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Chapter 9 I did This

 Among the items brought to the table were what appeared to be an assortment of grilled skewers. All of them were of different kinds, and it was fun just to look at them.
 When I bit into a square piece of meat that I couldn't quite figure out what it was, its juices started to melt in my mouth. The taste was strong, full of wildness. The kind of taste that hot-blooded youths would like. Not bad. And it goes well with ale. Whoever invented this food... I commend him.
 "I wish I could eat with Kabirumba, but you're a picky eater, aren't you?"
 "Yes. Furthermore, I don't need to eat. Worst case scenario, all I need is light."
 "I wish I had that ability so I wouldn't have to work."
 "You're lucky the light doesn't turn you to ash."
 That's true. It's a little inconvenient to be able to move only at night, like the vampires. Just as I was thinking that Kabirumba was right, adventurers came rushing in with a bang.
 The adventurers headed straight for the guild counter.
 "Call the guildmaster! It's an emergency."
 "W-What's so urgent!? Anyway, I'll get him right away."
 The receptionist leaves in a hurry. The adventurers around start to make a fuss. I looked at Kabirumba's face. Could this guy possibly put its hand on its jaw? If so, that is Kabirumba's chin...
 "What's the matter, Kabirumba? Do you have any idea what's going on?"
 "Yes, one thing."
 Kabirumba is indeed the one. Apparently, this guy knew when an adventurer came running into the guild and called the guildmaster. Although I expected it, the information-gathering ability of the mycelial network is amazing. However, I have no idea about what happen.
 Was there anything that made the adventurers panic?
 "Old man, do you know what this is about?"
 "No. But I know those adventurers. They're C-rank adventurers. They're good in their own way. I think they're the ones the guildmaster's expecting."
 Expected adventurers. From the way they're panicking now, I think they're still a bit unsettled. Unless they are prepared for anything to happen like I am, they won't be able to stand on the top.
 "What's the matter!? No way, they're coming this way, are they?"
 At that moment, the old man's face stiffened. He seemed to have guessed what had happened. Hmmm, hmmm? Am I the only one who doesn't understand? It's hard. Let's just put on an understanding face.
 "That's why we came back as soon as we couldn't figure it out. Anyway, look at this thing."
 As the boy from the C-rank party said this, his friend, a tall young man standing behind him, pulled out a sword from a big bag. It was a goblin sword.
 ...Hmm? I think I've seen something like it just recently. When I glanced at Kabirumba, this guy looked away from the goblin sword. Kabirumba seems to be pretending not to see it. I followed suit and concentrated on the skewer in front of me.
 "This is... a goblin sword! Then there was a goblin general?"
 At the guildmaster's words, the guild suddenly became noisy. Meanwhile, Kabirumba and I are quiet.
 "So there is a goblin village near the city. This is not good..."
 The old man murmured. Oh, that goblin village is gone now that I've magically destroyed it. It is safe now.
 However, the conversation went on without hearing my voice. Moreover, it went in a bad direction.
 "But, you know, there was nothing there."
 "Nothing was there? Hey, tell me the details."
 "Well, where should I start... Okay, we were searching through the forest as we were requested, when suddenly we heard a loud noise."
 The boy started to describe what happened with his body language and hand gestures. It seems that he had heard the sound when I activated the drill lance? What the hell. Who said, "No one comes this close". Hey, Kabirumba?
 "However, it got quiet right away. Then we got suspicious and headed in the direction of the noise..."
 The boy stammered, perhaps remembering what he had seen at that moment. Was it such a shocking sight? Next time I'll be careful when I use the drill lance.
 "There really was nothing there. Although there were a number of shabby huts that I guessed were made by goblins, there was not a single goblin..."
 Said the cute girl standing next to the adventurer boy. Then the long-haired woman with the staff behind her stepped forward.
 "Instead, there were countless stone spear-like objects sticking out of the ground where the goblin village was supposed to have been. All of them had spiral grooves on them, like blades."
 "Is that... magic? I've never heard of such magic. Did you bring it back with you?"
 The guildmaster is puzzled. Judging from its shape, it is most likely the remnant of the drill lance I used. Earth magic is troublesome because it remains in its original form. Probably I should have used an ice drill. No, it still takes a long time to melt. Maybe it won't melt for a week or so. Either way, it has been found.
 "It was so hard that it wouldn't break"
 Said the tall man, who was carrying the big bag. On his back was a large shield, and at his waist was a fine mace. He probably hit my drill lance with it. I'm not proud of it, but that drill lance is known for its hardness.
 "That's impossible."
 "It's true. That's why I hurriedly brought back only this goblin sword."
 The guildmaster starts thinking with his hand on his chin.
 I think I should leave here. I just remembered something I have to do quickly.
 "Are there any traces of the goblins that have been killed?"
 "There were countless traces of them. We didn't count them, though."
 "Okay, then, let's get ready right away..."
 The guildmaster and others adventurers began to make plans. According to what I overheard, they have decided to go to the site, though it is dangerous. This is getting more and more urgent.
 "Thanks for dinner, Old man. How much?"
 "Ah, uh, two small silver coins."
 "I'll leave them here."
 "Thank you. Just to be safe, don't talk about that outside."
 The old man gave me a shove. But I'm not afraid. It would have been scarier if Kabirumba had said, "Hisss!" like a snake.
 "I know. I don't want the Adventurers' Guild to give me a hard time."
 With these words, I left the guild and hurried to the gate I had entered today.

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