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Chapter 104 The Spirit of Maid

 The bathrooms in the Baskerville mansion are very spacious. The marble walls and floor make it look like a big bathroom in a luxury hotel.
 Although there was some quarrel as soon as we came back... we ended up taking a bath together with 'five people'.
 The reason why there is one more person is because a naked woman was already waiting when we took off our clothes in the changing room and entered the bathroom.
 "I have been waiting for you. Zenon-bocchama."
 One of the maids working in the house... Levienna, greeted with a smile.
 Levienna, who usually ties her hair back on the back of her head, was let her hair down. Her purplish hair flowed like a waterfall down her white naked body.
 "Bocchama, I was waiting for you to come. As a maid, it is a rule to predict the Lord's actions before he does."
 "Hmm...? I don't think there is such a thing..."
 Levienna is Zenon's personal maid.
 She has been working in the house since Zenon was a child... but there was no such character in [DunBrave 2], in which Zenon was the main character.
 She may have been treated as a mob... or she may have disappeared from the mansion for some reason at the beginning of the game's scenario.
 Considering that Levienna was routinely abused by 'Zenon Baskerville'... it is not a very pleasant thought.
 "...There are too many bath events, aren't there? I think these service scenes should be more pretentious."
 "Then, come here, Bocchama. Please lie on your stomach here. I'll wash your body."
 "Lie down...? I have a bad feeling about this..."
 Levienna leads the way with a smile. On the floor of the bathroom, there is a mat-like mat.
 Next to the mat, which is large enough for a human being to lie down on, is a bath tub. Inside the tub is not hot water or water, but a viscous liquid, a kind of lotion.
 ...Well, isn't this something like that?
 The one in the specialty store, or the one that offers special services.
 "...I mean, where did you get this knowledge?"
 "Bocchama, it's a maid's duty. Levienna will do anything to satisfy the Lord and relieve his fatigue. So, I've been trained hard by the experts from the Baskerville family's store."
 "...What a waste of time. Wouldn't it be better for you to learn one of the new dishes during that time?"
 I asked an honest question, but Levienna ignored my question and led me to the mat.
 Behind me... the three girls who came with me to the bathroom are standing there with frustrated looks on their faces.
 "Kuh... As expected, I can't imitate that...!"
 "...As expected of Levienna-san. I knew she was planning something a few days ago, but I never thought she could pull off something like this."
 "She is so admirable... desu~no"
 Nagisa, Aeris, and Urza are murmuring with a trembling expression.
 I mean... why are these girls shivering over such a trivial thing?
 And where did Urza learn this stuff?
 "Well then, Bocchama, let me give you a massage. After cleaning your body with hot water, I will relax your tired muscles."
 From that point on, it is a wonderful time.
 Indeed, it was worth taking the trouble to receive a lecture from an expert.
 Though I had never been to such a place when I was in Japan... if Levienna had offered such a service, I might have become a regular customer, even if I had to spend most of my salary.
 After 30 minutes of soaking in the bathtub, the exhaustion of my whole body was gone, and I was able to soak in the bathtub with a refreshed feeling in many ways.
 "It's paradise, it's paradise... even the water feels so good that my soul is drained out..."
 "Ara? It's not only the hot water that feels good, isn't it, Bocchama?"
 Levienna, who has come to sit next to me, says to me nastily as she snuggles up to me.
 As the previous exchanges had shown, I had had a physical relationship with Levienna since I had become the head of the Baskerville family.
 Even so... today's approach is strangely intense.
 It seems as if the losing heroine, who appeared in the beginning of the story but lost her place to the heroine who came out later, is now making a mad dash to regain her position as the main heroine.
 Even the other three, who would normally interrupt and interfere... today they are shivering under Levienna's earnest accusations and are stuck in the corner of the spacious bathtub.
 "Levienna-san is really into this. She's evolving at an incredible rate."
 "Ugh... even though her breasts are bigger than mine. A matured woman is different. I can feel the matured sexiness..."
 "...Come to think of it, she's the oldest among us, isn't it? So, of course, young girls like us are no match for her... Really, what a powerful enemy we have here..."
 "...Hey, what kind of a game are you guys playing? There's no winners and losers in taking a bath."
 To my dismay, Urza's lips twitched.
 "Goshujin-sama has become a sage, desu~no. This is a cheat time when man's mind become bright and clean as a stainless mirror, desu~no, and man don't know what it's like to be a woman fighting over a man, right?"
 "Well... that's..."
 She's right... I don't know how woman feel.
 It's not that I don't understand woman's feelings because I'm a man... but rather I couldn't understand the feelings of erotic heroines who are too sweet for man.
 Even though I didn't make a move on them, four beautiful women had a physical relationship with me before I knew it. They naturally accepted their harem status as a matter of course.
 After all... this is the world of adult games, no matter how real it is.
 "Although I'm happy...I don't know, I feel this decadent situation. I feel like I'm finished in so many ways."
 I sigh at my own situation, drowning in women and corruption... and I look up at the ceiling and close my eyes.
 In addition to the comfortable warmth of the water, I feel Levienna's smooth skin against my left arm.
 I wonder if I should be so happy. I feared that it might be a premonition of something bad to come, but an hour later, my premonition comes true.
 After all, the other three girls, inspired by Levienna's behavior, launched an unbelievable attack on me in bed.
 I was completely exhausted by the blame of the three who were supposed to be fighting with each other, but had formed an alliance before I knew it.

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