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Chapter 23 As if Strangling with a Cotton Strand

 The sun began to set after a long day of hunting and gathering monsters. I could have dug a hole with my magic and used it as a temporary base, but I was tempted by "the desire to sleep in a bed" and decided to return to the town. Of course, Kabirumba said to me, "If you want to go back, just say so. I would interrupt you before dark". Really, I'm sorry.
 "There's no suspicious activity around here, is there, Leo-sama?"
 "No, it's okay. Everything's fine. I've had a few reactions from adventurers, though."
 "Just be careful not to get us in trouble."
 "I know."
 But what kind of reckless adventurer would try to tangle with me, a former demon king? I find that a little hard to believe. If there is such a daredevil, I'd like to see him. It would be troublesome to take it easy on them, though.
 Anyway, I did as Kabirumba told me and returned to the town to avoid the adventurers, and I can't cause any trouble now. If I do so, I will be forced to leave the town.
 On the way back, I eat a proper supper before returning to the inn. And I take a bath again today.
 But, the old woman who sits at the table says to me, "You like to bathe, don't you?". Perhaps, taking a bath is not something people do every day. Or maybe people use it as a way to wash their mind when they are tired? It is true that it is not free, and it costs a certain amount of money to take a bath every day. Maybe I should be careful too.
 "Is a bath a luxury item?"
 "What are you talking about all of sudden, Leo-sama? Anyway, I heard that the Adventurers' Guild decided to look for someone who used a drill lance."
 "Why? Why didn't they just leave it alone?"
 I don't think finding me will change anything. Maybe they want me to sell the precious high-ranking goblin material? That's not an option. I have my reasons.
 "Those two adventurers don't seem to be actively offering information, do they?"
 "Well, that's something to look at."
 "They left without telling us their names, so I guess they must have guessed that there was something going on."
 Kabirumba nods his head and says, "Yes, it is something to see". Perhaps the duo is being marked by Kabirumba. For the time being, the status quo seems to be holding.
 "That's good. It saves me the trouble of having to eliminate them."
 "Don't say scary things..."
 "No, it's their memory that's erased..."
 I told Kabirumba firmly that there seemed to be a misunderstanding. I wonder if this guy really understood what I was saying. Maybe this guy just doesn't want to "expose the scandal that has befallen us". That's fine, though.
 "Kabirumba, now we won't be able to go near the Adventurers' Guild for a while, will we?"
 "Yes. I don't know how much information has gotten out, but it's best to stay away."
 This means that the store attached to the Adventurers' Guild will be of no use for a while. I've missed out on selling the materials I got from the hornbunny. Oh well. Maybe there is another store. Let's hope so.
 "So, let's stop hunting monsters for the time being. After all, we can't do anything if we can't sell the materials even if we kill monsters. Are there any other places to sell them, Kabirumba?"
 "There are a few private shops... even further down the back streets..."
 "Hey, isn't that a bad place!?"
 "Yes, they are."
 Kabirumba says this in a casual manner. If I do backroom deals, one day the guards might find me and send me to jail. I can't take that risk. I'm going to be holding on to the material for a while. Good thing I have the magic bag.
 "I guess we'll have to think about moving to another town, huh..."
 "...I guess so. Okay, I'll think of a plan B."
 "I'll leave it to you."
 That's the plan for now. As soon as we get out of the bath, let's start making alchemical items with the materials we gathered today. The only way to make money is to sell alchemical items.
 I make some diet pills and night vision potions. I also made a sleeping potion, but I did not show it to the public. These items can be very dangerous depending on how they are used. If such a sleeping potion++ is sold around here, it might cause a big problem.
 And I guess the diet pills would be sold to women who want to look beautiful. After all, when I walk around the town, I see people of a decent stature. It could be sold to such people. And it is not only women. There are men who have the same kind of body shape, so it may be important for them too.
 A night vision potion is an alchemical item that allows one to see as far at night as in the daytime. I think it will be sold to adventurers. With it, they can hunt safely at night.
 "Well, it might be better not to sell the night vision potion, Leo-sama."
 "Why not?"
 "I think it's mainly used by night people."
 "Night people..."
 Night people, they are assassins and people who live in the dark. It will certainly make it easier to play the nighttime game. Well, I have no intention of cooperating with the evil one in the beginning. So, I'll keep the night vision potion. As a demon, I have night vision and don't need it.
 "The only new thing I can sell is diet pills."
 "I think intermediate healing potions can be sold, too. However, you can't sell them in large quantities."
 "That's true. The intermediate level healing potion I make is more effective than a bad advanced level healing potion."
 The fact that I can make a good quality item is also a consideration. But even if I try to lower the quality, it doesn't work. I am afraid of my talent. But I feel like I'm being strangled by my talent.
 "I don't know if you're good at it or not, Leo-sama..."
 Kabirumba looked at me and sighed. Even if you say so... I am the best alchemist in the world.
 "Really, it's not easy to live among human society..."
 "Perhaps the idea of a former demon king blending in with human society is wrong..."
 "You're saying that now? You're on a boat that's about to be boarded so don't get off until the end."
 "I know, I know."
 Kabirumba looked away. Don't tell me this guy has an impression that I'm a pain in the ass?
 "Kabirumba, is there anything you want to eat?"
 "What's the matter, all of a sudden?"
 He gave me a quizzical look. If only I knew what Kabirumba liked to eat, I would be all over him.

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