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Chapter 25 Ambush

 Now all I have to do is to go to that mysterious store to see if they sell the materials I want... no problem, right?
 "Kabirumba, I'm thinking of going to that store with the skull and crossbones on it."
 "Hmm, that store looks creepy, but they are selling genuine goods at a fair price. I don't think there's anything wrong with that."
 "I see. Then, good."
 I hadn't checked if they sell the materials for the potion or not. But I didn't think I would need it. And since they were used by those who go undercover in enemy territory, I didn't think I would need them myself.
 When I get to the store where the witchy old hag is, I should check out all the materials. There is a chance that I might come up with some alchemical items that might be worth some money. Especially beauty items may be a valuable source of income. They are likely to keep my identities secret.
 Now we enter the store with an eerie rattling sound of a bell. The exterior and interior of the store are as eerie as ever. In a way, it is not so different from what it looks like, which is probably good for my heart.
 "Welcome. You're here, hottie."
 Since there were no other customers in the store, it seemed that the old hag was talking to me.
 Anyawy, what is this old hag talking about? I am definitely older than her, but I am not attracted to her. As I was scowling at her, she laughed "Kukukuku" with a cackle. Right at that moment, I felt a cold sweat running down my back.
 I feel really bad. Really, I'll go outside as soon as I'm done with my business. However, I must look around the store with an air of unconcern.
 As I thought, there is no "Goblin King's crown". It seems that it is not so easy to get. Well, of course it is. It's been less than a month since I came to the town.
 And I can only blame my bad luck for creating so many problems. It's never my fault. Never. Just bad luck.
 "Kabirumba, are there any other stores in the town that sell alchemical materials?"
 "This is the best selection. Even if it's illegal, there's no other store better than this one."
 "I see, you have a good eye."
 While we were whispering about such things, we heard a rustling sound as if someone was walking in a hurry. I didn't know there were other customers. No, when I entered the store, there was no one except Old Hag.
 And if someone had entered the store, the eerie "clang-clang" sound of the bell should have been heard. Suspicious, I looked in the direction of the sound.
 There stood a cute little girl with beautiful blonde hair that reached down to her waist. She was somewhere between a girl and an adult woman. Well, the word "cute" is rude for her. So, I'll correct it to "beautiful".
 Now, this lady was staring at me with eyes as blue as sapphires. Her cheeks are somehow upturned. I couldn't help but make eye contact with Kabirumba. Maybe she is my fan? No way.
 "I've finally found you."
 Her voice is bouncy and cheerful. She's finally found me? Is she an applicant for an apprenticeship? But unfortunately, I don't take apprentices. Rather, I'd like to apprentice myself to an alchemist who seems to have connections to become an alchemist. .
 "My prince!"
 The lady jumps on me and I hold her in my arms... Whoa, it's dangerous! If I hadn't caught her, she'd have knocked over all the shelves around here. It would be a disaster if I have to pay for all of them.
 Now, the lady squeezes my arm still more tightly.
 I apologize for calling her a little girl earlier. After all, her chest are bigger than I expected. I couldn't tell because she was wearing loose-fitting clothes. Maybe she's sick?
 Hmm? Sick? No way... when I looked at Kabirumba, this guy looked like "no way". Of course it is not what am I thinking, right? I'm not overthinking this, am I? Tell me it's not true, Kabirumba.
 "Ah, I'm sorry it took me so long to introduce myself. My name is Elena Badia. I'm the only daughter of the Margrave Amand Badia."
 "Haah, as I thought?"
 Oh, Kabirumba said "Ah". No way, this guy must have misspoke. Or maybe Kabirumba had some secret plan to turn the situation around. And now, I seem to have destroyed it because I had answered the lady's introduction. But how could I have known that there was such a thing?
 "Why are you so unreliable, Leo-sama? If you hadn't answered her properly, we might have been able to get away with 'pretending to be someone else'!"
 "Oh, no!"
 "It's too late now. Leo-sama?"
 Well, this Miss Elena now smiles at me and clings to my arm like a killer Kong. Wow, that's a lot of power! The effect of the "Curse-Breaking Charm" is making her a hundred times more energetic! Really, why didn't I make a normal "Curse-Breaking Charm"?
 "It seems the princess has found someone she loves. My eyes were not deceived."
 "Thank you very much, Grandma Margaret."
 "Don't let him get away. He can make a magic bag too. By the way, you've been looking for something since the last time you were here. What exactly are you looking for? Maybe I can help you."
 Miss Elena's clinging strength became even stronger. She's not going to go any higher, is she?
 Still, it was quite a bombshell. In other words, this Old Hag is the mother of the Margrave Badia. No wonder her store is well-stocked. I'm afraid that the Margrave is not only behind her, but she is the Margrave herself.
 Now, what should I do? Should I take this ship until the end? At least I know that Miss Elena is not likely to let go of my arm so easily.
 "Well... I guess we've come this far and we'll just have to be resigned to it, Leo-sama. If we're going to be so desperate, we might as well take advantage of what we can."
 Kabirumba said this as if he was giving up. If I give up, that's nothing, but if Kabirumba has given up, that's the end of the story. I guess I have no choice but to give up.
 "Well, that's true. So, I'm looking for the 'Goblin King's crown'. But it seems to be hard to find."
 "You can't possibly..."
 The Old Hag exclaims. Elena, who nods her head, still doesn't seem to want to let go of my arm. And now, my arms are completely trapped in her cleavage.
 Does she have any sense of shame? I guess not. After all, she called me "prince" when I'm a former demon king. What a crazy girl.

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