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Chapter 35 King of Cavern's Chamber

 [DunBrave] is an RPG in which the theme is to deepen the bond with the heroine while conquering dungeons. Therefore, there are many dungeons in Slayers Kingdom where the game takes place.
 One of them is the 'King of Cavern's Chamber', a cave-type dungeon inhabited by many rock monsters such as golems.
 Urza has a special attack against rock monsters because she uses an oni kanabō, a blunt weapon. This would be the perfect place to display her power.
 ”Crush, desu~no!”
 Urza raises her club with thorns and smashes it against the monster in front of her. The head of a stone-armored big lizard is destroyed, and it lies limp on the ground.
 The monster Urza is fighting is a stone lizard, a rock-type monster that inhabits the upper and middle floors of the 'King of Cavern's Chamber'.
 They are not weak monsters by any means, but Urza manages to defeat them with a single blow. Even though she exploited the weakness of rock monsters, it was quite an impressive performance.
 ”I did it, Goshujin-sama!”
 ”Yes, well done!”
 Urza reports to me in a cheerful voice and I pat her white-haired head lightly.
 In this moment, there were about a dozen dead Stone Lizards lying around. All of them were killed by Urza, and I didn't have to do anything.
 As expected of a girl who had beaten a brave man. Once again, I was impressed by Urza's strength.
 ”I don't see Aeris's party... It seems that they have gone deeper than this”
 The 'King of Cavern's Chamber' is a 10-floor dungeon. Currently, we are in the middle of the dungeon, but we have not caught up with Aeris and the others yet.
 It seems that not only Aeris, the main heroine, but also those three boys are quite good in their own way. They must be diving deeper.
 ”Let's dive a little deeper. The monsters are getting stronger, so be careful”
 ”Yes, desu~no”
 We went down the stairs to the lower floor, and this time a bear monster made of stone appeared.
 ”Stone bear...? This thing is strong!”
 I pull out my sword and point the tip at the enemy. Finally, I have a tough opponent. I can't leave this to Urza alone. It's my turn.
 I try to move forward, but Urza jumps out of the way before I can.
 ”Blow its guts out, desu~no!”
 Urza roared out and she smashed Stone Bear's right leg. Seeing that the monster has been knocked down, Urza jumps.
 ”I'll kill it, desu~no!”
 Urza jumps up like a rabbit and smashes Stone Bear's head with her oni kanabō.
 Then the huge stone body fell to the ground and remained motionless.
 ”I did it, Goshujin-sama!”
 ”......I saw it”
 I respond in a subtle voice to Urza, who comes running toward me with a “praise me, praise me” attitude.
 The Stone Bear is supposed to be a very difficult monster in the early stage of the game, but Urza beat it with ease.
 It seems that Urza's potential is higher than I had expected. Is there at least a mid-level job for a warrior?
 ”That's very encouraging... but it doesn't help my training”
 I came to this dungeon because I was curious about Aeris Centorea, but I also wanted to improve my skill level if possible. However, it would not be good for my training if Urza continued to fight.
 Since the battle with the gargoyle, I have not fought any strong enemy. I'd like to get used to it a little before I encounter powerful monsters in the lower floor.
 ”It can't be helped... Urza, stay back until I say so in the next battle.”
 ”Ehhhh!? I can't put Goshujin-sama in danger, desu~no!”
 ”This is an order. Refusal is not an option.”
 Urza looks at me with her eyes like a small animal.
 Even if she looks at me like that, I can't accept it. I sigh and shrug.
 ”Could you really trust me? I'm not some little fish who can't do anything without your protection, okay?”
 Just in time, I see the new Stone Bear.
 As if to show me what it can do, it steps forward.
 With a swift step, I ducked its downward swinging claws and slashes at its torso with my sword.
 The angry Stone Bear attacks again, but I know all the patterns of its attacks. So, I could avoids its attacks with ease, not even glancing at it.
 Stone Bear gets down on all fours, and puts a lot of strength into its hind legs.
 This is the pattern of a charging attack. At this moment, I move to a position where there is a wall behind me.
 Stone bear rushes forward with great force. I have heard that a brown bear can run at 40km/h (24 mph), but this one is no slouch either. It's got some serious speed.
 ”Here we go!”
 I jumped up and dodged the charge. Stone Bear, which had been charging forward with unabated momentum, crashes head first into the wall behind me.
 Stone Bear staggers unsteadily as its head hits the wall. At this moment, I thrust my sword into its back from above without mercy.
 Stone Bear is hit in the back of the neck, its weak point, and it falls down, motionless.
 I put my sword away and looked back at Urza.
 ”So? Nothing to worry about, right?”
 ”As expected of Goshujin-sama!”
 Urza hugged me with words of praise. She snuggled her face into my chest and sniffed me.
 Her reaction was quite exaggerated. How pathetic did she think I was?
 ”Goshujin-sama is strong after all. You are worthy to be my Lord, desu~no!”
 ”That's a little sarcastic coming from you. Well, I don't feel bad about it”
 With this, I could defeated a middle-class monster solo without using magic. I should have some confidence in my strength.
 Although I'm still a novice in terms of skill proficiency, my knowledge and skills in the game have given me an edge against superior opponents.
 The more monsters I defeat, the easier it is to increase my skill level. At this rate, I should be able to grow up to the point where I can conquer dungeons in no time.
 ”However... I must be careful. This is not enough to defeat the demon king and his entourage. Besides... there is also the worry of 'Dangerous Encounters' in the dungeon.”
 I told myself not to get carried away, and I led Urza further into the dungeon.
 We encountered stone bears and stronger rock golems several times, but Urza and I were able to defeat them without any problem.
 We went deeper and deeper, and eventually we reached the 8th floor of the 'King of Cavern's Chamber'. We are close to the deepest part of the dungeon, but still no sign of Aeris.
 Perhaps we have passed them somewhere? If so, they may have already turned back outside the dungeon.
 Just as I was thinking like that, I heard someone's scream from the deep end of the dungeon.

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