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Volume 2 Extra 11 Urza's and Levienna's Adventures (Part Seven)

 "What is this monster, desu~no!?"
 Urza shouts and catches the monster’s swinging fist with her kanabō.
 She felt its heavy impact. But she stays on the ground with both feet and somehow manages to take the blow.
 "This guy...is strong, desu~no!"
 "I'm going to attack!"
 Levienna moves around behind the monster and slashes at it.
 The monster's back is sliced open at an angle... but the wound quickly heals.
 In response to her attack, the monster waved its hand in exasperation.
 Levienna quickly holds up her shield to catch the blow but cannot hold back and retreats backwards.
 "Kuh... it's strong!"
 "It's... okay...! Instead, focus on the battle!"
 After blowing away Levienna, the monster targets Urza.
 It struck her over and over again with its log-like arms.
 "Kuh... desu~no!"
 Urza defends against the monster's attacks with her kanabō.
 The monster was powerful but not very skilled. So, Urza could take the monster's blows, bounces them off, and avoids direct hits by deflecting them.
 But... as she defended herself, Urza's hands became numb with a tingling sensation. It did not seem to last very long.
 "Don't think a monster like you could push Urza out of the way with power, desu~no! Fight back... desu~no!"
 Urza took advantage of the moment and hit the ground with her kanabō. The powerful blow causes a cloud of dust to rise up, hiding Urza's figure.
 The dust blinds the monster, and it loses sight of Urza.
 This is the perfect opportunity. Now the monster is stuck on the ground, with many openings.
 "I'm going to smash its head through, desu~no!"
 Urza leaps out of the dust and slams her kanabō into the monster's head.
 Kanabō's blow hits cleanly, leaving it with several vicious spikes, making the monster's huge body wobble, falling to its knees.
 "Yes! This is the end!"
 Levienna, who has been on the roof of a nearby house somehow, delivers a slash as soon as she plunges to the ground.
 With all her weight on it, the tip of her sword pierces the monster from the top of its head to the bottom of its chin in one fell swoop.
 "With this...!"
 Levienna smiles.
 The brain is destroyed. It was clearly a fatal wound.
 However, the monster still goes berserk even though its head has been pierced.
 It shakes its head and shakes Levienna off forcefully, then kicks her and blows her away.
 "Dangerous, desu~no!"
 Urza catches Levienna as she is about to crash into the house wall.
 The monster is swinging its arms and legs wildly.
 It seems that the monster has been offended by the previous blow. It was rampaging around recklessly like a spoiled child.
 "It looks like... we're going to have to fight harder than we thought, desu~no."
 Urza's mood changes.
 If the monster still has the will to move even after having its brain pierced by a sword, the only way is to completely destroy its body by tearing off its arms and legs.
 Now, to destroy the enemy with all her might, Urza tried to use her trump card, the great technique called "Oni-ka".
 Urza's eyes turn red, and her pupils become golden. Her eyes transformed into a special eye called "Fiery Eyes", making her look like a god of war.
 Her white hair starts to undulate like Medusa's, and a magma-like red aura erupts from her body.
 Levienna calls her companion's name in awe.
 This is the state that an enraged Urza had once been in when Zenon was pierced by his father's sword, Garondolf.
 Urza is now in her most powerful mode for a brief moment and could trigger an alarm in Garondolf's heart.
 "Come on, I'm going to kill you, desu~no! I'll eat you to the bone!"
 Urza, who has transformed, shouts and tries to run toward the monster.
 But...before the two creatures can begin their fight, they are intercepted from an unexpected direction.
 "Burn up the enemies of God... Holy Burst!"
 A massive flame comes flying from the side and lands on the monster. Instantly, the monster's entire body is enveloped in golden flames.
 "The monster is weak against light-attribute attacks! Now is the time to attack it!"
 A woman's voice suddenly appeared.
 When Urza and Levienna turn around, a red-haired woman in a white robe is standing there. She holds a wooden staff in her right hand, pointing at the monster's tip.
 "Grrr!? Who are you, desu~no!?"
 Urza yelled with her fangs bared when she was interrupted in the fight.
 Having activated her 'Oni-ka', Urza is the embodiment of a fighting spirit. Her ability to reason and think has been severely reduced to gain a great fighting ability.
 If she is not careful, she may turn toward the woman who helped her.
 "U-Urza-san! Let's focus on the enemy now. We'll worry about her later!"
 "Grrrrrr... I'm following Levienna-san's lead, desu~no!"
 At the sound of Levienna's voice, Urza somehow manages to control her anger and resumes fighting the monster.
 The golden flame weakened the monster. Probably, the flame was the combination of light and fire magic.
 Apparently, as the red-haired woman said, light magic was its weak point.
 "Attack now, desu~no!"
 "Haaaa! This is surely the end!"
 Levienna and Urza simultaneously attacked the monster, which was now on fire and writhing in agony. The sword and kanabō hit the monster's torso cleanly.
 'Gaa... gaah...'
 The monster grunts weakly and is engulfed in flames, turning into charred black debris.
 The battle is over. Although it was a hard-fought battle... it seems to have somehow managed to win.
 "Umm... we are saved. Thank you for your help."
 Levienna turns to the red-haired magician and thanks her with a bow.
 "...I didn't need any help, desu~no. Urza only would have won."
 Urza, on the other hand, pursed her lips as if sulking.
 She was unhappy because she had been trying to fight with all her might and had been interrupted.
 "It doesn't matter. That's the enemy we're fighting. They're the servants of the evil king and his guru. But you two, it was a great fight! You must be powerful to fight the 'ghouls' with only physical attacks!"
 The red-haired magician brushes off her robe with her hand and offers her right hand to them.
 "My name is Kanara. I am a member of the Resistance fighting against the evil powers who are destroying this kingdom! You were attacked by the minions of the Fool King, so it seems that you are one of us! I look forward to working with you, my comrades!"
 "H-Huh? The Resistance...?"
 Levienna's eyes go black and white in confusion as she is asked to shake hands with someone she has never met before.
 However... she has encountered someone who knows the king and the guru well. So, Levienna shakes the offered hand, although she is not sure what she should do.
 Canara of the Resistance.
 Unknown to Levienna and Urza... she was a sub-character in the game and a character in an additional scenario, 'Jade Tombstone'.
 Their encounter with her was unexpected... but it would later influence the battle for the kingdom's future.
 It would be only a short time before Urza and Levienna would learn of it.
~Extra Urza's and Levienna's Adventures End~

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