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Chapter 142 Night in the Dungeon

 "Baskerville-sama, please wake up. Dinner is ready."
 I slowly opened my eyelids to find the face of a brown-skinned girl standing right in front of me.
 Her jade green eyes looked into my face. Her hair of the same color flowing like a waterfall from her head. There is also a mischievous expression on her beautifully shaped face.
 Now, Ryuna Maafern, the Priestess of the temple, is so close to me that I could have kissed her.
 "...What are you doing up so early? Are you going to give me a kiss when I wake up?"
 I tried to keep my tone calm, suppressing my inner turmoil.
 The truth is that I was so surprised that I thought my heart would explode... but it's not cool to be upset when a girl who seems to be younger than me puts her face close to mine.
 As a man who has been in contact with four women on a daily basis, I couldn't let my upset show.
 "Geez... that's not an interesting reaction. I thought you would be more surprised."
 "Too bad. I'm an experienced city boy, okay? I don't get upset just because someone leans in close to my face."
 "Should I kissed you on the mouth? That way, you'd be a little upset, wouldn't you?"
 "...Do it if you can. I'll put my tongue inside your mouth and stir it around."
 I stare at her with half-open eyes. But Ryuna just giggles and points with her hand toward the table.
 Then I noticed that there is a delicious, appetizing smell wafting through the room.
 "Come on, let's have dinner. This way please."
 I sit down on a chair next to the table, raising my eyebrows slightly at Ryuna who takes the trouble to pull me away from the table. There are already Shakuna and Hadiss sitting around the food.
 However, Shakuna looks at me reproachfully and opens her cherry-red lips.
 "...I see you and my little sister have become good friends. I'm so glad."
 "...Your face doesn't match your words. You look like you're going to kill me."
 Shakuna's eyes were sharp, as if she wanted to stab her partner to death with her gaze.
 She must not like the man flirting with her cute sister. After all, her eyes were like those of a black bug in the kitchen.
 "...No way, I'm happy as long as Ryuna is happy. I'll give my blessing to Ryuna if she's happy, no matter what kind of a scumbag the guy is. Even if it's a lecherous seducer."
 "I don't know who you're talking to. But, I'm not a scumbag and I'm not a lecherous seducer."
 "Calm down, don't fight, both of you. We're about to eat and the food will be bad."
 Ryuna intervenes between us and hands me a plate with more food on it.
 On the plate are sliced bread, fish fillets, and meat covered with spices like curry powder.
 The spicy smell of the food makes my throat gulp spontaneously.
 "It looks delicious. It's really quite a feat for a blind person to make a dish like this."
 "Of course it's delicious. It's the food Ryuna made!"
 "Why are you so proud of yourself? It's your sister's work!"
 "I'm used to cooking thanks to my work at the soup kitchen. Surely it will suit your taste buds, Baskerville-sama?"
 Shakuna is smiling with pride for some reason, and Ryuna is smiling with a smile on her face.
 With Shakuna and Ryuna on either side of me, I spoon the food into my mouth. As soon as it enters the mouth, the spicy and thick flavoring fills the mouth and stimulates my tongue.
 "It's spicy... but it's still delicious. It's an addictive taste."
 The stimulating flavor seems to spread through my tired body. It's an addictive taste that I can't stop after one bite. Very tasty.
 "I am glad that it suits your taste. There is a refill, so please eat as much as you want."
 "Yes, I will."
 I gobble down the food. I gobble down my food so fast that I almost forget that I am a nobleman.
 I look to the side and see Shakuna and Ryuna eating their meals in an elegant manner. They are princesses, after all, and have good manners.
 Haddis, who is sitting in front of us, is silently and procedurally bringing the food to his mouth. He also keeps glancing at the entrance and the exit of the room with his side eyes, and does not seem to let his guard down even while he is eating.
 He is as serious as ever, but I'm sure he won't listen to me.
 It is because of obedient knights like him that Shakuna and Ryuna are able to travel in peace, and it is not my place to interfere.
 "Well... it's not so bad. Having a night like this..."
 It was such a fulfilling meal that we almost forgot we were in a dungeon.
 EX dungeon, the 'Royal Tomb of Salomon's'.
 The night of the first day of the attack passed quietly.

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