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Chapter 40 The Mercenary Girl and Kaito

 I asked Shuuto to go shopping like the elders did.
 "This is the fourth one. Really, you've really helped me out," said Orcman.
 "No, you've been very helpful to us too, and you even lent us your tent."
 "Well, as you're buying so many things for me, I'll give you some clothes as a service."
 Still, the slave trader must really have a lot of credibilities.
 Almost all of the arrangements are being handled by Orcman.
 His title of 'Slave Harem Adventurer' is no exaggeration.
 Well, at one time, he was a member of an old hero's party, which qualifies him for polygamy... but then he got kicked out.
 Just like me...
 But when I ran to Shizuko and her friends, Orcman ran to his slaves.
 We're a little different, but I feel a kinship.
 "Okay, I'll go get the next one."
 "Yeah, I'll leave it to you."
* * *
 "Have you found a partner for that Shuuto? What's she like?"
 "Well, of course, she's not Kaito-san's type. That's all I can say. And she looks like Shuuto-san..."
 "I see... If the girl looks like a green gourd, she's not my type."
 "Yes, what Kaito-san likes is big, hardworking, and having a nice body."
 "As expected of Ceres, you know exactly what I want..."
 "I was asked to."
* * *
 "Hey, Ceres... are you sure about this? I think this is too much! She is a mercenary and an adventurer. She is not a usual choice for a villager, is it? And this woman..." said Orcman.
 "'Killing people'... right? That's her job. Even adventurers kill bandits when they're attacked."
 "Yeah, but... would a normal person accept that?"
 Well, all Kaito wants in a partner is a woman who can 'fist fight with him.
 Kaito is often verbally abusive and stops there because Sayo is the submissive type.
 If it were an ordinary woman, she would be beaten up.
 In other words, Kaito's wife needs to be 'hardworking, have a nice body, and 'capable of a fistfight.'
 Although in my case, I never did this, adventurers and knights can develop love and friendship as an extension of fights.
 What Kaito needs is a woman who can have such a relationship.
* * *
 Let's go back in time.
 "Are you really going to buy me?"
 She's another one who can only be bought if the right people buy her.
 After all, a mercenary and a rabble-rouser could cause trouble.
 Even if she is bound by the slave crest, it will be meaningless if the owner is killed before the crest can be activated.
 And suppose there are skilled mercenaries or adventurers with weapons beside them. In that case, they may not be able to reach the target in time.
 That is why it is dangerous to have such a slave if the owner of such a slave is not a skilled man himself.
 The adventurers who choose such women as slaves are of D class or above, and nobles and knights do not buy them because they are regarded as "mercenaries."
 Indeed, she is a difficult one to sell.
 Well, that's what Orcman told me.
 "Yes, but I'm not the one who's going to live with you (Kimi)."
 "What? Not you? You're pretty much my type, but... well, whatever. So why me?"
 "Oh, he's a violent man with a sharp tongue, maybe even violent."
 "Hey, isn't he a scum?"
 "Yeah, but I don't think he's so bad at heart. Because he treated me like one of his own when I was an orphan, he's got a good heart too."
 "I see. So what happens after I'm bought? I'm a mercenary! All I know how to do is fight."
 "That's what I wanted to ask you (Anta), the guy I picked for you is a strong man, but he's a farmer... do you want to try farming?"
 Though it seems rough and casual, this person has a strangely compelling charm.
 I changed from first calling him 'you (Kimi)' to 'you (Anta).'
 I hate to say this, but being a mercenary and no longer an adventurer means she must have been poor from the start and had no other way to survive.
 Well, no one would have wanted to be a mercenary who has to face death.
 "Do you want me to live any other way than fighting? I never met anyone like that... all I want is 'fight' and a body."
 "I see... How old are you?"
 "I'm 14... what does that matter?"
 14 years old, huh...? She must have had quite a hard life at that age if she's talking roughly like this?
 "Ah, I'm sorry... so why were you sold into slavery?"
 "Oh, I was a fool, so my friends tricked me and sold me... made me fight a lot, kept me up at night... and finally, dumped me."
 "I see... and listen, this guy I'm going to introduce you to, he's a 30-something guy. He's probably mouthy and violent, but I can promise you that you'll live in a peaceful, not a 'kill each other' world. How about that?"
 "Still, I was a mercenary, and if he messes with me, I'll beat him up, okay? Though, I won't kill him..."
 "That's good, isn't it? But he's really kind and a good person at heart, he's just..."
 "He's a klutz, is that what you're saying?"
 "Yeah, that's it."
 "Well, I don't mind that kind of people... it's better than being here, and I don't want to be bought back into the fight... I'd rather live a simpler life than be a mercenary and die someday."
 "Yeah, that'd be great."
 "So, all I have to do is fix his violent ways, right?"
 "Yeah, please… But try to be nice to your past."
 "Okay, let's keep this to ourselves... and I'll beat him back in my mercenary way."
 "Yeah, but be gentle with him... and you'll learn many new things as a villager."
 "You sound like you've been there before."
 "Yeah, I'm an ex-orphan, after all. If I hadn't been born in that village, I'd be living a life similar to yours... that village is kind to the weak. I'm sure you'll find many new things there."
 "If you can't fix him and find it boring, you can run away."
 "Heh, you're a mess... if that's what you want..."
 "Oh, you're not bound by any slave's crest, so if you want to run away, you can."
 "Okay, but I'll still keep my word... and if he doesn't talk to me or hurt me, I will not beat him... then I'll do it."
 "Yeah, please."
 "You're Ceres, right? From Hero's party?"
 "So, it's warrior and warrior's promise..."
 "Yeah, I'll leave it to you..."
 "Really, I've never met you before, but you've always been a hero of mine... Though, it's too bad this isn't an offer to join your party... However, I'll keep my word."
 Mercenaries aren't as rough as people think.
 They may look rough, but they have their own pride.
 Kaito is a good match for her.
* * *
 "Here she is," said Orcman.
 "Nice to meet you. My name is Eleanor."
 A beautiful greeting with a straight back.
 "Ceres... isn't she gorgeous? She's excellent and hardworking... I like her."
 "I'm glad you like her."
 "Yeah, I liked her. I never thought I'd be introduced to my wife by you, the man I consider like my son."
 "Kaito-san, say hello."
 "Yeah, my name is Kaito. Nice to meet you."
 "Nice to meet you too."
 If there's any trouble, they can hit each other as hard as they like.
 Maybe a weak wife wasn't for Kaito.
 He needed someone strong-minded and able to fight with him.
 And with this, I think it will work out...
 After all, I chose a partner whom he couldn't take violence against.
 Speaking of which... everything will probably be okay, right?

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