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Chapter 22 Treasure Forest

 The purpose of my visit this time is to obtain alchemical materials that I have not yet obtained. To do so, of course, I will have to go deep into the undeveloped forest.
 "Now, which way should we go, Kabirumba?"
 "Before that, please narrow down your search ability to some extent, Leo-sama. If you keep stalking adventurers every time you find them like you did yesterday, there won't be enough time."
 "How dare you say that! It's not stalking. I was just worried about them, so I was secretly watching them so they wouldn't know I was there."
 "That's what people call stalking."
 This is not the first time Kabirumba has been cold. I know this guy's worried about me, but does that mean this guy doesn't trust me? Even I have a sense of decency. I don't go to help a girl unless she is in trouble, like yesterday.
 Although I have helped an old man before, it was for the convenience of the development village.
 Anyway, first of all, we decided to head in the same direction as yesterday. Kabirumba told me that the survey of "Goblin Village" was over, so there was no problem to go to that area. But I am a cautious man. So, I decided to explore from the same direction as yesterday, just to be safe.
 "First, let's go to the same area as yesterday. There were so many trees growing in clusters. There must be a reason. In such a special environment, there might be some rare materials."
 "That's a good point of view, Kabirumba"
 "Yes, yes."
 After a while, we arrived at the place without any hesitation since we had already checked the location. The place was deserted since most of the area had been harvested yesterday, but that was not a problem since the purpose of this visit was something else.
 "Hmm, it seems that the soil is rich in nutrients, Kabirumba. Did some giant creature die around here? A dragon or something?"
 "It's possible. At least, something definitely lived around here."
 Kabirumba pokes at the soil. Well, Fungus is called "cleaner" because it eats everything. By eating the components of the soil around here, it is easy to tell that something has been living in the area.
 "Well then, let's start looking for materials right away. We will have to find it with our own eyes."
 Kabirumba and I split up and began to survey the area. We found mud mushrooms, poisonous mushrooms, and mandragora. There was also Yomeiso, sleep mint, cordyceps sinensis, and shineleaf.
 "I didn't know there were mandragoras in the forest. This is a nice forest, isn't it, Kabirumba?"
 "Yes, there were some other materials needed to make alchemical items. It seems like a good place to experiment."
 "That's right. Let's try to make some and sell them. It might be a new way to make money."
 This area is worth checking out. It's a good place to collect. There may be more places like this in the undeveloped forest.
 "By the way, there are no monsters here..."
 "They're all afraid of Leo-sama and won't come near you."
 "Well, then I'll try to suppress my power a little. The materials obtained from monsters are also good materials for alchemy."
 As I kept my strength under control, some monsters started to appear. All of them were monsters that could be killed with a single blow, but I learned from the previous experience and fought them with wind magic.
 "It's good to use wind magic, but can't you control it a little more, Leo-sama? If you continue like this, the trees in the forest will run out."
 "Even so, I'm still holding back..."
 While said this, I looked at a bit of open land in front of me. There were many trees lying there. Well, my wind had become a sharp blade, knocking down not only the monsters but also the trees.
 "Should I use a different magic... or is earth magic the least damaging?"
 "You can do it if it leaves no trace, Leo-sama. Oh, wouldn't ice magic melt away in a few hours?"
 "That's it! I'll use ice drill lance from now on."
 "...Hmm, I don't think you should use a drill lance."
 Kabirumba is looking at me with half-open eyes. Is it so? What a coincidence. That's what I was just thinking.
 "Okay, I'll go with Ice Arrow. That'll work, right?"
 "Well, I can only see the tree being full of holes in the future if you use that. Why don't you drop the magic and attack with your bare hands, Leo-sama? Anyway, if you use weapons, the weapons will be broken more easily."
 "Hey, can you stop talking about me like I'm an insolent person? Huff, I don't have a choice. I'll just use my hand."
 After that, with a snap, I hunted for the monster's head with a terrifyingly fast punch. It is true that this way causes less damage. But the scene was very plain.
 "No way, I still want to use magic. I'd like to shoot off with a bang."
 "Please don't do that, Leo-sama. There will be a lot of problems."
 Kabirumba presses me with a smile. Well, to fit in with human society, I must change from a flashy life to a simple one, huh? But it's a way of life.
 "All right, all right. I'll put up with this for a while. When I can't stand it any longer, I'll use magic secretly somewhere deep in the forest."
 "That might be a problem if anyone finds out, though. But it would be much better than doing it around here."
 Kabirumba reluctantly agreed. Now, he's got my word. When my stress gets to be too much, I'll try to relieve it as soon as possible.
 Wat, does Kabirumba ever get stressed out? I guess this guy doesn't have such feelings because he is a fungus. But it seems to have feelings of joy, anger, sorrow, and pleasure. Kabirumba is really mysterious creatures.

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