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Chapter 29 The Rampant Sense of Justice

 “I forgot... there's this guy”
 Leon Brave is a man with a very strong sense of justice.
 In the game, he even risks his life in a fight against a monster to rescue a girl he has only met once.
 So, if a young girl is collared and treated as a slave right in front of him, how could he possibly miss such a scene?
 “You saved my classmates in the dungeon the other day, and I thought you weren't such a bad guy... But you're a villain after all, Baskerville!”
 Behind Leon, who pointed a finger at me, was his childhood friend Ciel Uranus. Her strong brown eyes are glaring at me behind Leon's back.
 “Tsk... it's so annoying...”
 Now, how should I handle this turn of events?
 If I follow the scenario of the game, Leon will eventually defeat the Demon King and save the world.
 After that, if Zenon doesn't steal the heroine, the world will be at peace and everything will be all right.
 As for me... I had no intention to get involved with Leon and interfere with the scenario unless someone dies in front of my eyes like in the case of the gargoyles.
 But why would Leon get involved with me? I feel like cursing the heavens.
 “...I guess the game is different from the reality. Unexpected things keep happening”
 “What are you talking about? Let the girl go!”
 While I'm pondering this, Leon heats up and comes at me.
 I couldn't help but cough a little and then open my mouth.
 “Yes, she's a slave, but... what's the problem with that? Leon Brave”
 I glared at Leon with cold eyes and brushed my hair back deliberately.
 “She was purchased legally and become my slave through the proper channels. And I believe the school rules allow nobles and royalty to bring their own squires and such to this school. So, I didn't break any rules. You have no right to complain”
 “What!? Don't you have any shame, enslaving a girl of such a tender age?”
 Following Leon's lead, even Ciel, his childhood friend and heroine, yells at me, “Yes! It's not about the rules of the school. It's wrong for a human being to enslave a little girl!”
 Ciel also has a strong sense of justice, especially when it comes to women and children. Her eyes flash up with a corner of her eyes that she can't let go.
 “...So? Are you going to forcefully, forcibly take her away from me and free her from the slavery? You know that is a crime, don't you?”
 In the Slayers Kingdom, slaves are publicly recognized property. Forcibly taking them from them is a crime of theft or robbery.
 When I pointed this out to them, Leon and Ciel both fell silent in frustration.
 However, they seemed not to be convinced by what I said, and they continued to insist.
 “...How much?”
 “How much should I pay you to sell her to me? How much to free her from slavery?”
 I sighed deeply.
 Yes, this is the kind of man Leon Brave is.
 As a descendant of a brave man, he should only think about defeating the resurrected Demon King, but he gets himself into unnecessary troubles that cost him money, time, and effort, and he goes a long way around.
 He cannot accept the sacrifice of the weak as necessary. That is his character.
 “Well... RPG heroes are like that. It's a game where you enjoy the unnecessary detours. Really, he's a righteous protagonist, to the point of disgust”
 “This is out of the question. Get lost”
 I waved my hand from right to left at Leon's wondering face.
 It's not about the money. Urza is an asset I need. I wasn't going to give her up no matter how much money he offered me.
 “I won't sell her for anything. She is my slave. She's my precious subordinate, my follower.”
 “Then, see you later in class”
 I ended the conversation unilaterally and turned my body.
 I try to walk quickly to the school building, but a firm grip on my shoulder forces me to stop.
 “You... you still don't get it after I've told you this much!? You evil!”
 I was forced to turn around and saw Leon raising his fist in the air with an angry expression on his face.
 He was an intuitive and reckless man, but I never thought he would resort to violence in public. It seems that I underestimated the hero's sense of justice.
 I do not resist and try to get hit.
 After all, many people are watching me. Even if I look like a bad guy... if I continue to be beaten without any resistance, it will be Leon's side that is at fault.
 As a punishment, maybe I can ask the academy to stop him involving with me any more than necessary.
 I clench my teeth and try to catch the fist in my face. When doing so, I also close my eyes and brace for impact.
 “I won't allow you to touch Goshujin-sama!”
 But then... again, something unexpected happened.
 There was someone there who didn't want me to get hit.
 Leon lets out a dumbfounded voice.
 It was Urza, who protest. And, with a cute face contorted in rage, she was about to swing her oni kanabo down on Leon's head.

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