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Chapter 8 Attractive Proposal

 All the potions I brought to the market were sold at a high price. My healing potion++ sold for five times higher than the price I sold it for in the village. And the antidote potion++ also sold for a high price.
 "Are you sure? I'm not getting ripped off, am I? I don't want to be taken by the guards."
 "Don't worry. That was a legitimate store. If it had been some shady store in a back alley, it might have been a problem."
 Unexpectedly, I got a large sum of money. And once returned to the inn, I could make as many potions as I sold. I didn't realize how easy it was to make money. What a great job, alchemist!
 And once my pockets are warm, there's only one thing to do.
 "Kabirumba, let's go buy materials for the magic bag. Tell me where."
 "Okay. There is a store one street over from the main street that specializes in alchemy materials."
 Kabirumba's guide led me to a store that looked very suspicious. Yes, this is the kind of shop that should not be located on the main street. I mean, why are there candlesticks in front of the store? And more than one. Is it safe?
 But Kabirumba recommends this place. It can't be wrong. I believe in you, okay?
 Now, as I push open the old wooden door, I hear the eerie sound of a rattling bell. What is this, a haunted house? Upon closer inspection, the door was made of trent wood. What a bold use of wood! After all, it's expensive.
 I hear a voice and an old woman who looks like a witch appears from the back of the store. But she is not a witch, just an old woman. When she glances at me, she seems to lose interest immediately.
 Inside the store, there were as many creepy things as outside. Mandragora, mad tree frog, fairy powder, kraken skin, and seven-colored lizard skin. Some of these materials are quite rare.
 "Hmmm, I don't think I can find a 'Goblin King's crown'. I wish there was."
 "That's too bad. What about the material for the magic bag?"
 Wraith rags, king slime core, magic silver thread and jelly beans. Yeah. There's some stuff. But there's a problem.
 "Everything I need is here. But buying them all is going to leave me with very little money."
 "Think of it as an investment in advance and be patient. Don't get too tight with your purse strings just because you have a lot of money."
 "That's true."
 As I bring the materials to the counter, the old woman glances up at me. Her eyes glinted like those of an animal that is hunting its prey. Well, if she comes at me, I'll hit her with my fist without hesitation. Let's make her blind.
 "Are you planning to make a magic bag?"
 "That's right?"
 "I didn't think an alchemist who can make a magic bag would be wandering around here. Maybe..."
 "What's wrong?"
 Her last words were mumbled in a mumbling voice. She was a kind of creepy old woman, or rather, an old witch. I asked her again, but she was shaking her head from side to side. It seems to be nothing.
 "How about you, are you going to sell your finished magic bag here? I'll give you a discount on the price."
 She points at the materials on the counter and says, "Heeheeheehee" like a witch making a potion.
 Well, it seems that not many alchemists can make magic bags. If so, it must be sold at a high price. However, I see that there is only enough material for one bag. So, if I give it away, I will not be able to get it for a while.
 "The price will be lower, that's an attractive offer. But I refuse. I need the magic bag for the rest of my trip."
 "Oh, I see. That's too bad."
 Unexpectedly, she gives up easily. I expected her to haggle over the price, but she did not. Anyway, I gave her the money as the price was shown on the label and received the material. The quality of the material is fair, but I cannot afford to be extravagant. In any case, it is just a stopgap until I get the void bag. After that, I can sell it.
 "I'm surprised you refused. I thought you were blinded by short-term profit and would have accepted the offer."
 Kabirumba said in a louder voice as we left the store, seeming a little surprised.
 "Hmph, I'm not such an easy man to deal with!"
 But my pockets suddenly got cold. My plan to enjoy a fine meal has been cancelled. I wonder where I can get a cheap meal. Let's ask Kabirumba. Just when I was thinking that, I found a place along the main street.
 It is the Adventurers' Guild, a place where all the dreams and ramblings of human beings gather. I had heard rumors of it, but I never thought I would actually see it. All I can do is to be thankful. Speaking of the Adventurers' Guild, it is a place where a cheap bar is built alongside the guild, as usual.
 "Kabirumba, let's have dinner there."
 "Adventurers' guild? Hmm, but, you don't have to register as an adventurer or get into trouble, okay?"
 Kabirumba looked at me with half-lidded eyes as if not trusting me. How disappointing it is that trust has fallen to such a low level. I should regain my credibility at least once around here.
 "All right, all right, I won't do it."
 "Still, I have a very bad feeling about this... but that's OK."
 Despite all that, Kabirumba did not stop me from going. If this was a bad idea, this guy would have said so. Is there something wrong? Maybe Kabirumba wanted to go, too? If so, why didn't this guy say so? What a tsundere.
 Now, I push open the swinging door and enter the Adventurers' Guild. The guild is quite lively, as many parties have already returned to the guild.
 This is the daily life of an adventurer. They seem to be living a free and easy life. They were drinking here and there, as if they were not thinking about tomorrow's money.
 In such a situation, I go to the counter of the bar. This seat is better for me since I am alone. Soon, the old man of the bar comes over to me. He wears an eye patch over his right eye and has a very strong face. His face is very strong and his body is huge. He probably used to be an adventurer.
 "Welcome. I haven't seen you before."
 "Yes, I just came to town. I'm surprised at how lively the guild is."
 I turned around and looked behind, which was getting noisy. Everyone looks happy.
 "I see. You look like you're from the countryside. You don't look like an adventurer either..."
 "That's right. I'm an alchemist. I just wanted to see what the Adventurers' Guild in the major town is like."
 "Hahaha! Some people are curious... Well, take your time. If you need anything at all, you call me at once."
 "I'm counting on you. Can you make a recommendation?"
 The old man immediately brought me a glass of ale. It was very cold and very tasty. I can see why people would want to make a toast.

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