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Chapter 21.5 IF Love My Beloved [Dedicated to Those who don't Like Harem]

This is an IF short story about Ceres only marrying Shizuko and an alternate version of Chapter 9. So you can re-read it from chapter 8 if you want.

 "Good morning."

 "Yes, good morning~."

 But it's not morning anymore.

 It's almost time to go to bed again.

 Maybe we have a strong connection, but we've been talking for almost 24 hours.

 I feel a little shy when I see Shizuko looking at me on the cozy bed, and I'm finally aware of the happiness that what we've been sharing is real.

 She must be tired too.

 "Shizuko-san, you can stay in bed. I'll make some tea."

 "Shouldn't we tidy up the bed first and freshen up? You're a bit warm and, well... damp too."

 I was indeed warm, but it felt oddly nice.

 "Hmm, but I can smell Shizuko-san's, so I'll stay like this for a little while longer

 "Geez! Don't say such embarrassing things. We're going to take a shower now!"

 With that, Shizuko takes my hand and pulls me into the bathroom.

 "I'm a little lonely."

 I let out a sigh.

 "If you like my smell so much, we'll do it later, so, don't look so lonely."

 Shizuko's shyness was so cute that I soon felt energized again, and we ended doing it again while taking a shower.

 "It's still so much... no, I mean Ceres-kun, aren't you so great...?"

 Well, I feel like my mind is being dragged by my still-not-old body.

 After all, I thought I could act slightly more calmly, but my body reacted to Shizuko.

 Thinking about it calmly, I was a v**gin until a while ago with a teenage body in its prime.

 And the woman in front of me is 'my first love and ideal woman,' so it's not surprising that I can't calm down so easily.

 Still, have I ever been this much of a man with a massive desire?

 In my past life, no.

 Maybe we're compatible... that's all I can think.

 Besides, Shizuko accepts everything about me, which makes it even more difficult for me to relax.

 In the end, we left the bathroom more than two hours later.

 "I'm sorry about that."

 "I'm glad you want me as a woman, but I'm exhausted, let's just cool down."

 "I agree."

 With that, Shizuko started to clean the bathroom and the bed.

 Meanwhile, I started to cook the meal as originally planned.

 I can make omelet rice and soup from the ingredients available...

 It's easy to make and quick to eat, so let's go with that.

 I fry rice with ham and onion in homemade ketchup.

 Break up the egg with chopsticks and cover the rice with the egg like a quilt... Then, write "Shizuko" and draw a heart around it... and voila!

 Love omelet rice is ready!

 "Shizuko-san, the meal is ready!"

 "You're as skillful as ever, ah, you made omelet rice, it brings back memories, but Ceres-kun, you're so good at making such a fancy dish, I can't do it, and even more, there's a heart mark on it! Heheheh, I'm so happy."

 I can't cheat on knowledge, but ketchup and mayonnaise are unavailable unless I go to a big town.

 And they are not so difficult to make, but they are sold as high-class condiments along with sauces and soy sauces.

 Perhaps they are expensive because they are lumped together with otherworldly condiments.

 Still, although I don't know how to make soy sauce or sauce, I can reproduce ketchup and mayonnaise.

 "Let's eat it before it gets cold... Itadakimasu!"


 I stared at Shizuko-san, who was eating happily, with my hand on my cheek.

 Housewives often say that cooking is "not worthwhile" or "not worth making," but now that I've come to this world, I've come to understand it better.

 Making food for Shizuko-san is completely different from making food for Zect and Maria, who don't even appreciate it.

 If it was for Shizuko-san, who enjoys it so much, I would want to make it again, but with those people, I had a strong feeling of 'It's just because I have to.'

 It's totally different.

 And I wouldn't want to do anything extra for them.

 "Come on, stop looking at me like that. Aren't you going to eat?"

 "No, I was just admiring you."

 "Heheheh, really, don't say that again! So what are you going to do now? If you want to do something, I'll help and support you."

 What do I want to do?

 Maybe there isn't anymore.

 I'm an S-rank adventurer, and although I can't reach Zect, I'm one of the top 30 adventurers in the world.

 It's enough for me to take Shizuko-san as my wife and live a carefree life. Still…

 "I'm so happy right now, but there's something else I want to do."

 "What's that? Is it something I can help you with?"

 "Rather, it's something only Shizuko-san can help you with!"

 "What is it?"

 "That's a secret, but... can you go out with me now?"

 "Where are we going?"

 "That's a secret too."

 After that, I walked through the town, taking Shizuko's hand as we walked slowly.

 And not far from here, I found a high-class clothing shop.

 For the note, in this world, most expensive clothes are custom-made, and unless someone is very rich, he or she will not buy them.

 Therefore, ordering and waiting are necessary, but this store had what I called 'hanging goods' like in my previous life.

 "Shizuko-san, shall we come in?"

 "Hey, Ceres-kun... this place... is too much for me."

 "It's okay, it's okay... but, those hangings there, you can wear them, right?"

 "Yes, it's not a problem... but it's expensive..."

 "I'm an S-class adventurer, so it's okay... Furthermore, if it's for Shizuko-san, I'll buy you whatever clothes you want..."

 "Hey, wait, Ceres-kun, these clothes don't suit me..."

 "Don't resist~. I just want to see the beautiful Shizuko-san. You don't have a choice except to wear it."

 Shizuko-san is still cute as ever as I chose the clothes for her.

 "This outfit... I wonder if it would suit me..."

 "Yes... it looks nice on you... I'm sorry, I'll buy this outfit, and can we go to the locker room so you can change?"

 "Yes, of course, dear guest, thank you for your purchase."

 "Ceres-kun, can I talk to you for a second?"

 "Sure... What is it?"

 Shizuko-san smiled a little, and... she got dressed.

 "It's a bit embarassing."

 "Yes, it is... you look lovely."

 "Thank you, Ceres-kun..."

 I held Shizuko's hand and went to the jewelry store.

 "Welcome, Ceres-sama!"

 "How did you know me?"

 "You are a member of the hero party, aren't you?"

 "Well, that makes things easier. I've found someone I like and want to get a matching pair of rings..."

 "Hmm... you two must get along very well. Let's take measurements."

 "C... Ceres-kun, what's this?"

 "I love Shizuko-san so much I want to wear matching rings."

 "Really? I don't mind, but isn't it expensive?"

 "I don't mind, I don't mind."

 "How about this one, Ceres-sama?"

 "Yes, that's it, it's very nice, simple... how much for the two of them?"

 "Two for five gold coins."

 "Okay, I bought it... and can you hurry up with the sizing because I want to put it on my left ring finger."

 "As you wish."

 The craftsman immediately took the measurements of my finger and Shizuko's finger and went to work.

 "Hey, Ceres-kun... why did you buy me clothes and a ring?"

 "That's a secret."

 "That's... Well, I promised I'd go out with you, after all."

 After a while, the ring sizing is finished.

 "Thank you... Shizuko-san, give me your left hand."


 "I love you..."

 I put a ring on Shizuko-san's left ring finger.

 "I'm so happy, but I'm embarrassed."

 "Well... now it's Shizuko-san's turn. Put the ring on my left ring finger."

 "Is this right?"

 "Yes, and then tell me you love me."

 "I'm embarrassed... but should I say it?"


 "Geez... I understand… I love you."

 "Thank you."

 I paid one gold coin plus six gold coins to thank the craftsman for pretending not to notice the embarrassment.

 The rest was...

 "Ceres-kun, why are we in the Adventurers' Guild?"

 This is the last stop.

 "Excuse me, I'd like to get married in the guild. Please give me a form."

 "Ceres-kun... are you... are you going to marry me?"

 "Yes... because this is what I want to do..."

 "Ceres-kun... this is really incredible... it's like a dream... thank you."

 "Here is the form."

 "Okay… And I'll sign it for you, Shizuko-san."


 After I signed, Shizuko signed the form with happy tears.

 "So... we're husband and wife now, Shizuko-san. I'm so happy."

 "I'm happy too, Ceres-kun."

 "Congratulations to you two. You can keep the necklace as a souvenir if you want."

 "No, thank you, we don't need that."

 "Is that so...? Then, why don't you treat everyone to a drink or something? I'm sure everyone will congratulate you."

 Well, if it is that, I can't be stingy.

 "Okay... I'll pay you 20 gold coins and let everyone eat and drink for a few days."

 "Twenty gold coins?"

 "Yes, Twenty gold coins."

 """"""""""Congratulations on your marriage—""""""""""

 """"""""""Be happy—""""""""""

 Everyone congratulated us so loudly that they lost their voice.

 "Ceres-kun... I... I... I'm so happy."

 In this world, unless someone is an aristocrat, they don't wear dresses.

 They also don't exchange rings... But I wanted to do this.

 And that night was more closer than ever... the best night of my life.

 It was our wedding night, after all.

* * *

 In the end, we didn't go back to the village.

 We bought a little house where we could live together... free and easy.

 Nothing would make us happier.

 Happy and safe is the best thing I can do because I have something to protect.

 "Finally, I found you, Ceres."

 "Zect, what's wrong?"

 "Please, we need you on this journey"

 "We're sorry for what we did. Please come back to us," said Maria.

 "I'm so sorry too, please," said Lida.

 "That time... I was wrong... if you don't mind, let's start over," said Mel.

 They look peaky.

 But still...

 "I'm sorry, I can't do it."

 "Oh, if you don't want Mel... would you rather have Maria? Or Lida? I'll give you either one... so please..."

 "Maria, Lida... hey, Zect, are you okay with it?"

 "I don't care if Ceres comes back."

 ""I'm fine with it too,"" said Maria and Lida.

 "Are you stupid? Don't you like Zect? You've got to stick to it."

 "Okay... Ceres, if you don't want one, I'll give you two... so please."

 "You know—"

 Suddenly, Shizuko came from behind.

 "Zect, what are you doing?"

 "M-Mother, what are you doing here?"

 "It's because... I married Ceres... and can you please stop pushing women on my husband?"

 "Mother, please, we need Ceres."

 "Zect... I won't go no matter what you say."

 "Please... oh, if you married my mother, you'd be my father, right? So, please…" said Zect.

 "Ceres, please," said Mel.

 "Please," said Maria.

 "I beg you," said Lida.

 "I can't do it no matter how you tell me... Shizuko, too, has my child in her belly, your sibling... give it up."

 "Zect... You won't ruin your mother's happiness, right...?"

 "No way, my mother's gonna have Ceres' baby... what is this... relationship..."

 "Yes, it's embarrassing to say that your mother, Ceres-kun's wife and woman, does much more than you think... You know, Ceres-kun... he's been very close to me. There's no part of my body that he hasn't seen."

 With these words, Shizuko leaned toward me.

 Maria and the other three are blushing.

 Zect, on the other hand, looks pale.

 He looked at me and the others with tears in his eyes... and suddenly, he started to cry.

 "...Please stop that. I'm not coming again..."

 He said that and ran away crying.

 The three girls also hurriedly left after him.

 And after that day, I don't know what happened to Zect... and I don't think I will ever see him again.


I also release an extended alternate story about Shizuko with a slightly different route in [Link]

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