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Chapter 172 The Death of Princess Priestess

 "...After all, this is what happens..."
 In the middle of the desert, there is an altar surrounded by big rocks.
 Ryuna Maafern, the princess and Priestess, looks up at the sky with her hands and feet bound and sighs softly.
 Above her head, the sun is slowly fading. It seems as if it is being eaten away by a monster.
 The darkness gradually closes in around her. Then, as the darkness closes in, Ryuna sees countless corpses. All of them were children, all of them still young.
 A stone altar in the middle of the desert. The corpses of children were scattered around it as if they were offerings.
 "Hahahaha! It seems the sun is fading. It's time for the ceremony!"
 An old man with a bald head appeared before Ryuna.
 His wrinkles all over his face indicate that he is of a certain age.
 However, he is tall and fearless. His thick muscles pushed up the white vestments he wore.
 And this old man with a wrinkled face colored with joy. Ryuna knew the man's name.
 Guru Rudanaga.
 He was the monstrous monk who appeared suddenly in the kingdom several years ago and captivated the king's heart with his strange arts.
 "I wondered what would happen when the Priestess ran away... but the sacrificial lamb is back in my hands! You should be honored, little one. You will be sacrificed to the Lord, the true rulers of this land. Let your sacrifice be the foundation for the revival of the old world!"
 Rudanaga grabbed Ryuna's arm and forced her to stand. He tramples on the children’s corpses and takes her to an altar built in the center of the desert.
 As Ryuna was placed in the center of the altar, the smell of rusty iron came from all directions. It was the smell of blood from the children who had been sacrificed earlier.
 And just as the sun was about to completely close in, something strange happened.
 A wail escaped from the mouths of the children who were supposed to be dead.
 It was like resentment. Like sorrow. It was like the voice of death from hell echoing from the depths of the earth.
 And something pale and white came out of the mouths that were opened to the limit. From the mouths of dozens of children, a strange orbs gathered on top of Ryuna, who was lying on the altar.
 "Ah, ahh..."
 Ryuna's face tightened, and her mouth started to speak naturally in fear.
 The sun completely closes in the sky, and darkness envelopes the surroundings. At the same time... something happened.
 A strange sound that could never have been made by human vocal cords echoed.
 It sounds like a yell of a beast or an infant crying out for its mother.
 Then, a pitch-black hole opens in the empty space.
 Emerging from the hole is the head of a giant snake.
 It is a gigantic agit that could swallow a small human being in one gulp. Its body is covered with white scales, and its eyes are red like fresh blood.
 On its forehead is a woman's upper body contorted in anguish. The naked woman with a sorrowful expression on her face was as dry as a dead tree without a drop of water on her face.
 Her mouth was moving and speaking... but Ryuna could not hear her inaudible voice.
 "Oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...! You've returned! My Lord! The great god Illyanka Noburunaga!"
 Rudanaga kneels down in the desert to celebrate the Lord's return.
 Tears of joy streamed down his wrinkled face and fell to the dry earth.
 "Thousands of years have passed since that goddess kept you away from me. I have been waiting for your return! My Lord, I have prepared a new sacrifice. Please eat this Priestess' body and resurrect yourselves here on earth!"
 Hearing these words, Ryuna finally understands her situation.
 (I see...I am going to be sacrificed. For this huge snake... For the resurrection of the evil god)
 And at the same time, she is convinced.
 If the god in front of her is resurrected, everything will be over.
 The people that Ryuna loved. The nation that Ryuna loved. Everything in this world will be turned upside down.
 This world will be hell. Like the apocalypse, doom is imminent.
 The mouth of the evil god is opened to its limit. Inside the ripped mouth is not a tongue but countless human hands.
 The humans who have been eaten and killed by this evil god are reaching out to Ryuna, seeking new friends. They were trying to drag her, who was lying on the altar and unable to move.
 Ryuna, cowering in fear, was faced with a choice.
 There is a way to escape without becoming a sacrifice to the evil god. She had prepared for this day in secret.
 All it takes is a little determination. A little courage.
 "Sister... Father..."
 Ryuna thought of the faces of her beloved family. She could not let them become victims of the evil god.
 For a few seconds, she was hesitant. But to protect her loved ones... Ryuna bit her teeth as hard as she could.
 There is the sound of something shattering.
 The poison in her back teeth spreads into her mouth.
 The specially formulated, fast-acting poison instantly drained her life, and black blood gushed out from the back of her throat.
 "Hey... you!"
 Rudanaga shouts angrily.
 Then, somewhat disappointed, the evil god moves away from Ryuna.
 The giant snake can only eat live prey. A poisoned sacrifice is out of the question.
 Ryuna dared to commit suicide by drinking poison, thus avoiding the future sacrifice to the resurrection of the evil god.
 With the sacrifice's loss, the evil god's body disappears.
 Above her head, the sun is gradually appearing, and the sun's total eclipse is about to end. And even if Rudanaga heals and revives Ryuna now, it will be late before the eclipse is over.
 After thousands of years, the time for the resurrection of the evil god has come. But it was interrupted by the determination of a girl.
 Rudanaga's exclamation can be heard in Ryuna's fading consciousness.
 A feeling of "Suck it up!" comes over her... but she doesn't care about that anymore. It doesn't matter anymore.
 (Sister... Father... Please live well, all of you...)
 Ryuna passes away with a satisfied smile, wishing happiness to her beloved family.

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