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Chapter 25 Slaughter Girl

 “Kill that brat!”
 The nobleman shouts, and his men come closer, pointing their weapons at us.
 Seeing the enemy closing the distance, Urza's lips lift up, and her canine teeth bare in a ferocious manner. She has a pretty face, but when she gets ready for battle, she has the face of a great warrior.
 “Urza, don't move yet. Protect my back”
 “Uh... am I going to have to wait? But I can't wait, desu~no
 Urza is about to run toward the enemy. But the oni girl nodded her head firmly, though she looked dissatisfied.
 “Item... [Dark Spirit's Grimoire]”
 A scroll in the shape of a cylinder is taken out from the magic bag. This is one of the items recovered in the [Treasure Room].
 As I untie it and quickly unfold it, countless letters emitting a bluish-white light spill out from inside the scroll. The letters flow into my head as if they were being sucked into it, and the magic enclosed in the scroll is imprinted in my brain.
 This is an item for learning new magic. And for learning dark magic.
 I held up my hand to the enemy in front of me and unleashed the magic I had just learned.
 “Dark Range Magic - Blood Carpet!”
 “What the... Guaahhhh!?”
 A bright red spear appeared at the feet of the three thugs blocking the road ahead. And several dozen spears came out of the road like a sword mountain, skewering the men and causing them to die with bright red blood spurting out from all over their bodies.
 The splatter images were omitted from the game... but it was horrifying to see them in real life. I feel sick even though I did it myself.
 “It's a horrible magic, even for me. Like the torture magic my father used. I mean, why is it that dark magic is always like this?”
 “Wha... W-w-w-w-w-wha!? M-My guards...!?”
 The nobleman falls to his knees as his men are slaughtered before his eyes. The spear that erupted from the ground did not reach the nobleman just in time, but if he had stepped forward another meter, he would have been killed by the spear.
 “Well... now it's time for the guys in the back. Urza, you can kill them now”
 “I've been waiting for it, desu~no. Now, I'm going to kill you all, desu~no!”
 Urza raised the oni kanabo and ran.
 Then, with all her strength she strikes the men standing in front of her.
 “Ei, desu~no!”
 Urza swung the kanabō at the face of the man in the middle. The thorny kanabō mercilessly smashes the man's skull, and a wet sound echoes through the town in the evening twilight.
 “Hii... gyaaaaaaaaaaa!?”
 “D-Damn it! You monster!”
 Two thugs remained. One of them stands back in fear, while the other slashes at Urza with his sword.
 The sword swings down at her small body, but Urza grabs it with her left hand only.
 “Wha... L-Let go of me!”
 The man tries to pull the sword out, but it is held in place as if in a vise. As the man's face tightens in fear and surprise, Urza swung her kanabō to the side.
 “Ei, desu~no!”
 The man's waist is struck from the side. And a cracking sound of bones sounded, and the man falls on his face.
 It seems that his spine is broken. But without hesitation, Urza stomps on the head of the man who has fallen to the ground and is unable to move.
 “Is this the only one left, desu~no?”
 “Eeeeeeeeekk!? H-Help me! Please forgive me!”
 “No! Goshujin-sama's enemies must be killed, desu~no!”
 The last man begs for his life, but Urza is determined to kill him.
 “Goshujin-sama ordered me to kill you. So I can't forgive you, desu~no
 “Ei, desu~no!”
 Before the man can finish, Urza swings her kanabō. With a swing as powerful as a major league home run king's, the man's head flies off into a thousand pieces.
 His head flies through the air and lands in the yard of a nearby house. The residents of the house must be horrified when they find it tomorrow.
 “Heh... isn't she strong?”
 As I thought, she is a bargain. 12 million - worth half of the money I've spent on her over the last ten cycles on the game.
 She's this strong at the beginning of the game, when her skills are still at a low level of proficiency. And if she is trained in the dungeon and fully developed, she will be as powerful as Leon, the brave hero, and the three main heroines.
 “Goshujin-sama, I did it!”
 “Yes, you did it! Let's pat your head”
 “Eheheheheh... It feels so good, desu~no!”
 When I patted her white-haired head, Urza's cheeks turned rosy and she giggled. Her smile is innocent and cute, which is hard to imagine after she has slaughtered three people so cruelly.
 Now, with my hand still patting her head, I turned my gaze back to the front.
 “Now your friends are gone... what do you want to do now?”
 The only one left was a man who looked like an aristocrat.
 He should have just run away while his men were being beaten, but instead he was dumbly falling on his butt.
 “W-Wait! If you kill me, the problem will become more serious!”
 The nobleman turns his hands toward me and squeezes out a plea for his life.
 “I'm a nobleman of the Coulomb Kingdom. If you kill me, it will be a diplomatic problem!”
 “Hmm? But isn't this first diplomatic issue when you're attacking me? I told you first, I'm a nobleman of this land”
 “You thought if you got rid of my body and covered up the evidence, someone wouldn't know about it, didn't you? Well, I'll do the same thing. When you lost the auction, you should've just walked away, but it looks like you beat around the bush and let the snakes out”
 And what appeared was an oversized, poisonous snake.
 The man in front of me has no way to live. So let's make sure I kill him here.
 Then I suddenly noticed something strange.
 From a moment ago, I've been talking on the assumption that I'm going to kill the nobleman in front of me. No... before that, I had already killed three people with magic.
 I have killed a human for the first time in my life, including my life in Japan, and yet my heart is surprisingly cold.
 I did not feel guilty at all.
 “...Does it mean that I have become Zenon Baskerville both in body and mind? Or did I become "Zenon" because I was "like this" from "the beginning"?”
 As I ponder this question, the nobleman squeezes out a desperate plea for his life with his face tightening.
 “H-H-Help me...? I'll pay you any amount of money, any amount of money...!”
 “I'm sorry, but money is not a problem. Urza”
 “Yes, desu~no!”
 With a go signal, Urza approaches the nobleman, swinging her oni kanabo.
 Apparently, the living weapon in the shape of a girl has made the nobleman panic. He tries to crawl away.
 “Ah, wait, desu~no!”
 Urza runs after him and tries to hit the nobleman with the kanabo. In a second the nobleman's body will be minced.
 “Ara, desu~no?
 But then, something unexpected happened. A metal knife came flying from somewhere and pierced into the nobleman's neck.
 The nobleman fell to the ground and stopped moving immediately.

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