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Chapter 26 Compromise of Guilt

 The old hag's mouth was agape like a fish on land. She seemed to be at a loss for words. But it's now or never. However, Miss Elena, who clung to my arm like a kraken, would not allow me to do so. She might get hurt if I try to force her to break free, and besides, she is sick, isn't she?
 Because considering what I have heard so far, it seems that Miss Elena is the one who was cursed. She seems to be getting better, but of course there is a possibility that she is not. Besides, I don't want something to happen to Miss Elena and I don't want being a wanted person.
 "Excuse me, what's wrong with Grandmother Margaret?"
 "Hmm? ...Maybe she's having a heart attack because she's so angry that her precious granddaughter is about to fall in love with a strange man...? So, please spare my arm..."
 "No, it's not that! I mean, could you make a 'void bag'?"
 "Void bag?"
 I guess she's never heard of it. But Miss Elena nods her head cutely. However, she would not let go of my arm. Oh, what am I going to do? Kabirumba is silent as well, looking puzzled by the situation.
 "Void bag is a higher level version of a magic bag. One of the materials used to make the void bag is the 'Goblin King's crown."
 "I didn't know that. But, as expected of Leo-sama. Not only can he make the 'Curse-Breaking Charm', but he can also make 'Void Bag'."
 "But what are you going to do with the rest of the materials? Hey, you can't be...!?"
 I hate a woman with a good intuition. She must have anticipated my return and had her granddaughter waiting for me inside the store.
 Anyway, I don't want to cause any more trouble. So should I use sleep magic to put them to sleep and leave this town while they're asleep? I thought.
 "Wel, it seems that Margrave Badia has already heard about this. They say someone attacked a goblin village. Right, Leo-sama?"
 Oh, can I speak up? But, no, I'll keep my mouth shut. It wouldn't be good for me to blurt out something. Anyway, good luck, Kabirumba. I'm counting on you.
 "Yes, of course. I'm hearing about it. So, you're the guys who did it, right?"
 "We're not guilty. We just saved the town from a crisis. The goblin village had not only goblin generals but also king and lord and hero. Well, that's how we got the 'Goblin Lord's Necklace' and the 'Goblin Hero's Cloak'."
 With a gasp, the old hag gulped. Kabirumba, even if the old hag is bossy, she's still an elderly person. I don't think it's a good idea to startle her too much. Just when I was thinking of sending Miss Elena as a helper to save the dying old hag, her face turned pale.
 Hey, this is not good. She is about to collapse too. She seems to be terrified by the presence of a vicious monster near the town. In case she gets into a bad situation, it would be very bad. Anyway, I try to speak.
 "It's all right, it's already done. A monster of that caliber is no match for me. I killed them all in less than three seconds. It's no big deal. Right, Kabirumba?"
 Again I heard a gasp. This time there were two. It was the old hag and Miss Elena. Miss Elena's arm was shaking slightly, but she did not let go. Meanwhile, Kabirumba had an "Oh, no" look on its face. I knew I should have kept my mouth shut.
 "Oh, who are you guys?"
 The old hag squeezes out a shaky voice. Her high-handed attitude has completely disappeared. Now she's completely quiet.
 And now, she said, "Who am I?". Hmm, if I say "I'm a former demon king," I'll be chased to the ends of the earth.
 "Huff, I'm an ally of the weak."
 I said this and smiled at Elena. Her trembling suddenly stopped, and her face turned completely red. But her arms tightened. Hey! Where is that power coming from!
 Meanwhile, Kabirumba looks at me with a "What is he talking about?" This guy's terrible. Anyway, isn't it cool to be cool? I'm a former demon king, you know.
 "I-I see. You're an ally of the weak. Is that why you delivered the 'Curse-Breaking Charm' for my granddaughter?"
 "That's right. I just didn't know that Miss Elena was under a curse."
 Obaba started to think about something, but Miss Elena was puffed up. Why? Maybe she wanted me to say that I made it for her? No way, because that's the truth.
 "By the way, I'm curious... how did you know that Leo-sama was the one who made the 'Curse-Breaking Charm'?"
 "That's because... I had a dream."
 "A dream?"
 "Yes. I had a dream right after my father put the charm on my forehead. In the dream I saw a man with black hair and two reddish-black horns facing the magic circle. On his shoulders was something round and green."
 "Hey, it must be Kabirumba's fault."
 "No, it's Leo-sama's fault."
 No, it's certainly Kabirumba's fault. After all, you know... there are many demons with two horns. There's a good chance it's not me. But not you, Kabirumba. You're the only one who looks like that. So, it's not my fault.
 "So I knew right away that you were the demon in my dream. After all, when I checked all the demon in the town, I couldn't find anyone matching the description in my dream... but I recognized Leo-sama at a glance!"
 "I knew it was Leo-sama's fault..."
 I'm so frustrated. I can't argue. Why shouldn't Miss Elena have started with the green circle? How can this happen? As I was blaming Kabirumba, the old hag made a move.
 "Anyway, you guys need to come to the Lord's house. After all, you've done so much for my granddaughter. So, let us at least repay you. Please."
 The old hag clasped her hands together. I'm afraid she's acting so differently from before. But I can't ignore the old hag's sincerity. Miss Elena also looks at me with a hot gaze, and she doesn't seem to want to let go of my arms, so I have no choice.
 "Okay. Let's go."
 "I'll lead the way!"
 Miss Elena said this bouncily. No, she was really 'bouncy'. I don't know why. However, perhaps she has already regained her energy, hasn't she, Miss Elena?

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