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Chapter 28 Oni Girl and School

 After Urza and I, Levienna also wakes up.
 I change into my uniform and take Urza to the dining room to have breakfast at the table.
 By the way, Garondolf, my father, has not been home since the day of the entrance ceremony. As for my mother, I don't even know if she exists or not.
 After stuffing my mouth with the food that Levienna had brought, I left the house with Urza.
 “Now, we are going to the school... Urza, you remember what I taught you last night, don't you?”
 “Yes, desu~no. No fuss, no screaming, no violence!”
 With a firm salute, Urza assured me clearly.
 The decision to bring Urza to the school was made in advance.
 The Royal Slayer Academy is attended by nobles and royalty, and many of them have servants such as stewards and maids, or guards. If Urza is brought along, it does not violate the rules of the school as long as he/she does not make noise during the class.
 In addition, from now on, dungeon exploration and monster hunting in the outside of the town will be a part of the class curriculum. Therefore, I can't leave without Urza, my partner who will dive the dungeon with me.
 “If you cause any trouble in the school, you will be banned. Do you understand?”
 “Yes, desu~no. Urza is behaving herself to be with Goshujin-sama!”
 Urza answers immediately with sparkling, straight eyes.
 If she assures me so firmly, there is no need to worry about causing a commotion. I patted my chest and got into the carriage with Urza.
 “Desu~no, desu~no. It's school, desu~no. With Goshujin-sama, going to school~...”
 Urza is humming a funny song in the carriage.
 What on earth made her so happy? Her childish face was full of smiles.
 “...I don't know why. I'm starting to get really worried. Is it really safe to take her with me?”
 “Desu~no, desu~no, kill desu~no~
 In contrast to Urza's good mood, I felt downcast, but the carriage still transported us to the school without stopping.
 Arrived, desu~no!”
 Soon we arrived at the school. Urza got off the carriage suddenly and while I follow her, I was met with surprised stares from the students on the way to school.
 “Is that...?”
 “The Baskerville family... who is that girl?”
 “What was that girl? She's cute...”
 “But she's wearing a collar. And she's got horns on her head... is she a demi-human slave?”
 The response was more than I expected. I was prepared for a bit of a commotion, but it seems that Urza's appearance attracted more attention than I had expected.
 “This is Goshujin-sama's school... I'm so glad to join, desu~no!”
 “Well, that's good to hear. I'm a bit nervous though...”
 “Well then, shall we go? Urza will lead the way, desu~no!”
 “...Hey, you don't know the way to the classroom. You'll have to stay behind me”
 Urza, who is the center of attention, walks across the schoolyard with her eyes shining, paying no attention to the gazes of the people around her. Her innocent face made me feel more anxious than relieved.
 I wondered if Urza, who was born and raised as a warrior and a native of the demi-human continent, would be able to adapt well to the group life at the school.
 “No, no, no... don't worry. I've told her so many times before, and besides, she's going to the school as my partner. She's not going there as a student, so there won't be any trouble...right?
 I told myself and took a deep breath.
 Urza pulled my sleeve and looked into my face with a superior look.
 “Goshujin-sama, is something wrong? Does your stomach hurt?”
 “...No, nothing. I was just thinking”
 I pat Urza's head lightly with a worried expression on my face, and I walk toward the school building. Naturally, Urza follows close behind me.
 Of course, she does not try to get close to the trouble. Since Urza listens to me, there should be no problem.
 But as I was walking toward the school building, I forgot one important thing.
 Trouble does not always come from my side. Sometimes it come from the side of trouble.
 “Hmm? Baskervilleee!”
 A sharp voice came from behind my back. I turn around, frowning.
 I don't think I've ever had a friend at this school who would suddenly call out to me. So, the person I turned around was not a friend.
 “What is that little girl? Forcing her to wear a collar and making her a slave... you've failed me, you wicked villain!”
 A blond man in the school uniform pointed a finger at me.
 It was Leon Brave, the top student in the class and the protagonist of [DunBrave 1], a young man with a burning sense of justice in his eyes.

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