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Chapter 30 Loophole Operation

 After the servant who brought the tea left, Margrave Badia and his wife straightened their posture. Kabirumba and I followed their example and straightened our posture. Miss Elena also straightened her back.
 "Please excuse my appearance, and forgive me to call you at such short notice. However, I have heard some of what happened. Thank you so much for saving my precious daughter. As you see."
 Margrave Badia bows his head. His wife and Miss Elena bowed too.
 Somehow, I have a different feeling from when they bowed to me when I was a Demon King. It's so strange. I have not done anything to be bowed so deeply. I just did what I can do now.
 "Everyone, please raise your heads. I can't talk to you if you like that. Besides, I didn't do that much. I'm just doing what I think I should do as people who live together."
 Finally, everyone looked up. Kabirumba has a "what?" look on its face. I wonder if I said something wrong. I'll ask this guy later.
 "I'm glad to hear you say so. Of course, I will pay you."
 "That's the thing... I'm not an official alchemist. In fact, I am a dark alchemist. So I cannot accept a fee for my services."
 "Dark alchemist."
 Miss Elena's eyes are shining for some reason. I don't think I'm that good looking. Well, I think I'm good looking myself.
 But then, Margrave Badia coughs.
 "Excuse me, but why don't you take the qualification of an alchemist?"
 "Well, Leo-sama doesn't have neither a diploma nor a letter of recommendation, which are the requirements to become an alchemist. That's why he couldn't qualify."
 Kabirumba interjects now and then. His tone is a bit strong. This guy seems to have an idea. Is he going to do a "Loophole Operation"? Isn't that a crime? I don't want to go to jail yet. After all, I just got resurrected!
 "Well, I see... It's true that a man as good as Leonito-dono doesn't need to go to the academy or become an apprentice of a famous alchemist. Very well. I will be your patron and write a letter of recommendation."
 "We'll be happy if you do."
 Kabirumba smiled at my surprise. What a horrible fungus. I never thought I could get a letter of recommendation this way. Am I going to be all right? I'm sure it's all right. After all, it's a recommendation from the most powerful man in the town. Power is scary.
 "Leonito-san, if you don't mind, could I ask you a few questions?"
 Is Madam Olivia interested in alchemical items? It was nothing to hide, so I told her what had happened so far. Kabirumba didn't say anything to me, so I guessed it would be all right. To tell the truth, there was a time when I thought so, too.
 "Fumu, so it was Leonito-dono who wiped out the 'goblin village' reported by the Adventurers' Guild, is it?"
 "Yes, that's right. I was afraid that if I left them as they were they would increase in number and attack nearby towns... I didn't think that the Adventurers' Guild was conducting an investigation."
 "That can't be helped. Leo-sama has done nothing wrong."
 Miss Elena says so, but Margrave Badia looks a little troubled. It seems that the situation has become quite problematic. If this is the case, it would have been better to come forward to the Adventurers' Guild earlier.
 "I guess we'll take care of that..."
 "Old hag"
 "Who's Old Hag!"
 The parlor door opens with a bang, and the old hag appears, all dressed up and ready to go. As expected of a former margravine, she has a stately appearance. She is a far cry from the woman I saw in the store.
 Immediately an extra chair is prepared, and the old hag takes a seat.
 "I'm sorry I'm late, I'm Margaret. I am the mother of the Margrave there."
 At these words, Margrave Badia is smiling. I don't know what it is, but the old hag seems to be a very informal person. She doesn't live among the common people in the capital. But what should I call her? Old hag is not good.
 "I'm terribly sorry. Please forgive me."
 "There's nothing to forgive. Just pretend that it was an old friend of mine who did it."
 "I see... I'll do that."
 With these words, Margrave Badia bowed deeply to the old hag. It seems that things are going to be all right. But still, does the old hag have friends who could do such a thing?
 "Old... I mean, Margaret-san, you seem to be quite wild..."
 "Wild? Kukuku.... Hahaha! Yes, yes. I used to run away from home a lot when I was young, looking for stimulation."
 The old hag seems to remember those days, smiling happily. Maybe she really is a witch. This is a tricky one. Margrave Badia and his wife are smiling with a tight smile on their faces. I'm sure they're being told about those days. And Miss Elena.
 She looks at her as if she were looking at a hero. Ah, so, you're that type, Miss Elena. Maybe it was not a good idea to cheer her up. But it doesn't suit her to be in pain. She's much better when she's as perky as she is now.
 It may be a source of worry for her parents, but not for me.
 "So, I have a favor to ask of Leo-sama, will you do it?"
 "Yes, anything I can do, please let me know."
 Anyway, she can make up for the trouble I caused at the Adventurers' Guild. And the Adventurers' Guild will not take notice of me. In this case, I should do as she asks. That way, there will be no more regrets.
 "Actually, I'm worried that Elena might get cursed again..."
 "Ah, grandmother, that's already taken care of."
 With these saying, Miss Elena explained. Thanks to her, the conversation is flowing smoothly. In the meantime, I picked up a sweet that had been served to me.
 What a smooth texture! The sweet taste and mellow aroma that flooded my mouth. I could never reproduce this with fruits. This is a food of another dimension. It goes well with tea.
 "Elena, it looks like you got yourself a real treat."
 "Oh, everyone, do you want me to make a 'Curse-Breaking Charm' to prevent curses? If you have the materials, I can make it."
 When I said this, the atmosphere hardened.

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