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Chapter 87 Hot Night

 It has already been almost half a year since I started living with some beautiful girls.
 I should have gotten used to the life-killing life in which I was constantly tempted by various temptations, but... since the completion of the practical test, I have a feeling that the women are getting more and more proactive.
 The reason is obvious... Nagisa's mysterious awakening.
 Having achieved her life goal of avenging her father and her school, Nagisa has come to worship me as her lord for helping her to avenge her father's death.
 Although we had bathed together and slept in the same bed before, she began to treat me excessively now.
 She washed my hair and body in the bathtub, and she would even cuddle on my naked body without hesitation, and when we went to bed, she would hug me as a matter of course.
 And... it is the other girls who are frightened by such changes in Nagisa.
 Aeris and Urza, as well as Levienna, my maidservant, are getting more and more proactive like Nagisa, and every night a kind of sexual battle is going on.
 I have made it clear that I will stay celibate until the day I defeat my father, but these girls have been seducing me as if they don't care about that.
 In these days when my rationality was about to collapse, I almost became enlightened beyond my desires.
 "Nagisa-san, please switch with me! I have cleaned myself."
 "Calm down. Aeris. You've worked up a sweat today. You must wash all the way down to the roots of your hair."
 "Uh... you two are cheating. If only I'd pulled a par at that time...!"
 Nagisa is washing my hair, and Aeris is waiting her turn to wash mine.
 Urza is in the bathtub a little farther away from me, soaking her body up to her nose in the hot water and spitting bubbles in frustration.
 I don't know what kind of exchange they had between them... but it seems that they have been deciding who washes my body and hair by rock-paper-scissors these days.
 Today's winners are Nagisa and Aeris, while the loser, Urza, looked at them reproachfully.
 "It can't be helped, Urza-san. Goshujin-sama is a great man. It is natural that everyone wants to serve him."
 These words of comfort came from Levienna, who was soaking in the bathtub with Urza.
 The beautiful maid is wearing a light bathrobe and is patting Urza's head.
 "Don't worry, it will only be a little while longer. Today we are in charge of sleeping together. You will be able to sleep in Goshujin-sama's arms all through the night, right?"
 "Umm, I know it, desu~no. Patience, be patience... By the way, why is Levienna-san wearing clothes in the bath, desu~no?"
 "You see, gentlemen are more aroused by thin clothes that show the lines of the body than by nakedness. The important thing is to be moderate. Rather than exposing your skin all the time, you should dare to put on clothes and let his imagination run wild."
 "I'm learning a lot... I'll do my best so that Goshujin-sama won't get tired of me!"
 And so on, a mysterious conversation took place in the background.
 Please, don't tell her something strange. I can't help but feel guilty every time I am tempted by Urza.
 "Mmm-hmm~. Mmmmm~."
 Nagisa was humming in a good mood while washing my hair.
 I don't know what she was enjoying so much... but I could feel something swaying behind me as she hummed.
 Every nerve in my body is focused on my back, and I'm aware that I'm trying my best to sense the presence of the soft mass swaying behind me.
 "It's done. I've finished washing your hair. My Lord."
 "...Thank you."
 "Now close your eyes while I rinse the bubbles."
 The shower-shaped magic item emits hot water of moderate temperature, and the bubbles on my head are washed away.
 Meanwhile, Nagisa presses her breasts against my neck in an unnaturally close contact. I felt a terribly soft and heavy mass wrapped around my neck from both sides, which held my head firmly in place.
 I see... it must be very easy for her to rinse my head if my head is fixed like this and there is no place to escape.
 I wonder where this girl, Nagisa, learned such a technique.
 "Mmm-hmm~, hehe~"
 "Okay, okay, stop! That's it! The bubbles are already gone!"
 "Hey... you're being too harsh, Aeris."
 Aeris finally couldn't hold back any longer, and she pushed Nagisa out of the way and hugged me.
 My fixed head is released, but in place of it, a twin hill, one size larger than Nagisa's, touches me.
 "Now it is my turn! Let me wash you!"
 Of course, Aeris is trying to wash my body without using a sponge.
 To be more specific, she tried to wash my body with her own body covered in soapy foam.
 "Hey... isn't that a specialty store's technique? That's not something a heroine is allowed to do."
 "Zenon-sama, I don't know what you're talking about. But, I think it's a wonderful way to serve Zenon-sama with my own body, right?"
 Aeris smiles with a beaming smile and slides her body on my back.
 The slender arms of the woman called a saint are wrapped around me, passing through my armpits. Her ten fingers wriggle suspiciously, stroking my abs and pectoral muscles and occasionally flicking my nipples.
 I mean, where did this girl learn such a technique?
 Even though she is a "saint"... why has she turned into a "s*x lady" completely.
 "Hey... wait a minute! Time, give me some time...!"
 "Heheheheh... Zenon-sama's nipples are his weak point. I bet you don't even know it yourself, do you, Zenon-sama?"
 "Waittt... Ghhhh...!"
 The fingertips of the "s*x lady" moved like a different creature, stimulating the sensitive parts of my body.
 It's already like a service in a special store... I wonder who started calling this woman a saint?
 "Heheheheh...! Hahahahahahahahahaha...!"
 The bathroom is filled with stifled screams and sadistic laughter.
 Thus, on this hot night of excessive service, the night goes on in a troubled and lustrous manner.
 But, tomorrow, the final exam results are finally announced.
 What will my rank be...?

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