field.
 However, such joyful steps suddenly stop. Urza grabs my clothes and yanks me.
 “What's wrong...?”
 Just a little later than Urza, I realized.
 There are three men standing in the direction we are going, blocking the way. And more men appear from the side street behind us.
 “...An ambush, huh? What a mess”
 Before I know it, the passers-by have disappeared.
 Perhaps they chose an unpopular place for the ambush, or perhaps they had been chasing people away in advance.
 Anyway, out of the back of the three men in front of us, a well-dressed aristocratic-looking man appeared.
 “Well, well, we meet again!”
 I tilted my head at the aristocrat who greeted me with a smirk.
 “Who are you?”
 “Huh? You don't remember me? Surely, a man who can pay as much as 12 million gold doesn't care about a stone on the side of the road, does he?”
 The man's sarcasm reminded me of the last person I had competed with at the auction house.
 “...Ah, you were a big help to me at the auction. Thanks to you, I spent more than I expected”
 “I'm sorry about that. But please forgive me for that, because it was also a matter of competition”
 “...Yeah, so? The loser who lost the game... What the hell do you want? You even brought your friend... is there a festival going on somewhere?”
 “...Yes, we're having a fun and happy party. I'd love for you to come along”
 His mouth twitches at the word "loser," but he continues without losing his gentlemanly tone.
 “And I'd like to ask you a favor... could you give up that pseudo-human slave? If you hand her over to us quietly, we'll let you off with nothing more than a broken limb”
 “So that's what you wanted... As expected, you boring bastard!”
 It seems that this aristocratic-looking man could not give up on Urza. He even went to the trouble of bringing his friends with him and trying to persuade me to give it up.
 He must have been very angry at losing to me, as his eyes, clouded with greed, are glistening with hatred.
 “By the way, what do you mean by "pseudo-human"? It's a word I've never heard of before”
 “Oh, you don't know? It's a term for a demi-human. It's a common word in my country, but it's not used here?”
 “Who knows...? Maybe I just don't know”
 Either way, it is an annoying word. Who decided that demi-humans are not people and are inferior to humans?
 I mean, Urza is smiling broadly as she was given an equipment. So, it is hard to believe that this girl is inferior to the noble man in front of us.
 For now, I sniffle and spit with a cold smile on my face.
 “What you just said... is out of the question. This girl is mine now, and I'm not giving her up. I don't know where you're from, but you're going home empty-handed with your butt rolled up”
 “Hauu!? Urza is so thrilled to hear that I'm "your girl", desu~no!”
 Urza behind me screams in excitement, but I leave it alone because I'm not in a situation to worry about it now.
 Hearing my reply, the nobleman's face contorts in annoyance... but then he smiles a clingy smile.
 “I was trying to make things easy for you, but... this is why I don't like undisciplined brats. If you don't want to live I'll let you die, is that all right with you?”
 The nobleman raises his right hand and his men draw their weapons. I narrow my eyes slightly at the murderous intent coming from in front of and behind me.
 “As you know, I am a nobleman, too. I'm from a family with a certain status in this country. Don't you think you'll get away with this for free?”
 “Yes, no doubt you are a nobleman. After all, you can pay 12 million gold for this, so you must be from a well-financed family”
 “But I can't withdraw it either. With that girl, I can achieve a higher position in my country!”
 The man opens his arms and raises his voice in an euphoric tone.
 “If I offer that girl… a rare pseudo-human, an oni, I am sure that he will be satisfied! I will be his right hand man, and I can make even greater achievements!”
 “That man...? Ah, I see. I remember him”
 His exaggerated talk, his theatrical behavior, tugged at my memory.
 Finally I remembered that I knew this man.
 “You are from Coulomb, right? And when you say "that man" you mean Zagitharos, the General of the Coulomb Army, correct?”
 The nobleman's eyes widened in astonishment.
 This exaggerated gesture indicates that he was a man close to Zagitharos. I can't remember his name because he is a mob character, but both of them are enemies who appeared in [Sacred Sea].
 General Zagitaros is a pedophile by nature. He is a pervert who likes only demi-human girls.
 Urza was also a slave of this man and suffered a lot... but later she was rescued by the hero of [Sacred Sea] and became his friend.
 So... this is the man who offers Urza to Zagitharos.
 And then this man will be taken as a close associate of Zagitharos by virtue of his achievement.
 “It's all connected. It all makes sense now”
 “H-How? How do you know it... and more importantly, how do you know his Excellency?”
 “Well, I don't know for sure. After all, I have no obligation to tell you”
 “Damn... now that you know who I am, I can't just leave you here! You'll die here!”
 “I see. Thank you for being so straightforward. But fighting is my specialty!”
 I don't know why the nobles of Coulomb Kingdom, a country to the south, are in this country, but I will gladly counterattack if he makes a move.
 Although I will interfere [Sacred Sea] side again, it will not cause any trouble to the main character as long as I just reduce the number of enemy characters. In return for Urza, I will reduce the trouble for him.
 “Rejoice, Urza. You've got your first job. Raise your weapon!”
 “Yes, desu~no!”
 She raises her voice full of joy at the thought of working for the Lord, and with a smile like a blooming flower, Urza readies her oni kanabō.

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