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Chapter 10 Destroying the Evidence

 "D*mn, how did this happen!?"
 "We'll talk about it later. Let's hurry!"
 "I'll have to pay the admission fee again... Oh, crap..."
 When I reached the gate, a guard stopped me.
 "Hey, it's not safe to go out now. It's better to wait until tomorrow morning."
 "Thanks for the advice, but I can't wait until tomorrow. And don't worry. I may look like this but I'm strong."
 Even if I'm rotten and I have a fungus on my shoulder... I'm a former demon king, you know. I shrugged off the guard's protests and headed out of the town. And then I realized.
 "Kabirumba, if we sneak in and out of the city from out of sight..."
 "Do you want to be a criminal and be chased by the guards? With so many people around, you never know who's watching."
 "Ah, that's true."
 Kabirumba gave me a look that said, "What the hell is this guy thinking?". Somehow, I felt a bit annoyed, as if I was treated like a child.
 Anyway, first of all, I went straight to the site, twisting and turning through the trees once I entered the forest.
 Suddenly, Kabirumba smiled at me. What is it?
 "Put back the twisted trees back immediately. Otherwise, the adventurers' guild members who come later will say, 'What the hell is this?!"
 "Ahhhhhh, I forgot about it!? Really... it's a hassle!"
 "In the first place, you should have flown. Well, let's do that on the way back."
 Upon reaching the site, I immediately use Gaia Control to remove the drill lance marks and clear the goblin village. All right. The evidence has been completely destroyed. Just to be sure, let's ask Kabirumba for an opinion.
 "Is this all right?"
 "They won't know that Leo-sama did it right away. But there will be rumors about who did it for a while."
 "In the meantime, let's just hide quietly. Or perhaps move on to another town? Anyway, this is not the only human town."
 "Let's think about it later. Come on, let's get out of here before someone finds out! Hurry, hurry!"
 Kabirumba urged me to come back immediately and were greeted by a suspicious looking guard. Of course, I had to pay the entrance fee. So stingy.
 It made our wallets feel lighter and lighter, and I returned to the inn with a sense of uneasiness.
 Still, Kabirumba is right. It was good that a place to stay had been secured ahead of time. After all, I had paid in advance and had a place to stay for the next three days.
 "I never thought this would happen. I guess I should have just left the goblins alone."
 "Then the goblins would have attacked the town. After all, that was goblin village you know. Not only goblin general but also King and Lord and even Hero. The damage must have been tremendous."
 Kabirumba shakes its head. It seems that the situation was quite dangerous. But my drill lance could have easily taken it out, right? Something seems off here. Is it just me or is there something wrong?
 "But those three guys were so weak!"
 "Leo-sama is just too strong. Please realize that."
 So, it was only me. Anyway, I'd better get myself together and replenish the amount of potions I sold. But first, I need to make a magic bag. I take out the alchemical ingredients from the bag and put them on the desk.
 "Well, the quality is not so good, but I'm sure it won't fail."
 "Have you ever had a failure? I've never seen one before."
 "Hehehe, because I am the best alchemist in the world. The word 'failure' is not in my dictionary."
 "But I'm sure there's 'unreliable' word written on your dictionary."
 "Shut up!"
 What a distraction! I must drive Kabirumba out of my mind and focus my attention on the task at hand. Now, the most important thing in making alchemical items is the precision and accuracy of the first magic circle made with magic power.
 I put my hands on the table, and a round circle appeared. Inside the circle, pentagonal and hexagonal stars, moon and sun symbols appeared one after another. Then, as if to fill up all the spaces between them, I proceeded to draw delicate characters.
 When the magic circle is completed, the materials for the magic bag, such as "Wraith Rags," "King Slime Core," "Magic Silver Thread," and "Jelly Beans," float in the middle of it.
 Immediately the synthesis begins, and as each material becomes a particle of silver light, it gathers in the center and begins to spin around and around. Eventually, they form into one large mass, which quickly transforms into a magic bag. Even after seeing it many times, it is still a mysterious sight.
 "Hmm, I guess that's about right."
 "Is that what it looks like? No, it's not like that. I mean, it's a magic bag. How can you synthesize a + item from something of that quality? I don't believe it."
 "After all, I'm the best alchemist in the world."
 I look down at Kabirumba. But the corner of this guy's mouth is slightly twitching.
 "Can I hit you?"
 "I'm sorry."
 Kabirumba is so cold. Apparently, something didn't sit well with Kabirumba. Let's try again next time.
 "Now all I have to do is to make healing potions and antidote potions. This one is easy. Hohoi nohoi."
 "...Thinking calmly, I think it's also unusual to casually make ++ alchemical items..."
 Kabirumba is mumbling something, but without these items, I won't be able to live tomorrow. So, let's work like a cart-horse for money. Until my life is burned up. If I don't work, I won't survive!
 "By the way, I haven't had a bath for a long time."
 "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid there's not enough money..."
 "Are you kidding me!?"
 It can't be helped, so let's use the "all clean" magic for the time being. This will remove even the toughest stains. It's a quick and magic clean.
 "If you had that magic, you wouldn't have to take a bath..."
 "No, it's a matter of feeling... It's different... The bath is a place to clean my life. Kabirumba doesn't understand that."
 "Yes, yes. Anyway, you just wanted a drink after your bath, didn't you?"
 "Ehe (ノ≧ڡ≦)."
 "No, it's not cute."
 Apparently, Kabirumba didn't like it. However, I'll do it next time.

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