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Chapter 27 Life with a Beautiful Girl

 And so ended a night of tension and excitement.
 Levienna, a beautiful young woman, and Urza, an unripe blue fruit.
 Bathing with them was... well, what can I say? I think it was the most stimulating bath I've ever had, including in my previous life.
 It is not that I had no experience with women in my previous life, but even so, I have never been in a relationship with a beautiful woman of such an extraordinary level as Levienna.
 In addition, I did not have a criminal hobby to have a relationship with an undeveloped girl like Urza.
 Bathing with them was in many ways unsettling and unforgettable.
 After such a night, I open my eyes in my bed in my room.
 “...Finally, it's morning. I've been waiting for it”
 I couldn't sleep at all. My eyes have been wide awake ever since I got into bed, and it was almost dawn when I began to drift off to sleep.
 Now, while lying on the bed, I slid my eyes to the side.
 “Munyamunya... desu~no”
 “Mmm... Haan...”
 On the same bed, Urza and Levienna were sleeping.
 Urza's face was pressed between Levienna's ample breasts, and perhaps stimulated by this, hot breaths were escaping from Levienna's mouth.
 I don't know how I can bear to sleep under such circumstances last night.
 But what kind of trial is this?
 I sigh deeply and quietly get off the bed so as not to wake them.
 I swear to God, I didn't do anything last night. I didn't touch Levienna, let alone Urza, the little girl.
 But how did I end up sharing the bed with them?
 “The warm water felt so good, desu~no. I'm getting sleepy so I'm going to sleep with Goshujin-sama, desu~no”
 Those words froze Levienna in her tracks.
 Levienna, who was supposed to be a reserved maid, was stubbornly opposed to the idea of Urza and me sharing the bed.
 But Urza insisted on sleeping with me, and Levienna still refused to accept it.
 Their argument lasted until late at night, and somehow we ended up sleeping together as a compromise.
 In the end, I end up spending the night with an attractive and criminally beautiful girl, which results in an agonizingly sleepless night.
 “...Give me a break. Don't tell me this is going to go on every night?”
 Would it be easier if I just give it a try? I was tempted to fall for such an alluring temptation, but Urza's presence would not allow me to do so.
 I wonder what Urza's reaction would be if I touch Levienna.
 Will she be interested in it, or will she become averse or fearful of men?
 But if worst comes to worst, she will ask to be held by me too.
 I bought her as a slave, but only as an asset. I have no interest in holding such a little girl.
 Therefore, I don't know how I should react when Urza asks me to hold her.
 “I mean, how old is this girl? If she is an Oni, she must not be as old as she looks, right?”
 There is a possibility that she is older than she looks. Maybe she is old enough that I'm allowed to touch her.
 If anything, I should just let my momentum carry me away...
 “No, no, no? Oh, damn, I haven't had enough sleep and my thoughts are flying...!”
 While I was anguishing alone, Urza seemed to have woken up. She rubbed her eyes and hugged me as if she were sleepwalking.
 “Good morning, Goshujin-sama~”
 “Ah, good morning...”
 Urza, who seems to be still half-asleep, rubs her face against my chest and relaxes her face happily.
 As I thought, she's a kid. How can she be older than me?
 I sigh and pat Urza's head, which is pressed against my chest, with my hand.

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