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Chapter 7 The Easternmost Margrave Territory

 As the town is close by, it is time to go down to the ground. This time it is evening instead of night. As was the case in the previous village, I must be careful not to be seen. Or else Kabirumba will be angry again. Oh, I'm scared.
 "Could you please stop talking about me like I'm the king of fear?"
 "Oops, did I say that out loud? I hope you won't get yourself into trouble again."
 "I'll return those words exactly the same way. It's Leo-sama who's bringing trouble, isn't it?"
 "No, it's Kabirumba."
 As we arrive at the gate, we blame each other for our past sins. As might be expected of a major town, the gate was surrounded by a wall made of piled up stones. Judging from the many damaged parts, it seems to have existed for quite a long time. Of course, an entry fee was required to enter the town.
 "Kabirumba, let's go to the alchemy guild for identification as soon as possible."
 "I would like to say so, but I think we should look for a place to stay first. As long as you don't leave the town, you won't be charged any additional money. But if you don't have a place to stay..."
 "That's true. Then, let's do that. Find me the best inn."
 However, Kabirumba smiled at me with a look that said, "What is this guy talking about?"
 "I'm afraid that's not enough money."
 "Is it that expensive!?"
 "It's the major town, you know. So, surely, there are also luxury inns."
 "Then, please find me Kabirumba's favorite inn."
 "I'm at your service."
 Kabirumba smiles. It seems that Kabirumba likes to be depended on. A good subordinate must be used well. This is an ironclad rule for those who are higher in rank. Now, I followed Kabirumba's directions and made my way through the town.
 "It's so lively. As expected from a margrave town in the far east, it was more deserted than this. To be honest, I thought it would be more deserted."
 "There's still a lot of undeveloped land beyond this point, you know. People gather here in search of rare monsters and materials. The development village seems to have failed."
 "It's a pity."
 It seemed that the monsters had already disappeared in that area. And in the gaps that have been created, the black bears have been able to squeeze into the habitat. As the village's neighbors became a family of black bears, the villagers were forced to leave earlier than planned.
 Monsters are dying, huh? It seems that the blessings of the Creator have run out. From now on, people should be independent from the Creator and walk on their own feet, right? But if the monster's materials are completely gone, I will not be able to make decent items too, and that would be a problem.
 "What's the matter, Leo-sama? You look so serious."
 "Well, I'm thinking seriously. I was wondering if maybe the monsters are gone..."
 "...It's because Leo-sama is making strange flags."
 "Wait, wait!"
 This is a matter of regret. The reason why the monsters around the village began to wither is because they started to disappear before their resurrection. Then it is not my fault.
 Still, Kabirumba gave me a dismissive "Yes, yes," as I tried to make this point. Ugh. Just you wait and see. I'll prove it wasn't my fault.
 "Here it is. Runrun Inn."
 "Looks like a fun place to stay."
 The inn looks like a well-established inn, and the staff is very calm. There were other guests besides ourselves, and the inn did not seem to be deserted. The room rate seemed reasonable, and there were people dressed in merchant's clothes who seemed to have money.
 I was shown to a room with two beds, a table and a chair. There was a window with a desk and a cabinet near it. The wooden and stone inn seemed to have a certain durability.
 "Kabirumba, this place is quite nice."
 "Thank you very much. There's also a bath, though you have to pay for it."
 "You've done everything you can. Now that we have a safe place to stay, let's go to the alchemy guild."
 "But it looks like it's almost closing time..."
 The sun was setting outside the window. Is it that time already? No choice. I'll register with the alchemy guild tomorrow. Then I have other things to do.
 "Well then, let's go sell the healing potion. And while I'm at it, let's look for materials for the magic bag. Anyway, I won't make another one until I run out of the potions I have."
 "Understood. I'll take you to a store that sells alchemical items first."
 "I'm counting on you."
 I tell the innkeeper that I am going out, and go outside. When I got to the main street, I saw many people coming and going. Looking to the right and to the left, I see peace. I look at the scene vaguely, and continue to look ahead.
 Was what I did a hundred years ago a mistake? Maybe it was a mistake. I only wanted a world where demons can live in peace. However, my friend said that humans and demons could not understand each other. But it seems that's not true.
 "You can sell alchemical items here. In any case, they also sell alchemical materials... Hmm, is something wrong?"
 "No, it's nothing. Kabirumba, how much do you want to sell them for?"
 "You can pay the same price as last time. Sell the antidote potion at the same time. There's a lot of demand for them here."
 In the previous town, I could not sell the antidote potion because they said they still had some in stock. However, it seems I can sell them here. Is it because there are many people in this town that it is used more often?
 "There is an adventurers' guild in this town. So, a good number of adventurers gather here. That means they need a lot of potions. Among them, of course, are antidote potions."
 "I see."
 Kabirumba explained to me, perhaps because he could see the doubt on my face. So there is an adventurers' guild. I'd like to visit one.

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