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Chapter 26 Dangerous Night

 “Urza, come back!”
 “Yes, desu~no!”
 Urza jumps at the sound of my voice, and rushes back to me.
 She holds her Kanabō in front of her chest, preparing for the mysterious assailant, whom we don't know where they are.
 At the time the nobleman was killed, I felt no sign of an attack.
 It was not only me, who was unaccustomed to such a rough situation, but even Urza, who was supposed to be a fighter, felt the same way.
 I looked around cautiously, and then a slender figure appeared from behind a building in front of us.
 “Don't be alarmed, Zenon Baskerville-sama”
 A slender woman with long purplish hair hanging down her back appears.
 She was wearing a black mask from the nose down and a black robe like a ninja.
 “Who are you?”
 “I'm afraid I can't tell my name. But... don't worry. I work for your father. I'm a member of the Baskerville family assassination squad”
 “My father's...!”
 The woman may have been trying to reassure me, but her words made me more cautious.
 How could I feel safe when she told me that she was my father's subordinate?
 “...What do my father's people want? Don't tell me he sent you to keep an eye on me?”
 “No, I was watching over Zenon-sama at the request of my companion, Leybold, who is in charge of the auction”
 “Leybold...? Why is he doing this?”
 I thought of a well-dressed slaver and asked suspiciously.
 “It's not uncommon for big clients to be robbed on their way home from the auction. That's why guards like me go with our customers to keep them away from robbers”
 “I see...”
 That was an explanation that made sense to me.
 Auctions were a highly entertaining way to purchase goods, but at the same time, there was a risk that one's financial power would be revealed to other people.
 Buying expensive slaves without an escort, as I did, would be like asking a robber to attack me.
 “However, it seems that there was no need for an escort. Indeed, you are the heir of the Baskerville family. I am sure that the future of this family is secure”
 I am silent with a complicated look on my face.
 It's nice to be recognized by someone who's obviously a skilled fighter, but it's not fun to be regarded as the heir to my father's throne.
 But for now, I put my hand on Urza's shoulder and quickly try to leave.
 “I'm leaving. I don't need an escort from here on”
 “Please be careful. And do not worry, we'll take care of the bodies”
 “...Let's go, Urza”
 “Eh, uh, yes, desu~no”
 Urza looks back at the woman clad in black and follows me.
 As I was about to leave, I heard her gentle voice on my back.
 “I look forward to seeing you again. The heir of ‘the Baskerville’
* * *
 As I return to the mansion with Urza, I am greeted by a servant.
 I order the maid to give Urza a bath and go back to my room.
 I lie on the bed on my back and let out a heavy sigh toward the ceiling.
 It's only been a couple of weeks since I came to this world, but today I killed a human for the first time.
 I have no regrets because I think it was necessary.
 But it's crazy to think that I can tolerate murder without resistance because it was necessary.
 “...Was I such a brutal person? Or am I influenced by Zenon's body after all?”
 It is understandable that Urza, who was born as a warrior, can kill people without hesitation.
 However, I was an ordinary worker in Japan until the other day.
 And yet, I don't feel guilty about killing people. What is wrong with me?
 “Well... whatever the reason, I should be happy about this. If I hesitate to kill people, I won't be able to do it from now on”
 Monsters are not the only enemies in [DunBrave]. Sometimes the enemies are evil people who believe in a demon king, or criminals such as bandits.
 The fact that I can kill them without hesitation is an advantage in battle. If anything, it is better to accept it positively.
 “After all that has happened... now I have a partner I can rely on. I can finally explore the dungeon properly”
 No matter how well I know the dungeon with the knowledge I have gained from the game, there will always come a time when I will get stuck in the dungeon alone. But with the help of Urza, my chances of survival have greatly increased.
 If I had to say so, I would have liked to have other magic and healing members. Two attackers are too unbalanced.
 “Well... I'll leave that for later. I should look for more slaves. Or...”
 The door was opened with a bang.
 And the one who bursts through the door with the force of a kick is Urza, the slave I just bought.
 I burst out my mouth at the sight of her.
 Urza was completely naked, and her whole body was drenched with water.
 Even her white hair was soaked, but without any hesitation, Urza hugged me.
 “Uuuuu, my eyes hurt, desu~nooo! The maid is bullying meee!”
 “Wait, why are you hugging Obocchama in such a manner? Urza-san!”
 Levienna, the maid, came into the room after Urza. Levienna was not completely naked like Urza, but she was dressed only in a towel wrapped around her naked body and her long hair was tied up on her head.
 Unlike the slender Urza, Levienna had a very voluptuous body. Her half-naked figure was so arousing that I could not take my eyes off her.
 “I'm still washing your head, you know? I have to wash off the bubbles!”
 “Uuu, noo, my eyes hurt... they hurt, desu~noo...!”
 It seems that Urza ran away while her head was being washed with soap.
 Well, it is impossible that the oni-jin race, which was living in the uncivilized demi-human continent, has such a civilized thing as soap. So, she seemed to be tormented by unknown pain and fear.
 “Ahh... I'm also getting wet”
 I was soaked to the skin, and my clothes were soaked by Urza, who was hugging me.
 I tried to pull Urza away from me, but her hands clutched my clothes tightly and wouldn't let go. In the first place, she is an Oni-jin, and she is very strong. It would be impossible to pull her away from me.
 “It can't be helped. Please take a bath too, Obocchama”
 Levienna said something outrageous. Judging from the situation, she probably didn't mean that I will have to come in alone.
 “Hmm...? Are you embarrassed, by any chance? I mean, is it too late for you, Zenon-bocchama”
 Levienna's eyes turn black and white with a puzzled look on her face.
 Judging from this reaction, Zenon may have bathed with her on a daily basis. It would not be surprising if they had a deeper relationship than that.
 “Umm, o... okay. It's a little early, but I'm going to take a bath”
 With determination, I stood up.
 If I resisted too much at this point, she would know that I was not the real Zenon Baskerville.
 It is not that I want to bathe with Levienna, but I need to keep her from knowing who I really am.
 Now, while holding Urza's body with my both hands, I leave the room somewhat nervously.
 Levienna moves ahead of me. But I suddenly catch a glimpse of her shapely butt under the towel covering her naked body.
 I shake my head from the unprecedented tension and step into the changing room.

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