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Chapter 103 The Rightful Wife Appears

Bonus chapter...
 "Welcome home, Zenon-sama! Are you hurt!?"
 As soon as I entered the house of the Baskervilles, a woman jumped into my arms and hugged me.
 I feel the softness of her body against mine. Her exquisite twin hills are changing their shape obscenely against my chest.
 "...It's an enthusiastic welcome, thank you. Aeris."
 Aeris Centorea hugged me with her huge breasts pressed against me.
 She is the third member of my party and a priest who plays the role of a healer. She had soft blond hair and clear blue eyes. She is a beautiful woman with too-busty breasts.
 She is my companion and lover. She used to be called 'the saint of Centorea', but nowadays she has become a 's*x lady'.
 "You don't seem to be... hurt. Shall I clean you up for now? I'll take you to the bathroom right away."
 "Wait a minute."
 "Wait, desu~no!"
 Aeris was about to take me to the bathroom without any questions, but Nagisa and Urza waited for her at the same time.
 "Let me wash his body. That is the duty of a follower."
 "Urza will wash Goshujin-sama's back. It's a slave's job, desu~no!"
 "Hey, you two! It's a wife's job to wash her husband's body."
 To their protests, Aeris says, her cheeks flushed rosy and bewitched.
 "You know that, don't you? Zenon-sama and I are engaged. We are going to be husband and wife. As a wife, isn't it natural for me to care for my husband after he comes home from work?"
 "I don't agree! I will protest firmly!"
 "I object! I am against it, desu~no!"
 Nagisa and Urza bitingly expressed their disapproval at Aeris's triumphant attitude.
 "In the first place, I don't approve of the marriage between my Lord and Aeris! My Lord will come to my hometown and take over the position of the master of Seikai Itto-ryu!"
 "Hey, I've never heard of this...!"
 "Me too, desu~no! Urza and Goshujin-sama will have lots of children and destroy the human kingdom and conquer the world, desu~no!"
 "Hey, wasn't it the bad end? What's going to happen if I become the Demon King!?"
 The two of them are saying whatever they want to say. Or three if it includes Aeris.
 Aeris and I are engaged... it's true.
 I became the head of the Baskerville family after defeating my father...but for me, a student, to become the head of the family, I needed a powerful nobleman to be my guardian.
 At that time, Aeris's father, Viscount Centorea, came forward to be my guardian.
 Viscount Centorea is a cardinal and a man of character who is called the 'Conscience of the Kingdom'.
 Although his title is low, he had a broad reputation and influence. He also had the King's trust and is a perfect guardian.
 Many people are surprised at the unexpected combination of Viscount Centorea, a man of character, becoming the guardian of the new head of the Baskerville family, a family that is the authority of evil.
 However, there was no opposition from the other nobles, who believe that the evil will be quieted down with Viscount Centorea overseeing the Baskerville family.
 The betrothal to Aeris was the only condition that the Viscount Centorea offered for his guardianship.
 'My daughter has chosen to live with you. I ask you to accept her.'
 These are the words that Viscount Centorea said to me when I met him.
 In addition, he also said the following.
 'You let my daughter stay at your house and took a bath with her, didn't you? Of course you will take responsibility, won't you?
 Viscount Centorea, who is supposed to be a man of character, smiled softly, but his eyes were not smiling at all.
 Regardless of the circumstances... it is a fact that Aeris has become a 's*x lady' because of me. And unable to say no, I nodded my head in total surrender.
 Although the engagement to Aeris raised some eyebrows among the young noblemen who wanted the beautiful saint... it is an engagement that was approved by the king. No one had the guts to defy the Baskervilles, and the engagement ended amicably.
 "Well... that's where the hell started."
 I'll never forget the uproar in the Baskerville family when Aeris became my fiancée.
 It was what you might call the Baskerville Rebellion. I'll be traumatized for the rest of my life.
 "Come here, Danna-sama. Your bath is ready. Please come this way."
 "I won't let you, Aeris! I'm the one who will wash off the blood from my Lord's body!"
 Aeris embraces me on my right arm and Nagisa on my left.
 Soft objects of different sizes are pressed against my left and right arms. I can't shake off the magical touch, and I follow them into the bathroom.
 "...They're supposed to be Leon's heroines, aren't they?"
 I mumble in my mouth so that the two on either side of me don't notice.
 I didn't mean to steal them. And yet... I sigh deeply, sandwiched between the two heroines whom I've accidentally ended up cuckolding.
 "Ah, Urza is coming too, desu~no! It's not fair that you hold the hand, desu~no!"
 Urza, who was late to join the party, hugs my waist while screaming in protest.
 Unlike the other two, Urza's chest is not so uneven... I sigh once again, this time out of pity.

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