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Chapter 105 The Other Main Character

 The next morning, I go to school as usual.
 And being exhausted from last night's fierce battle, I get into the Baskerville family's carriage, wobbly from lack of sleep.
 Incidentally, the 'battle' is not with an evil nobleman who kidnaps children. It is a battle with a 's*x beast' that has been mercilessly attacking me in my bed.
 Now, with Levienna seeing me off, I head for the school accompanied by Aeris, Nagisa, and Urza.
 While I felt so exhausted, the other members of the group looked glowing and full of vitality. This is very frustrating.
 The school I'm attending - Slayers Royal Sword and Magic Academy is a school that trains students to fight against monsters.
In this world, which is a realization of the setting of [DunBrave], there are countless dungeons all over the world, where monsters are constantly being born.
 Monsters that have increased in number sometimes attack villages and towns, and adventurers and knights are forced to deal with them.
 In order to acquire the power to fight against monsters, Slayers Royal Sword and Magic Academy was founded.
 It is also the setting of the game, and a place to meet various heroines.
 Once at the school, I get off the carriage and head for the school building. Today too, other students are looking at me.
 "Hey, isn't that...?"
 "Ah, that's Zenon Baskerville. The new head of the Baskerville family."
 "He's really engaged to the Viscount Centorea's daughter. I can't believe they go to school together..."
 "The other girls are pretty too. That samurai-looking girl is my type..."
 As we head straight for the school building, the students on their way to school start talking about us in private.
 And being born into the evil Baskerville family, I'm used to attracting attention like this.
 However, since I've been working with Aeris and Nagisa, I've been getting more and more attention... mostly from jealous eyes.
 Well, I'm walking around with such a beautiful girl. No wonder people talk about me.
 "Look at that..."
 "Isn't that a ball-kicking ogre?"
 "Even though it looks like a kid... don't go near her. She'll make you incapable of having children!"
 Urza also attracted attention in a different way.
 She had kicked a boy's 'balls' when she had a dispute with him before, and the boys seemed to be staring at her in fear.
 "...No wonder. That was a traumatic scene."
 "Is something wrong, Goshujin-sama?"
 I shook my head silently as Urza looked into my face... and entered the school building with a light shiver down my spine.
 The usual corridor. As I enter the classroom along this usual path, a boy I know, who has been talking with a girl in the classroom, notices me and raises his hand.
 "Hello, Marquis. Good morning."
 I respond lightly to the boy who greets me in a friendly tone.
 The man who spoke to me in a friendly manner is Jean. The woman with him is Arisa. They are both classmates with whom I have a close relationship.
 Though most of the people in this school are afraid of me, the evil Baskervilles, they have been able to build a friendship with me after I helped them in a certain case.
 As soon as I sit down beside them, Arisa quickly closes the distance between us.
 "Urza-chaaaan! Good morninggg!"
 Arisa's purpose is to see Urza, who had accompanied me even though she is not a student.
 In this school where many of the students are nobles, it is permitted for them to bring their attendants such as butlers and maids to the classes.
 "Noo... here it comes again, desu~no!"
 "Ahh, don't run awayyy!"
 Arisa tries to hug her as soon as they meet, but Urza runs away, using me as a wall.
 I don't know why... but Arisa was very fond of Urza and chased her around every day. Urza too seems to be fed up with her and runs away with a frown on her face.
 "Look, look, I have sweetsss! Here are the new chocolates from the storeee!"
 "Mmm... They look delicious, desu~no..."
 But Arisa is no stranger to this. She knew exactly what Urza's weakness was.
 So, lured by the chocolate, Urza approached her unsteadily, and Arisa shouted, "I've got a chance!" and jumped on her, capturing her helplessly.
 "Aaaaaaahhhh, desu~no!"
 "Hmm, hmm, hmmm... Urza-chan's hair is soft. I wonder if it's your shampoo, you smell like orange... sniff, sniff, sniff!"
 "Don't sniff, desu~no! Get away from me, desu~no! Go away, desu~no!"
 The morning classroom is filled with the sounds of an adulterous struggle.
 Jean bows to me after her childhood sweetheart's outburst.
 "...I'm always sorry. It's my fault."
 "No... Urza is having a good time too. I guess..."
 I replied vaguely and shrugged my shoulders.
 "Good morning, everyone."
 Just then the classroom door opens.
 Someone walks in who is also a familiar face to me. He is the main character of [DunBrave], Leon Brave, the hero who has the power to seal the Demon King.
 My eyes meet Leon's.
 The main character of the first game, a legitimate hero, and the main character of the second game, a cuckold. We were enemies in the game, but... we both bade hello to each other.
 When I first entered the school, Leon, who has a strong sense of justice, was very hostile toward me.
 However, we have recently become friends to a certain extent, and my reputation seems to have risen to the level of 'a good rivalry that must be settled sooner or later'.
 Following the summer vacation, I also have a match with Leon to see who will defeat the Demon King first.
 The old Leon would not have been a match for me, but... he seems to have trained a lot during the summer vacation, and he seems to have become much stronger.
 "Good morning, everyone."
 "Yahhoo! Let's work hard today!"
 By the way... when Leon came to school, he surrounded by three female students who were his party members.
 The first is Ciel Uranus.
 Leon's childhood friend, a beautiful red-haired girl. She is one of the three heroines in [DunBrave]. As the other two - Aeris and Nagisa - are unintentionally following me, she is one of the top heroines for Leon.
 Her job is 'Sorcerer', and she is an excellent mage who can use offensive magic of any attribute except light and dark.
 The second one is Melia Sue.
 She is a student who has been working with Leon since before the summer vacation, and is a mob character who did not appear in the game. She wears a braid and glasses, but she has a surprisingly cheerful personality and is not afraid to talk to me.
 She seems to be an excellent 'Fighter' who uses twin swords, and she is a girl who is growing up so fast that it is hard to believe that she is a mob character.
 And... the third one. After the summer vacation, a new heroine has joined Leon.
 A tall, gray-haired girl enters the classroom with a cool face.
 Her modified school uniform is open, revealing a deep cleavage, and her legs wrapped in tights extend out from her short skirt.
 She is a female student who had been promoted to the "A" class in the class change held a month ago at the end of the summer vacation.
 Her name is Ruffie Astoglow. In the game, she appeared as a new sub-heroine in the latter half of the scenario.
 Like Aeris, she came from a family of priests, but her job is not 'Cleric' but 'Monk'.
 "...It seems that he has made a good friend. Is it a coincidence or is he thinking about things in an unexpected way?"
 I mutter to myself as I see Leon party sitting side by side in an empty seat.
 The 'monk' is a multi-job that could use healing and auxiliary magic like a 'cleric' and could also engage in melee combat with their fists.
 Although it is an unpopular job with its poor dexterity, whose healing ability is not as good as that of a cleric and whose close combat skills are not as good as those of a warrior, it is an appropriate choice to fill the hole in the current Leon's party.
 As a result of various coincidences and unfortunate accidents, Leon is missing two people who would definitely have been in his party in the game, Aeris and Nagisa.
 But Ruffie, who can heal and engage in melee combat, is the perfect member to make up for these deficiencies.
 This makes Leon's party consist of Leon the 'Rune Knight', Ciel the 'Sorcerer', Melia the 'Fighter', and Ruffie the 'Monk'.
 Although a little more aggressive than the others, the party is now complete with sufficient strength.
 A month has passed since the Demon King was resurrected after the summer vacation.
 And Leon seems to be growing up well... now he can fight well against the cadres of the Demon King's army.
 "...It looks like he won't need a babysitter anymore. That's good news."
 "Is something wrong, Goshujin-sama?"
 “No, it's nothing."
 I shake my head at Urza who looks into my face.
 If it's Leon now, he can at least cut off the sparks of fire by himself. It seems that I don't need to worry about him like before.
 Now I can concentrate on what I have to do.
 As head of Baskerville family, I will control the evil in the Slayers Kingdom.
 And... find a way to defeat the Demon King in my own non-hero way and save the world.
 "Okay, everyone, please take your seats. Let's start homeroom!"
 The female homeroom teacher enters the room.
 The students, who had been scattered sparsely, return to their seats, and another day of classes begins.
 I apologize in my heart to the teacher who is conducting the class neatly according to the textbook, and I take a nap with my eyes closed to relieve the fatigue of last night.

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