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Chapter 143 Dungeon Trap

 Ryuna, Shakuna, and Haddiss took a break in turn, and then resumed the challenge, this time aiming at the 20th floor.
 At the 11th floor, the monsters are more powerful than those on the previous floors, but Shakuna and the others still seem to have enough room to make it to the next floor. They are able to move on to the lower floor without any problems.
 In fact, they are moving better as they have become accustomed to the new environment and have relaxed their tension, which has increased the speed of their attack. At this rate, we may be able to reach the boss room of the 30th floor by the end of today, instead of the 20th floor.
 "Be careful on that road, there are traps. If you step on the cobblestones of different colors under your feet, you'll get electrocuted."
 I tell the three of them to take the shortest path down to the next floor.
 Below the 11th floor, we have to watch out not only for monsters but also for traps, so I recall my memories as I carefully give them instructions.
 "I've been wondering since yesterday... have you ever been in this dungeon?"
 Shakuna's eyes lifted in suspicion as I pointed out not only the directions but also the locations of the traps. In response to this question, I shrug my shoulders and answer.
 "Well. I've tried this dungeon a few times. I never made it to the lowest floor, though."
 The first half is true, but the second half is a lie.
 In the game, I succeeded in defeating the boss character of the last level, 'King Salomon,' but I keep quiet about it because it might get complicated if I talk about it.
 "I can guide you to the 50th floor where the 'King's Scepter' is located, so leave it to me."
 "Then I feel relieved... But wait, by any chance, don't you have the 'Royal Scepter of Osiris'? If so, we didn't have to go into the dungeon!"
 "I wish I had it... but unfortunately, I'm out of the scepter."
 I laugh sarcastically and shake my head.
 The scepter of Osiris, the reward for clearing the 50th floor, is a useful item that can remove all of my companions' abnormalities and debuffs... but when used, it has a certain probability of breaking.
 In addition, there is a limitation that a player cannot have more than one scepter at the same time. If the user conquered the 50th floor again with the scepter in his possession, another item would appear.
 If the scepter is broken and lost, it is possible to get it again... but the item will not be included in the items that can be transferred as a result of the clear data. This is because the clear data was saved with the scepter in a broken state after it had been used up.
 "My scepter was broken a long time ago. I have the other clear rewards, but... no luck."
 "I see... you're absolutely, utterly useless."
 "Shut up, who could have foreseen this?"
 The scepter is a useful item, but it is not so useful that I am bothered if I don't have it.
 It is obvious thing because any player who has played through the main scenario has already obtained skills and equipment for countermeasures against abnormalities.
 So, there is no need to take the time to re-explore the tomb to get the scepter again.
 "So... we have to go all the way to the 50th floor, huh..."
 "That's right... Hey, your footing there is dangerous..."
 "Hmm...? Kyaaaaaaaaaaa!"
 "Your Highness!"
 At the moment Shakuna steps on the floor, a pale translucent rope-like object appears and entangles Shakuna's legs.
 Shakuna's body is pulled by the rope and hanged upside down.
 "What... What the hell is this!?"
 "Good grief... I told you it was dangerous!"
 "You should've said it with more energy!? No one can avoid it with your stupid warning!?"
 Shakuna is hanging from the ceiling and yelling, “Whoa, whoaaa!”.
 "Oh, it's going to fall!"
 "Eh? Baskerville-sama?"
 I casually pulled Ryuna's arm and took a step away from Shakuna.
 The next moment, the ceiling of the place where Shakuna is suspended opens, and a huge amount of liquid comes pouring down.
 Shakuna's screams echoed through the dungeon as she was completely engulfed by the torrent of liquid that fell like a waterfall.
 At the same time, the magic rope that was holding her legs came loose, and she fell down with a sticky sound.
 "Ah... Ugh..."
 "Ahh, this is so terrible..."
 "O-Onee-sama! Are you all right!?"
 Shakuna was hit by the trap, and was soaking wet all over and nearly half of her dancer's costume she was wearing had come off.
 Her smooth breasts are almost completely exposed, and even the pinkish protrusion at the tip could be seen.
 "Hmm... this is just like in the game, huh?"
 I nodded my head while observing Shakuna who appeared to be in a very erotic state.
 This erotic trap event occurs when Shakuna is joined in the party to conquer the 'Tomb of the King', and I could see the exact same scene in the game as what I was seeing in front of me.
 This event was quite popular among fans, as the normally cold and shadowy Shakuna gets soaking wet and crumples to the floor as if she had just been violated by a man.
 "The power of the scenario, or rather, the obligation, is really strong. It's hilarious that she fell for it."
 "O-Onee-sama! Please change your clothes!"
 "Why did this happen to me... Do you really hate me that much..."
 Shakuna glares at me with teary eyes, and Ryuna hurriedly puts her cloak on her.
 But I spread my arms out in frustration at the unjustified resentment, and the other man, Hadis, turns his eyes away as if he were looking at someone else.

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