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Chapter 24 Beauty Salon

 The next day, I immediately go to the store to sell the alchemical items I made yesterday. First, I sell the healing potion and the intermediate healing potion. Kabirumba tells me that it is better to sell the diet potion to the beauty salon.
 "I would like to sell this."
 "This is healing potion. Is this an intermediate healing potion? Thank goodness intermediate healing potions are hard to find...huh? Intermediate healing potion++!?"
 The store became noisy at the sound of the clerk's voice. The clerk who shouted was embarrassed and apologized to the people around him. Thanks to that, a lot of attention was focused on us. I shouldn't have sold the intermediate level healing potion.
 Kabirumba on my shoulder looks apologetic, but it is not his fault. It is the clerk who shouts at me for an alchemical item like this.
 Still, the clerk immediately quoted me a price for the item. I thought about quitting the sale, but I guess it is too late now that the item has attracted so much attention. Now, I'd better stay away from this store for a while from now on.
 "Excuse me, do you have any other items you'd like to sell?"
 "No, I don't."
 I told the clerk who looked at me as if probing. This might be a good time for me to go to plan "B" in earnest. After all, I've already made my face known in the town for a long time. Really, let's get the hell out of here before involved in something I don't want to get involved in.
 After leaving the store, Kabirumba and I head for the beauty salon. If things are the same as before, this diet pills++ will be a big deal.
 "Should I put on a disguise?"
 "That's one way, Leo-sama, but you look suspicious in that gray cape and mask. You'll be turned away at the front in that outfit."
 "I see. I should have made a transformation potion. Then I wouldn't have had any problems."
 "Yes, you're right. We should learn from this lesson and do so in the next town. Do you think you can get the ingredients for the transformation potion?"
 Well, I don't think we can find the materials around here. Those materials are mainly found in the desert and the sea. So, I don't think I can find them here in the forested area.
 "They can't be found in the forests around here. So, the only way to get it is to go to a store that sells materials for alchemical items."
 "Let's go there after we sell diet pills. Maybe they have 'Goblin King's Crown' in stock."
 "Yes, I guess so. Let's just go and see."
 Now, we arrive at the beauty salon. Inside, of course, there were women everywhere. I, a man, appeared in such a place, and all eyes were on me at once. I felt uncomfortable, as if I was being judged.
 "Maybe I shouldn't have come here."
 "Leo-sama has a good face, you know."
 "I object. Not only good looking, but also good on the inside."
 "Yes, yes."
 We look around the salon while exchanging such comments. I wondered if this kind of place was really a place to sell, but then I saw a signboard at the back of the store with the words "We buy goods" written on it. I sat down on a prepared seat and rang the bell, and a rather shapely madam came from the back.
 "I'd like to sell something to you. Here is this..."
 I took out a bag of diet pills from the bag. The madam seemed to notice immediately what they were. Then she smiled at me.
 "Diet pills. They are very popular. Of course, I'll buy them."
 She then started to check them with her glasses. And soon her color changed, but she wisely did not say it out loud. Judging from the way she checked it over and over again, it seems that the diet pills++ is a rare alchemical item.
 "Excuse me, where did you get this?"
 I glanced at Kabirumba, who was shaking its head from side to side as if it was vibrating. This was a signal not to say anything.
 "I'm sorry, but I can't tell you where it came from. We are also in the business."
 "Of course you are. ...How about this price?"
 Oh, that's more than I expected. If anything, it's more expensive than the intermediate healing potion++ that I just sold. I never thought I could sell it for such a high price. Kabirumba's eyes were popping out of its sockets, as if he was surprised at the price. No, this guy eyes are always popping out.
 "No problem. I'll sell it to you."
 "Thank you. When you have more in stock, could you come and sell them to us?"
 "Well, I'll think about it."
 Then I smiles at her. At this point, I mustn't make a decision on my own. It has to be postponed. Then discuss it with Kabirumba after I leave the store. The key is do not decide alone, and make Kabirumba my accomplice.
 Now, when I leave the beauty salon, the women inside look at me suspiciously. Still, I think I have found a new customer, huh? This store probably wants to monopolize the diet pills++ that I sold them. If it is only available here, customers will surely come for it. And if customers come, other products will be sold along with them.
 "What do you think?"
 "I think that sounds a little too good to be true. Maybe we should visit other beauty salons and see how it goes, just to be sure."
 That's very cautious. But let's go with Kabirumba's opinion here. Personally, I don't care where I sell the diet pills, but I don't want to get into trouble later. Anyway, there's no beauty products power struggle in the town, right? If so, it's not a good idea to side with one side or the other. There's a good chance that a rival store will take notice of us.
 "Okay. I'll do it. So what do you say, Kabirumba? Should we head out now?"
 "No, we'll go another day. If the diet pills ++ go on sale at the store we just went to, it may have some impact on the other stores. If we can see how they respond to the situation, we can get more information."
 Kabirumba is indeed a man of discretion, a man of calm and precise judgment. I don't know if fungus has a gender. But I have been taking a bath with this guy, so I don't think it's a girl. Probably.

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