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Chapter 41 The Beast Girl and Sector

 Like others, I asked Kaito to visit the town.
 "Still, Ceres, I must say, you're reserving some very unusual slaves... and qualified...? Have you really never bought a slave before?" said Orcman.
 It just so happens that these are such people I have known for a while, so I can see the trends...
 And I can't do this to a stranger.
 "Then I'll get the next one."
 "Yeah, please."
* * *
 "You know... Ceres, are you sure about this?"
 "Yeah, I don't mind, Uncle Sector has been taking care of me so much that I can't just didn't introduce someone to you."
 "But I sold Shizuko into slavery, and after spending all my wealth, I was sent to the mines because I couldn't pay the taxes... And moreover, it was bad enough that you had to pay the taxes on my behalf... However, now you're going to introduce me to your wife... Is it really okay?"
 "Don't worry, you were a good man before that... And, I want you to do what you did for me all those years ago for your new wife."
 "Yeah, of course, I will, I will do it. I promise."
 "Then, wait for me a little while."
* * *
 "Hey, Ceres, are you sure about this? I don't mind what you've asked before, but this is the worst kind of slave! It's a test of a Master's character, and unless a Master is sure he can love this beastman, he shouldn't have it... even I would avoid it."
 Of all the beastman, the most jealous... is the dog-type.
 Other beastmen are not so attached to their owners because they are almost wild.
 But there is a legend that the dog beastmen were made to be obedient through discipline and improvement by demons and humans who saw the strength of the wolf beastmen...
 These semi-artificial creatures were made to be obedient to their masters for a long time.
 But then, an unintended emotion developed in them.
 That is 'jealousy.' If their Master tries to favor others... the masters will be in trouble.
 In the worst case, this beastmen may even resort to extreme violence against their masters.
 However, it seems to be difficult to enslave only a single slave.
 Well, in rare cases, there are many slaves. Still, in such cases, it is more likely that they are siblings or compatible with the original dog-beastmen...
 However, it is necessary to be prepared to love only one woman.
 And the most troublesome among these dog-type is the 'Chihuahua' kind.
 These beastmen is so loyal that for their Master, they do not fear even the dragon species.
 On the other hand, their possessiveness is abnormally strong.
 However, they are the prettiest among the beastmen.
 As long as their Master doesn't cheat, beautiful and pretty girls will show their loyalty at the risk of their life.
 Isn't it great...
 Perfect for Sector.
* * *
 Let's go back in time.
 "Onii-san, are you going to buy me?"
 "No, I'm not going to buy you for myself, but I'm going to buy you for someone else."
 "Ah, okay... if you understand what kind of a person I am and buy me, that's fine... but I..."
 "I heard you hurt your ex-husband and his girlfriend pretty bad, didn't you?"
 "Well... you know it, huh? But I need to be the most loved at all times, and as long as those things are kept... I think I can be very useful in nightlife and battle, too."
 "Well, the nightlife is one thing, but fighting is another because your master is just a villager."
 "Oh, so he's villagers... I wonder if that's okay... I wonder if he'll cheat on me or something."
 "I think so..."
 "Isn't that bad? Maybe I'll get violent, bite, or hit him if he really does that."
 "That's fine. I just need you to fix his cheating habit and maybe some other bad habits too."
 "Eh~ Are you sure it's okay?"
 "It's okay... I mean, you guys are really very kind... if you dog-beastmen really got out of line, you would probably get his limbs bitten off and his necks broken easily... wouldn't you? Even adventurers can kill you if their skills and experience are not too advanced... Indeed, you are often said to be violent... but no one has died. I think this is because you are gentle... in fact, from what I have heard, the former Master was lightly wounded too."
 "You seem to know a lot about us... you understand us... will Onii-san buy me instead? If you love me, I'll give you everything I have."
 "I'd appreciate that very much, but I'm married."
 "Surely... Well... it doesn't matter, I'm not easy to get a buyer because of my race, so I'm going to be sent to a mine anyway... Then, as long as you don't tell anyone about this and he doesn't cheat on anyone, right?"
 "Yeah, please... I'll make sure you don't have any slave crest on you, so you can beat him up if he cheats on you as much as you want... and you can run away if you can't help it."
 "That's a pretty good deal... Okay, thank you very much."
* * *
 "Here she is."
 "Nice to meet you. I'm Chihua!"
 "Ceres, this lovely young girl is my partner..., and you're paying her taxes for me? Unlike the other three, I've hurt you... and I'm sure my son Zect did the same to you."
 "Uncle Sector, you were kind to me when I was little. You treated me the same way you treated Zect... I like you, but there's one thing I can't forgive, your cheating habit... And I'm sure she'll be good to you too because she's jealous and won't tolerate cheating... If you like her, I want you two to get your life together."
 "Oh, that's better for me. I'll never cheat again. Then, Chihua-san, I'm old, and I don't have much money... are you sure you're okay with me?"
 "I only need 'love,' and I'm fine... as long as you don't cheat on me, that's all that matters."
 "I'm Sector... and nice to meet you."
 If you cheat... you're in trouble, Sector... good luck.
* * *
 It seems I may have held a grudge a little, even though I said I didn't hate Sector.
 After all, I chose a partner who can't cheat on him...
 I made it impossible for him to cheat like he did with Shizuko-san.
 That's what I thought.
 Besides, Chihua-san is a better-looking girl than the three others.
 I hope that's all right with this.

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