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Chapter 28 Meanwhile, at the Old Hag Shop

 Margaret Badia, the old hag, sighs loudly as she sees her granddaughter Elena leave the store. She had not expected that the demon who had come to buy the materials for the magic bag was the one who had created the "Curse-Breaking Charm++".
 Naturally, Margrave Badia asked the Alchemy Guild to obtain the "Curse-Breaking Charm" before. However, he could only place an order for it. The head of the guild told him very ambiguously that "it is not impossible to get it".
 If this situation continued, his daughter would die. So, Margrave Badia sent a messenger to the royal capital to ask for the "Curse-Breaking Charm". But even so, it was not easy to obtain it.
 Of course, Margaret, his mother, did not sit idly by and watch the situation.
 So, she thought that a demon tribe skilled in alchemy and magic might be able to make it. And, with a little hope, Margaret visited every house of the demon tribe in the town. But her hopes were soon crushed.
 The demon tribe does not need the "Curse-Breaking Charm". Because they cannot be cursed.
 That's obvious because they don't need it. It is the same for human beings. However, if there is a person who makes alchemy a hobby, it may be a different story.
 Still, she went around to all the houses, but in the end, it was all in vain.
 "I didn't think there was a demon tribe who could make a 'Curse-Breaking Charm'. Assumption is scary. So scary. But that 'Leo-sama' or whatever it was didn't seem to be a demon tribe at all."
 The old hag suddenly remember that time. When he first visited there, she didn't feel anything strange. No, no. It was the fact that she felt nothing that was strange.
 After all, demons have much more magical power than humans. Therefore, even if they are there, those who have magical power feel intimidated by them.
 However, "Leo-sama" did not give her such a feeling. Rather, he was creating the same atmosphere as the people around. And it is more and more unusual the more she think about it. Then, there is one possibility.
 "Is he hiding his power, that demon, by any chance? Oh right, he said he attacked a goblin village and killed them in 3 seconds!"
 Unaware of her loud voice, the old hag moved around the store. But she didn't have time to sit down and think.
 "The power of that demon tribe is immeasurable, isn't it? Besides, he can make a 'Magic Bag', a 'Curse-Breaking Charm', and a 'Void Bag'. I bet there aren't more than three alchemists in the whole world who can make void bags."
 She moves around, still mumbling. But she wonders who the hell that demon is. He said he was an ally of the weak, but how much can she believe his words?
 "I should report this to the kingdom... No, no, no, no! What if it's bad for that demon? What if he becomes our enemy? There will be terrible damage."
 She shivers as she imagines the scene. Margaret's thoughts were now in order, and she hurried to the back of the store. There she found an alchemical item that would allow her to speak directly with the Margrave. Its name is 'Conversation Crystal'. It is a rare item that allows someone to talk to a person at a distance.
 Now, Margaret held up her hands to this Conversation Crystal.
 "Can you hear me?"
 'Mother? What's going on all of a sudden? What's wrong?'
 This item is to be used only in case of emergency. That is why Margrave Badia had flown to the room where the conversation crystal was kept.
 "Listen to me carefully. Elena is on her way there now with the Demon. Welcome them politely. As if royalty had come."
 'As if royalty came?'
 A clearly puzzled voice came back. But it is true that Demon has strong power. They should never be underestimated. However, even if the person wasn't a Demon, Margrave Badia had no intention of being disrespectful to the person who had saved his daughter's life.
 "That's right. You mustn't offend this demon. If you do that, this town will be reduced to ruins easily."
 I heard the sound of spit being swallowed on the other side of the conversation crystal. It seemed that her point had been conveyed correctly. So, with a satisfied feeling, Margaret continued.
 "I'm going to close up today and head over there, too. I'll tell you the details then."
 'I-I'll be waiting for you, mother'
 What was that last puzzled voice? Margaret have to question him for an hour or so when she get back to the house. Anyway, she smile to herself as she think of her son and her granddaughter, who have regained their vitality.
 "In any case, I can only express my gratitude to Leo-sama. His alchemy is top-notch. And he is also powerful. I'd like him to be Elena's husband at any cost."
 Margaret nods her head. In her mind, she was already planning how to bring them together. Then it occurs to her.
 "And the 'green fungus' like creature on Leo-sama's shoulder... I think he called it a Kabirumba or something. It seemed to have a lot of knowledge. If I can get that knowledge too... I'll have to push harder and harder to get them together."
 The old hag's eyes lit up. It was the same gleam she had when she had hunted like a panther to win over the position of Margravine.
 Meanwhile, Leonito and Kabirumba both felt a mysterious chill and shivered.

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