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Chapter 168 A Thousand Opportunities to Win

 "Hey... What are you talking about!?"
 "Hee... I see. You have an interesting point."
 Salomon claps his hands in agreement as Shakuna's voice rises in confusion.
 Shakuna didn't seem to understand, but Salomon seemed to be able to read my thoughts.
 "If you get the treasures up to the 70th floor, you might have a thousand opportunities to win the war! You seem to have a devilishly bright mind as well as a nice face. I like you even more!"
 "Thank you. I've never received such a compliment in my life."
 I responded curtly and shrugged my shoulders.
 Meanwhile, Shakuna, who wasn't following the conversation, blinked at me in confusion.
 "Wait... Explain it to me! If there is a reward for clearing up to the 70th floor, can we save Ryuna!?"
 Shakuna grabs both my shoulders and shakes me.
 Please don't be in a hurry, I'm going to explain everything. So I tap Shakuna's back with my hand.
 "...You know that in this dungeon, you can get valuable items by defeating the bosses at each of the ten floors, right? We need to get the rewards for the 60th and 70th floors before we fight the people who kidnapped Ryuna."
 I need the items in the 60th floor... but what I want to get is the reward for the 70th floor.
 That item is Consumable Item—'Feather of Horus'.
 Although I said it is a consumption item, the number of times I can use this item is unlimited. It can be used as many times as desired.
 Its effect is an unconditional teleport limited to the desert area. It can be used to move instantly to any area in the scenario of "Jade Tombstone"...in other words, anywhere in Maafern Kingdom.
 While the teleport magic used by magicians can only be used at the entrance of a town or a dungeon, this item can be used anywhere.
 This item was also possible to be used to escape from the inside of a dungeon, or to move to the inside of a specific building or even to the middle of a dungeon that was in the process of being conquered, if it was marked in advance.
 "With the 'Feather of Horus'... we can go anywhere we've been once we've been there, though only to desert areas."
 "Are you planning to use that item to go to the 'altar'? So we can go to Ryuna's place!?"
 Shakuna looked at me excitedly.
 I lightly turn my back to avoid Shakuna, and continue with my explanation.
 "No, you and I have never been to the altar. After all, we can't teleport to a place we've never been before. If anything, this is an item needed to escape!"
 Veinrune is demon that specialize in teleport.
 Even if we try to help Ryuna, who is about to be sacrificed, to escape, he will soon catch up with us by his teleportation.
 So, to ensure the escape, this item is needed.
 "The time limit is 18 hours. There is no time to go down to the 70th floor by ourselves to get it. But... if the owner of the dungeon is willing to give up the reward for clearing the dungeon, that's a different story, isn't it?"
 "Well... yes. You're right."
 When I look at Salomon, the magic king in the form of a boy makes a troubled face.
 "I know what you mean and I want to help you, but this dungeon is a trial dungeon. And the treasures that can be obtained as a reward for clearing the dungeon are treasures that can be obtained only by those who have overcome the trial. These treasures cannot be given to those who have not completed the trial. I'm not trying to be mean, but there is such a rule."
 "Oh no... You are the master of this dungeon, right!? Can't you do something about it?"
 "I'd like to do something about it... But young lady? It's called self-binding. I'm strengthening my magic by placing restrictions on myself. I can't avoid the rules of this dungeon myself. How else could I summon so many demons from hell?"
 "Then, what should we do?"
 Shakuna's face twisted and she sagged.
 I was depressed as well. I lowered my shoulders and shook my head slowly.
 "I wish there was another way..."
 Just when I had a glimmer of hope, it slipped away from my fingertips.
 If I don't do this, I might not be able to save Ryuna, the ritual might be performed, and the evil god might be resurrected.
 I thought hard to find another way out of the situation... but as expected, I couldn't come up with any clever plan to resolve the situation.
 "But... out of respect for your bravery, let me offer you a little service."
 But just then, Salomon opened his mouth.
 The man who had just taken away our hope is now giving it to us again.
 "Service? Are you going to give me a reward?"
 "I can't do that. But... I can lighten the load of the trials a bit. Just within the limits of the dungeon master's authority."
 Salomon holds up an index finger from his chair.
 Then...out of nowhere, two figures appear on either side of Salomon.
 "Bataks, the 'Immortal Butterfly,' the guardian of the 60th floor. Randalion, the 'Wise Warrior', the guardian of the 70th floor. Normally, you have to go to the boss room to fight, but I'll allow you to fight in this room specially. Of course... as long as you two are confident of winning, right?"
 Salomon said with a mischievous look on his face and looked at me with testing eyes.

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