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Chapter 23 Kaito

 "Ceres, you're here."
 I'm now at Kaito's (Sayo's husband) place.
 And I have to ask him to give me Sayo.
 Unlike Kazuma, Kaito is a stern, muscular father.
 It would be hilarious if I wasn't nervous.
 "What are you doing! Sit the f*ck down! You idiot."
 I did as he said.
 But it's strange.
 I thought I wasn't welcome... until I saw the feast in front of me.
 "First, let's get some booze! And now you can drink, right!"
 "Yes, a little."
 "Okay, I'll pour it for you then. Come on!"
 "Thank you very much!"
 He even offered me a drink.
 Of course, I poured him a drink in return.
 Kaito is older than Sayo, roughly in his mid-30s.
 This is indicated by the fact that he calls himself 'Washi (儂)[1]'.
 He used to have hands like logs, but I think his hands have gotten thinner.
 "Heh... You've grown from a boy to a man with a man's face."
 "Thanks to you, I've made it this far."
 Even though I lost my parents, the village did not take my house away from me. Instead, they shared their food with me and gave me the things I needed to make a living.
 This village is kind to the weak.
 Although there is envy towards the successful, as is often the case in villages... I don't think there is a village in the world that is so kind to the weak.
 Perhaps if I had been born in the next village, I would have been sold into slavery or become an orphan.
 "No need to thank you, I only taught you how to work in the fields and care for the livestock."
 "That's not true... it's because Kaito-san and the others told an adventurer to stop by our village and teach this boy something."
 "Really? Could that have happened? I've already forgotten."
 "Not only that... Kaito-san gave me an old pottery wheel... and some furniture..."
 "What are you talking about? A brat is in trouble. The villagers will help. That's obvious."
 "Still, I'm grateful..."
 "Hey, you're really getting me into trouble. You're the only brat I've ever met who'd miss this harsh old man."
 "I don't think you're harsh at all... you even made me a bamboo dragonfly (bamboo-copter) and stilts... you were just like a father to me."
 "Even my daughter doesn't like this old man... but you still miss me so much, I can't help it..."
 The truth is I didn't really miss him.
 I was an orphan, and that's how I had to live.
 Fortunately, I had some memories of a previous life. However, they're a bit fragmented, which is why I lived in a deceptive way.
 Compared to my boss in my former life, my stubborn father was a cute guy.
 My heart ached.
 "For me, the villagers are my father and mother."
 "You've always been like that... and I already know why you came. It must be Sayo, right?"
 At least be prepared to get punched in the face.
 "What? Why are you not looking me in the eyes...? You want Sayo, so I'll give her to you... but seriously... you just want secondhand goods."
 Well, it's true that I don't remember ever buying anything new.
 But this is different.
 "Even though you say that..."
 "Anyway... Sayo has no good memories of me. When we were first married, my old man was still kicking, and even though he was dying, he used to yell at me, 'Why do you have a daughter, why don't you have a fine heir...'. Sayo must have had a hard time because she couldn't have a boy. Even after my father died, I treated her in a certain way. But it was too late... we couldn't mature into a man and a woman... it was inevitable... Besides, my old man and I often called her bitter and stinking. It's no wonder we can't build a relationship again."
 "Indeed, even to me as a kid, Sayo-san looked bitter."
 But Kaito was just a bad-mouthed man, and I didn't see him being violent.
 He just didn't know what to do... that's all.
 "Haah... nothing I can do about it now... But you've been chasing Sayo since you were a kid, right...? You can have her."
 "I'm sorry..."
 I apologize, and when I try to take the money out...
 "I don't need it. I have enough money from Mel... and no need to apologize. Still, I really wanted to give you Mel, in the beginning, but I can't anymore... so I'm giving you a wife instead of a daughter. Well, good luck with the rest... Sayo, you can come in now."
 She opened the door and came in.
 "Dear, I'm sorry..."
 "Sayo, why are you apologizing? I failed to protect you from my father, and I blamed you together... and I'm the one who should be apologizing."
 "So what are you going to do now, Kaito-san?"
 "Me? Now that I don't have this bitter old hag anymore, I'm going to buy a young slave maid with lots of money, hahaha."
 "Dear... may I have a word with you?"
 Sayo's face turned black, and I felt the temperature drop.
 "Sayo... you belong to Ceres now, you're not my wife... so you can't complain."
 "Heheheh... that's true, but allow me to say one last thing."
 "What is it?"
 "I hate you..."
 "I don't like old hag either."
 Obviously, there's a discrepancy.
 Maybe he's trying to make me and Sayo feel better by saying that. And the real meaning is...
 'Make her happy.'
 With that thought in mind, I left Kaito's house.
 "That sour look on your face is annoying, so, Ceres, you can have Sayo now... and get out of here. She's making me sick."
 "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you... I really hate you..."
 Wait, she's really acting, isn't she?

[1] Washi : This is yet a further shortening of the word watashi. It is reserved for use by old men or men who for some reason have acquired a very slurred speech style. Perhaps they dropped the ta to keep themselves from spitting on people when they talked.

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