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Chapter 42 The Maid and Kazuma

 Sector also played like others.
 Because he has no money, I gave him an allowance...
 And with this, there is only one more slave to buy in the name of "matchmaking."
 I introduce Kazuma's partner, and that's the end of it.
 Kazuma is my brother and father.
 Besides, Kazuma gave Haruka to me out of the goodness of his heart.
 I can't help but think so.
 Cause I've always looked at him with envy... and I can't help but think he gave her to me.
* * *
 I know what kind of slave Kazuma wants.
 A 'maid.'
 "Kazuma-niisan is the last... is what you want, just as you asked me before?"
 "Yeah, can you do that for me?"
 "But I want to ask you something..."
 "It's about Haruka, isn't it?"
 "Is Kazuma-niisan really..."
 "Don't say anymore... she's happier with you than she is with me, Ceres... so I gave her up. And as you know, I'm a cooking fool... and when I get good ingredients, I never leave the kitchen. I've been doing this since we were newlyweds... and all we've had is one daughter, and that's all I'm a selfish man. People say we're lovebirds, but that's just a result of Haruka putting me first instead of doing what she wanted to do."
 "Hey, you know how Haruka always beats up on you, right, Ceres? She doesn't hit me or anyone else... it's an expression of love... Ceres, you have been special to Haruka since you were a child... she's happier being with you than with me... and that's the best."
 For Kazuma, the number one thing was cooking... and Haruka was probably number two.
 Therefore... he knew it himself... so he did this.
 That's what he's saying.
* * *
 "Unlike before, this slave is quite ordinary... a maid who likes to cook... Hahaha, this is a classic..." said Orcman.
 What Kazuma needs is someone who will walk the same path.
 Nobody like that existed in the village.
 That's why he married Haruka.
 Probably, Haruka is only an ordinary cook too.
 And she does not seem to be interested in it.
 Come to think of it, I have never seen Haruka in the kitchen.
 I think Kazuma forced her to follow his dream.
 And maybe he felt guilty about that, so he did this... that's what I'd like to think.
* * *
 Let's go back in time.
 "Are you buying me?"
 "I'm going to do that..."
 "But to avoid any problems later, I must tell you that I can't do anything except cook."
 Indeed she is.
 She was a maid in a noble family.
 But she was different from other maids in that she was a cook only.
 Maids of noble families and royal families are often forced to do many things in the beginning, but they often become specialized maids.
 For example, if they are good at cleaning, they clean the house from morning to night without doing any other work because the house is so big.
 If they are good at cooking, they cook only from morning to night because they have to cook for dozens to hundreds of people.
 There are some maids who can do everything, but only a few.
 Many maids in the service of the nobility and royalty are 'one and only.'
 They can do one thing perfectly, but they are not good at other things.
 Such maids are more common.
 "That's exactly what I've search, the person I'm going to introduce to you is the kind of person who lives for 'cooking' above all else... so the most important he does is 'cooking'... and most of the conversations you're going to have will probably be about cooking. "
 "Then I am confident! I've been a cook since I was 8 years old, and for 7 years until I was 15, I helped with the cooking from morning till night, and the head chef told me 'your cooking and serving are elegant'... but... other than that, I can't clean, and do laundry at all."
 "That's okay... because that's the kind of woman he's looking for."
 "That's good~ because most men want their maids to do all the housework, and I've been unsold... I'm so glad..."
 This girl is perfect.
 I'm sure Kazuma will like her.
 And... it makes him appreciate Haruka too... yeah, it's the best.
* * *
 "Here she is."
 "Nice to meet you, I'm Mary."
 As one would expect from a noble maid, her manners are flawless, even if her main job is cooking.
 "Ceres, I like her looks... but... is she all right?"
 "That's not a problem. Mary was in charge of cooking at a noble's house and was praised by the head chef... so she can help Kazuma-niisan, and I think you will have a good time talking about cooking with each other."
 "Well, that's good to know, and Mary-san...? I like cooking, and I think about cooking all the time... If you take cooking away from me, there would be nothing left... Is that all right with you?"
 "I've spent most of my life doing nothing but cooking... and that's all I can do... is that okay with you?"
 "That's my ideal, thank you."
 Now everyone has an ideal slave.
 In a way, it is a thank you, and in a way, it is a little payback to Zect and the others.
* * *
 I chose the ideal slave because Kazuma really took care of me.
 Only one thing is left to be done in the future.
 It is necessary for a married couple to be close to each other.
 'It's bad that I let Haruka go along with my selfishness' is a kindness of Kuzuma and a big mistake, I think.
 I think Haruka was betting on Kazuma.
 A relationship between a man and a woman can only exist if one of them is the one who supports the other.
 If one person pursues his/her dream, the other person has to be the one who supports him/her. Otherwise, they can't be together.
 I think it is similar to the relationship between a hero and a saint.
 The hero fights, and when he is wounded, the saint heals him.
 If there are two healers, they cannot fight, and if there are two fighters, their wounds would be fatal.
 So, Kazuma and Haruka should have been an ideal couple.
 But Kazuma wanted a 'companion' to walk the same path.
 Maybe they will have a hard time in the future.
 There is no one to support them in cleaning, washing, and so on.
 Well, either one of them could break down or hire a third person.
 And with this, I make Kazuma understand the importance of Haruka.
 Then, when I tell this to Shizuko and the others, there will probably be no problem.

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