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Chapter 43 Just Enough Revenge

 After the busy slave-buying matchmaking session, I thanked Orcman for his help.
 "There's no need for the buyer to thank you, I mean, Ceres ended up buying seven slaves... you're a good customer."
 "Well, I'm glad I contributed to the sale."
 Thinking about it, it may have been partly due to Orcman's influence that I met Shizuko.
 Before returning to the village, I'm going to stop by a slaver's shop.
 This had never occurred to me before I met Orcman.
 Without Orcman, my meeting with Shizuko would not have happened.
 Considering that... it could be said that I owe him a debt of gratitude.
 "Thank you very much!"
 "Don't mention it, Orcman... you've helped me a lot. Let me know if there's anything I can do."
 "What's this about?"
 "No, it's nothing."
 I just want to thank him. Personally, that's all.
 If there's anything, I can do to help... I will help him.
* * *
 The return trip to the village takes two big carriages.
 And for some reason, the slaves and I split up and got into the carriage.
 "Wouldn't it be better if you sat down as a couple to get to know each other?"
 "No, we have some business to discuss... and women are dangerous, so we'd like to ask Ceres to escort us."
 "If that's the case..."
 The return trip to the village, of course, without any problems.
 But now comes the hard part.
* * *
 After parting with the village head, I returned home to find Shizuko and the others waiting for me.
 "What's the meaning of this? Ceres-kun... they are so cute!"
 "Hey... Ceres... why are you buying these cute slaves?"
 "Ceres-san... please explain!"
 "Ceres-chan, could you please tell me what this is all about?"
 "Everyone... I'll explain... First of all, the village head and his counselor chose the elves as their wives simply to frustrate Zect, the one who became a hero and whom he could not get even if he wished... that is the demi-human. After all, the hero who is the guardian of mankind cannot marry or have physical relations with them... And the hero cannot have slaves... You see, he has longed for an elf since he was a small child, right? This is good medicine for Zect."
 Zect has loved elves since he was a child... it must be frustrating for him to have his unattainable dream fulfilled by a mere village head.
 "That's true... but Ceres-kun... why the others too? Especially Sector's... that was... hilarious."
 "Sector's wife is a jealous dog among the beastmen, a race that never tolerates cheating... If he cheats on her, she'll bite off at least three of his fingers, so he has to be prepared for that... This is the price he has to pay for selling Shizuko-san... He can never cheat again in his life... and I'm sorry for my childhood friend, but she is more beautiful than those three girls. I bet Zect would be envious... if his father had married a beautiful woman of his girlfriend's age... and he'd be very frustrated."
 "Ceres-san... then why did you give that muscle..."
 "Sayo-san, I think Kaito-san was rude to Sayo-san because you are submissive and kind... and to revenge, Kaito-san's wife is a mercenary... She talks worse than Kaito-san, and if she gets violent... She is strong enough to break one of Kaito-san's arms... Now Kaito-san can't resist her. He has to live his life trapped on her backside... don't you think?"
 "So... he can't talk rude or be arrogant anymore...? Is that what you're saying?"
 "Yes, it means that."
 "Ceres-chan, something must be wrong with him too, isn't it?"
 "Yes, Shuuto-san's partner is the daughter of a nobleman. Even if Shuuto-san is an intellectual, he can't compete with the 'real' one... I mean, there's only a hard life out there, and he can't win with his only boast of knowledge... Besides, she can do self-defense, so he can't win with violence either... It must be a hard life on him..."
 "I see... Then, maybe he'll not recover from it."
 "Ceres, Kazuma's partner, has something going on too, right?"
 "Yes, a maid with an aristocratic family who can only cook."
 "That's not Kazuma's ideal."
 "No, that's Kazuma-niisan's ideal... but what Kazuma-niisan really needs is not someone who can cook, but someone who can take care of the household, like accounting, cleaning, etc... I bet he'll get into trouble... I chose her so he would know the value of your support, Nee-san."
 "Okay... I get that."
 "Still... I don't feel so good about this, Ceres-kun."
 "Ceres... is that all?"
 "Wait a minute, look at those girls... don't they look like someone else?"
 "No way... That can't be..."
 "Oh, I see what you mean."
 "This could be great."
 "Oh, dear."
 The one thing that all the girls I picked had in common was that they looked a little bit like their daughters.
 I mean, a girl would never want to return to a house where her father is with a girl her age who looks just like her...
 Besides, without a mother!
 And with this, they don't want to be in such a house.
 It's revenge that I don't need... but this is enough.
 "That's enough, isn't it? After that, if we leave this village, Zect and the others will have no place to stay... and then we will be registered in the guild with everyone while we will live happily ever after."
 "So, what are you going to do about Ceres-kun?"
 "Let's go to the capital and live happily... I'm sure the five of us will have a lot of fun."
 """"Ceres (kun) (san) (chan)""""
* * *
 The following day, we left for the capital.
 Shizuko and the others seemed to agree.
 Perhaps it was because I had taken care of his wife's relationship with the village head, but the whole village came to see us off.
 From now on, we just have to let go of our ties and live happily... that's all.

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