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Chapter 29 The Margrave Badia's Mansion

 After hearing Kabirumba's that "I'm cursing Miss Elena," Miss Elena has been staring at me. D*mn, Kabirumba is making me feel uncomfortable. And I'm getting chills, too.
 But when I look at Kabirumba as if to say, "It's your fault," Kabirumba also has a mysterious chill, or maybe he is shivering. No, Kabirumba is definitely shivering, isn't it? Is it possible that this guy is feeling uncomfortable under Miss Elena's gaze too?
 "Excuse me, Miss Elena? I swear to God that I didn't curse you, okay?"
 "T-That's right. Leo-sama would never do such a thing and I won't let him do that. Please rest assured. Therefore, Miss Elena will never be cursed again."
 "Never be cursed again..."
 Oh no. I don't know what it is, but Miss Elena's frozen expression scares me. What am I supposed to do in a situation like this? I wish I was an expert in interpersonal relations, but unfortunately I've been a quiet person until recently. I have no idea what to do.
 As I was puzzled, Miss Elena leaned forward and put her hands on my hands. She was leaning forward so that her chest looked incredibly huge.
 I had thought, "That's not true, is it?" but she was not wearing any bra, probably because she was sick! However, our eyes met, and her eyes were moist like blue roses in the morning dew.
 "I don't know how many times I can thank you, Leo-sama. But I was always afraid that it would happen again soon after the curse was lifted. But now... now... I don't have to be afraid anymore!"
 Miss Elena cries out, perhaps overcome with emotion. At a time like this... I should hug her and comfort her like a man, right? Besides, this position is not good. It's better to hug her so that I can't see her chest.
 And when I gently hugged her, Elena settled into my arms without any resistance. Then she hugged me tightly.
 Gwah, it's bad! Miss Elena is as powerful as Killer Kong! I struggled to comfort he while fighting the fear of being crushed like a mackerel.
 "Have you calmed down?"
 "Please forgive me. I'm sorry for showing you my humiliation."
 "Hahaha, it's fine. Rather, you look so cute, it was a great experience for me."
 "Geez, Leo-sama..."
 After settling down, Miss Elena somehow moved from in front of me to sit next to me. Her hand was still holding my hand.
 Hmmm, if I meet Margrave Badia in this state, I am sure that he will cut me off. What should I do?
 When I looked at Kabirumba, he was looking far away for some reason. He looked as if he wanted to say, "I don't care". Maybe I shouldn't have consoled Miss Elana? But I think it would have been worse to let her keep crying like that.
 In the meantime, it seems that we are approaching the residence of Margrave Badia. The coachman asked us to get ready for the arrival soon. He is a very thoughtful man. No wonder Miss Elena trusts him.
 Anyway, there is nothing special to do. However, I'd have to do something about my hand... After all, a gentleman is supposed to escort a lady. Then let's make it look like we were holding hands to escort her. It's a perfect plan. Really, I'm afraid of my talent.
 Now as the carriage stops, there is a knock at the door. Miss Elena returns the knock and the door is opened. The bright light outside immediately illuminated the interior of the carriage.
 I go down first to escort Miss Elena out. Although our hands are still linked, I escort her out of the carriage in the same way. Hmm, she never let go of my hand, huh?
 Anyway, the carriage lands in front of the entrance of the mansion. The heavy black lacquered door was opened from the inside, and in front of us were two people in exquisite costumes, not too luxurious, not too poor, but exquisite. They must be the Margrave Badia and his wife.
 They looked at me and smiled.
 "Welcome. We've been expecting you. I am Amando Badia. This is my wife Olivia."
 "Nice to meet you. Thank you for inviting me. I'm Leonito, and this is my buddy, Kabirumba."
 "Hi. I'm Kabirumba."
 The couple looks aghast at the talking green sphere. I knew a talking fungus was creepy. Even I can't figure out where this guy's voice is coming from. It's an eternal mystery.
 Still, the Margrave Badia and his wife must have heard about the dream from Miss Elena. Nevertheless, they could not believe in Kabirumba until they saw the real thing.
 "I have a lot to tell you, including a thank you. Come on, come inside."
 "Well, if you'll excuse me."
 I enter the mansion holding hands with Miss Elena. I didn't hear any comment from Margrave Badia, but I wonder if it was a good thing. However, I'm getting a little nervous. After all, Miss Elena is clinging to my arm. How bold.
 As expected of Margrave mansion, the spacious hallway was decorated with expensive vases of flowers, and the pure white window frames were made of translucent glass.
 It was very different from the castle of the demon king. Whereas the other one was black, and there were no windows in the corridor. And there were weird-looking candlesticks here and there. Looking back now, it's in very bad taste.
 Now, I was shown into a sunny parlor. There were young-leaf colored curtains on both sides of the windows, and a large window with white lacy curtains, which were so thin that the other side could be seen through them, was blowing comfortably in the wind.
 Through the window, I could see a garden with red and yellow flowers. There seemed to be a fountain in the center of the garden. This is amazing. I could grow plants for alchemical materials here.
 "Do you like it here?"
 "Yes, of course. The view from here is wonderful."
 "Leo-sama, please come this way."
 Miss Elena leads me to the seat she has prepared for me. On the table are foods I've never seen before. I guess this is what human society calls sweets. I am a little excited, since all I have ever had in the past were fruits when it comes to sweets.
 As soon as I sat down, a cup of tea was brought to me. The tea seemed to have a very nice aroma. It was also served in front of the Kabirumba. How thoughtful. Kabirumba seems to be well recognized here. Its face looks happy.

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