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Chapter 27 Introduction

 "Uh, Miss Elena? I think it's time you let go of my arm."
 "Please, call me Elena."
 "No, are you listening to me?"
 Miss Elena did not let go of my arm. Meanwhile, the old hag had left everything else to Elena because she had to take care of the store. What a selfish old hag. Well, I guess it's better than being followed like a ghost in the background.
 Normally, it would have been a carriage ride, but there was no carriage, perhaps because the presence of a carriage in front of the store might have alarmed people. If anything, there was no escort. I wonder if it's safe.
 "Miss Elena, are you sure you're safe wandering around in a place like this by yourself?"
 "Don't worry. You may not know it, but I've got an escort. Besides, Leo-sama will protect me if anything should happen, right?"
 "That's true..."
 After all, I'm an ally of the weak. Well, upon searching the area with my ability, it is true that there is someone who is keeping an eye on us from a distance. Still, she seems to be a daring young lady without an escort next to her. Oh, wait, aren't I her escort now?
 Well, the young lady is in a good mood and pulls my arm. And when the people saw us, they looked at us as if they were smiling at someone. Hey, that's not the kind of relationship we have. Please don't misunderstand it.
 Still, it seems a long distance to walk to the Lord's house... Despite the fact that Miss Elena is fully recovered, she is still a lady with a famous reputation, isn't she?
 No, that power. I may be making a terrible mistake. Miss Elena is a daughter of a distinguished family, right? Who said that? She could be a power girl.
 As I was thinking that, a carriage stopped in front of us. It looks different from the carriages that run around here. This one has a magnificent roof that covers the whole of the carriage, and it is a two-horse cart.
 The body of the carriage was decorated with the family crest of some family, and the metal used in some parts of the body shone with a dignified light. Just by looking at it, I could tell that it was a prestigious carriage.
 "Miss, I'm here for you."
 "You're here sooner than I expected. Are you sure you're not overworked?"
 "No, no, I'll be right up for you, Miss."
 Miss Elena talks with the coachman with a smile on her face. It seems that this carriage belongs to the family of the Margrave Badia. And it seems that we will be traveling by carriage from here. I feel relieved. I thought I'd have to carry her in my arms the whole way.
 "Leo-sama, please get in."
 "It's a very nice carriage. Excuse me."
 Kabirumba head-butted me. Kabirumba's head is like a stone. Still, what's this guy doing out of the blue? When I scowled for what this guy was doing, he spoke in my ear in a whisper.
 "Human women, especially noble women, are escorted by men."
 "Escort? I don't know how to do that..."
 "First of all, you have to give her your hand..."
 Following Kabirumba's instructions, I escort Miss Elena. Apparently, it is good manners to let the lady get on first. Really, it's a pain in the ass. Human society is troublesome. In a demon society, we'd just say, "Don't worry about it, just get in".
 "Miss Elena, please get in first."
 "T-Thank you very much."
 Miss Elena, with a hint of pink on her cheeks, got into the carriage.
 It seems I was right. That's Kabirumba, a man I can count on. She got into the carriage and we started to go quietly.
 The kind of carriages I often see in the town are noisy with rattling and clattering, but this one seems to be different. Oh, so this is the carriage that the Lord rides in. Nice, nice, rich people are nice.
 The windows were covered with thick curtains and lanterns illuminated the inside of the carriage.
 "Let me introduce myself again. I am Elena, the daughter of Margrave Badia. I thank you for saving my life."
 Miss Elena bowed deeply. It seems that she had been patient so far because she had been in the public eye. Being a daughter of a Lord is hard work. I guess she can't bow so easily in front of others as a superior.
 But I know that feeling. I used to be like that. It took some getting used to. Anyway, it's hard on Miss Elena's chest, too.
 "As I said before, I'm an ally of the weak. It is natural to save those who can be saved. So please look up. Your chest are about to fall out."
 Miss Elena lifted her head and hid her chests with her hands. Hey, if she has a sense of shame, she should not wear such a dress that emphasizes her chest. Or is it an aristocrat's custom?
 "My name is Leonito. Please call me Leo. This is Kabirumba, my buddy. the fungus spirit."
 Kabirumba bends its threads with a smile. Its looks kind of happy. Is it because I said "buddy"? This guy is cute. Maybe he'll be even nicer if I call this guy "sensei"? Hmm, hmm.
 However, Miss Elena, with a bright red face, started to lower her arms to her waist, as if to emphasize her chest. She is in a posture as if to emphasize her chest. What does this mean?
 "I'm a little curious, how are you feeling? I assume that your loose-fitting clothes are designed not to put any strain on your body."
 The loose-fitting clothes make me feel as if her chests are about to fall out. I would have thought that a tighter dress would not have done that.
 "Thanks to Leo-sama, I feel much better. My mother chose these clothes for me because she was worried about my body. I told her that I could wear normal clothes now that I was better, but she wouldn't listen to me."
 She looked troubled, but she did not seem to mind. I guess she is glad that her mother cares about her. That's good.
 "That's good. The 'Curse-Breaking Charm' that I made has a special feature that makes it resistant to curses. It is unlikely that you will be cursed again in the future."
 "It's not that unlikely, it's almost impossible. The only possibility is if Leo-sama curses you... but even then, it would be the highest level of curse, so it is not so easy."
 "Hey, Kabirumba, could you please stop talking as if I am cursing Miss Elena? I don't want Miss Elena to get the wrong idea."
 See? Kabirumba said something so strange that Miss Elena froze. What are you going to do? I'm sure there's some kind of misunderstanding.

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