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Chapter 21 Temporary Identity

 After leaving the commercial guild, I returned to the inn without making any detours. It seems that the information we want is in the Adventurers' Guild or the Alchemists' Guild. In that case, I would have to rely on Kabirumba's information network.
 "The commercial guilds didn't give us the information we wanted, huh?"
 "Well, that's true. They don't seem to do small transactions. Unless you're going to be a merchant, Leo-sama, but you don't intend to be a merchant, do you?"
 "Yes, I don't intend to. Even if they have an excellent information network, I don't think I'll be able to take advantage of it."
 "You're being very frank."
 Kabirumba looks at me with a questioning look. As expected, I have recently learned to distinguish between what I can do and what I can't do. Maybe I'm only good at fighting or making alchemical items.
 "So, Kabirumba, can you use your excellent information network to tell me what materials can be gathered in this area?"
 "Of course. Here is the list. However, since this is the list obtained from the guild, I cannot rule out the possibility that there are other materials in the undeveloped forest."
 "In other words, there are infinite possibilities in the forest. Perhaps, there might be a new material to be found."
 After looking at the list, I put the materials I want into my mind. It seems that I can get the materials for the advanced healing potion, at least. Although it was impossible to get a perfect healing potion.
 Among the list, I found a "Goblin King's crown". The purchase price was higher than I expected. If I were to buy it, I would need to have a lot of money.
 "I'll have to save up for a while. My immediate goal is to make a void bag. With this, it's like carrying a castle around with me."
 "Then you need the 'Goblin King's crown', Leo-sama. Shall you go looking for the Goblin King?"
 "Well, it's not an easy monster to encounter. The condition of its occurrence is 'a large number of goblins', and there is no such place in the area we are searching now."
 Unfortunately, it is unlikely that I could encounter such a monster around here. It would have been possible if I had left that goblin village behind - from the looks of it, but adventurers would have been sent there soon, and they would have been wiped out in the end.
 For the note, these goblins are not strong, but because of their weakness, they attack in numbers, just like humans do. If it were a major town like this place, it's not a problem. But if it were a development village or a small town, it's not likely to be able to hold out. So, it will be the humans who will be wiped out. The same is true even if there are some other races mixed in.
 "For now, I think we should aim to buy it, Leo-sama. Of course, if there's a chance, just go for it."
 "Then, we need to save more money. Selling the advanced healing potion++ would be a great deal..."
 "That would be quite noticeable. So, the only way is to steadily sell alchemical items that are commonly traded."
 "Well, that's true."
 Apparently, it is not possible to make a fortune at a time. So, the only way is to sell alchemical items steadily and painstakingly every day. Although it is quite advantageous to be able to make ++ alchemical items.
 "Well then, let's head for gathering materials, Leo-sama. Even if we find valuable materials, we should hold off for now."
 "But if we never come back to this town again, it would be okay to sell them, right?"
 "Yes, but now is not the time. First of all, you need to get used to human society, Leo-sama. Otherwise you won't be able to survive in the future."
 "Well, it's totally different from the society of the demon tribe. In the demon society, power is everything."
 Kabirumba is right. Strength was the most important thing in the demon tribe society. Otherwise, I would not have become the Demon King. I became the Demon King simply because I was stronger than anyone else.
 As I was leaving the gate as usual, the gatekeeper stopped me. My body stiffened involuntarily. Had he found out my secret?
 "You've been in and out a lot lately, haven't you? If you don't have an ID, you can apply for a long-term stay at the town hall. Though you have to pay some money, but they can make a temporary ID for you on a monthly basis."
 "Really? I didn't know that. Thanks for the valuable information. I'll go there right away. Here's a little something for you."
 "Oh, yeah."
 It seems that the gatekeeper was a good guy. I tipped him in return and headed for the town hall he had told me about.
 "I didn't think there was such a system, Kabirumba. Everything is different from the demon society."
 "That's right. I didn't think there was a legal loophole in the system."
 "Well, humans love money. So, I thought that every time someone came here, they would be charged an admission fee to make money."
 There were many people in the waiting room of the town hall where I was shown around. It seemed that they were taking care of the procedures for residents, opening new businesses, and dealing with problems that had occurred in the town.
 After a while, it was my turn.
 "I would like to have a temporary ID issued."
 "Please tell me the purpose of your stay in the town."
 "Well, sightseeing?"
 "I understand. You will need five silver coins to issue a temporary ID."
 I took out five silver coins from my pocket and handed them to him. It would certainly be much cheaper than going in and out again and again. The entrance fee is five small silver coins. It will pay for itself in ten trips. Next time I arrive at a new town, I will ask for a temporary ID first.
 In this sense, the official identification card, which can be used anywhere, is very convenient. Especially for those who travel around the world, it would be a great need. Maybe some people become adventurers just for this purpose.
 Now, I leave the town hall after receiving a temporary ID card. It was easier than I expected, so I was a little disappointed. Whereas at the alchemy guild, I was almost turned away at the door.
 "Now I am a member of human society, aren't I?"
 "Congratulations, Leo-sama."
 "It may be a small step, but it's a big step for me."
 With my temporary ID hanging from my neck, I walked out of the gate with great enthusiasm.

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