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Chapter 22 I don't Hold a Grudge so Much

 I heard from Shizuko.
 That I'm weak...
 That I don't have much grudge against Zect and the others.
 Surely, I'm pissed that they kicked me out of the party, but it was almost like a 'freedom' for me.
 Like a heavy burden has been lifted from my shoulders.
 That's all I can think.
 You know, it was hard on my body when I was with them, and I was upset.
 But that's about it... I don't think about revenge.
 Because there are no labor laws in this world...
 If someone wants to be a merchant in this world, it's hard.
 If someone wants to be a craftsman, the apprenticeships are hard and poorly paid.
 If someone wants to be a cook, he will have to learn to work while being yelled at.
 It's that kind of world, so that was not such a big deal.
 In the first place, I don't like Maria, Lida, or Mel as the opposite sex.
 But can I have them?
 If someone asked that question... I'm sure I can't.
 My love for them is not that of a lover or a couple, but more like friendship or family.
 I mean, my position is that I only babysat for them because they asked me to, and I quit when the kids I babysat for told me they didn't need me anymore.
 That's all.
 It might seem pitiful, but that's how I feel inside.
 "Shizuko-san, I appreciate your feelings very much, but I don't have to go that far."
 "Ceres-kun, aren't you upset?"
 "Sure, I'm a little upset, but not until I get back at you."
 "Ceres-kun is too kind, but what Zect did is not good. Think about it."
 However, the more I think about it, the less I care.
 I mean, it's not all bad. After all, since I'm a member of the hero party, I've got the right to be allowed to have multiple marriages.
 "I've thought it over, and I don't have too much, or hardly any, hard feelings."
 "Ceres, don't hesitate."
 "Ceres-san, is it okay?"
 "Ceres-chan... are you sure you don't mind?"
 "Because, you know, don't you notice? My taste of women is like Shizuko-san, Nee-san, Misaki-san, and Sayo-san who are patient, kind, and beautiful... and none of them are in that party."
 """"Ceres (kun) (san) (chan)""""
 "I mean, I just kicked out of the party, that's all... I already got paid for that too... Besides, suppose I hadn't been in Zect's party. In that case, I couldn't obtain the 'multiple marriage' right, and now I'm here everyone, not just Shizuko-san."
 """"Ceres (kun) (san) (chan)""""
 "Although I've had some bad times, it's made me happy... isn't that good enough?"
 This should be good, right?
 "Ceres-kun is too kind, but even if you say so... it's important to scold a bad boy or girl."
 "Ceres, even if Ceres forgives Lida, I can't forgive her."
 Why are they saying that...
 "Ceres-san, what Mel did was the worst thing I've ever seen... and as a mother, I'll never forgive her."
 "Ceres-chan, I would never forgive Maria too."
 Really... even if I forgive Zect and the other, the four mothers will never forgive them, huh?
 I don't have a choice...
 "If you insist, let's punish them but let me think about it."
 I thought that if I didn't get involved, that would be enough... but they won't let me do that.
 I'll have to think of a better way...
 In the end, I asked the matter to be put on hold, and we decided to settle Misaki's and Sayo's problems first.

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