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Chapter 44 [Short Story] At the Carriage

 Main Character's POV
 Actually, there is something I did not tell Shizuko and the others.
 That is, Zect and the others probably won't live in this village.
 If the Demon King is defeated successfully, Zect will be at least a nobleman, possibly even a king... so he will not continue to live in the village.
 Their return will be for a week or two after the triumphal parade.
 And that's the only time.
 At best, they'll be shocked when they return.
 However, after that, they won't come back to this village.
 But there's a good chance they won't even do that because, unlike me, they don't have that much attachment to the village.
 Only in the worst case... when the Demon King defeats them, they can no longer live a normal life.

* * *
 Village Head's POV
 "Hey, I've got a question for you... have you been playing the villain on purpose?"
 """What are you talking about? (What?) (What is it?) """
 As I thought, people other than Sector showed a doubtful look.
 "Leaving Sector aside, didn't you three give up your wives because you were dealing with Ceres?"
 It is a matter of course that after having a child, the relationship will change from "man-woman" to "family" unless it's a big deal.
 Besides, it's natural that someone can't stay a lover or a newlywed forever.
 "Village head, you don't need to ask..." said Kazuma.
 "I gave her because it was Ceres. That's all there is to it," said Kaito.
 It seems the counselor noticed too.
 "Did the village head notice? Ceres-kun is a good boy... He's always working hard in the village... Even though he doesn't have enough money or food, he shares his food with Misaki and Maria... Moreover, he's a fatherless boy. But he filled the role of a father in our family," said Shuuto.
 Somehow that's funny... That's what I thought...
 But it's not possible for three men to want three slaves.
 "However, I don't think Kazuma or Kaito would want slaves, let alone you, Shuuto."
 "Well, in my personality, I would be more at ease hiring a waitress than a slave, but if I don't say so, Ceres will be upset," said Kazuma.
 "Yeah, he just needs someone to take care of him," said Kaito.
 As l thought, the three men were working together.
 "In the end... what's the meaning of all this? I don't understand it... can you explain it to me?"
 Eventually, the story went like this.
 Ceres had always helped them, and they cared for him as if he were their child.
 They thought he would marry one of their daughters. When he did... they would help him out if he had any problems... but of all people, he never married any of the three daughters... and that seemed to hurt Ceres even more.
 "I see… So, you gave up your own wife..."
 "But for me, I'm no longer in a man-woman relationship with Haruka, but I still have a love of family... If it wasn't Ceres, I wouldn't have given her to anyone... And you see, after thinking about it, I decided to give Haruka to Ceres, who has been hungry for the love of a mother and family since he was a child," said Kazuma.
 "Yes, it's the same as me. No, I was a foul mouth and abused Sayo. But Ceres took care of that little crying thing, and my daughter... And back then, I had a plan when he married my daughter, I would take care of him as my son-in-law. But because that's not going to happen... I thought it would be okay to give Sayo to Ceres, who has never known a mother's love. That's all I thought," said Kaito.
 "My part is, as I said before... Ceres-kun is my best friend and my son... he took care of me a lot too... So, I wanted to give him something, and I thought... a mother, and the result was this," said Shuuto.
 At this age, it is natural for everyone to lose their marital relations, especially those between a man and a woman.
 However, even if the relationship between a man and a woman ends there, the relationship between family members grows stronger.
 These three must have thought of Ceres as their family.
 "I hate to say it, but from what I can see, you've kicked your wife out on your own..."
 "Counselor Kajina... Ceres has a lot of money... and he is an S-class... I mean, if he didn't have any money, I would have given him half... but when I offered him money... he'd get embarrassed... So I didn't give it."
 "That's right... rather he was concerned about the funds to open my store and wouldn't accept it, he might even offer financial support if I forced it too much, so I dared not mention it."
 "It's the same with me... if I give it to him, he will start crying with a sorry look on his face."
 In the end, the only real scum is Sector.
 "That's a very nice story. Then why did you accept the slaves?"
 "That's the same for the village head, isn't it? A present from a best friend who is like a son... how could I not take it, and since it's Ceres-kun, I have a feeling he's thinking about what I need," said Shuuto.
 "Yeah, I get a mercenary woman who doesn't mind me being abusive," said Kaito.
 "I get a cooking maid... surely he chose a girl who's good at cooking and not taking care of me to teach me how to appreciate Haruka... I'm glad he's trying to help me grow up as his brother. He must have spent many hours in the slave market to choose the one I need," said Kazuma.
 "Well, so did my wife... and if she's grateful, so be it," said Sector.
 "My daughter Lida doesn't send me money or gifts, but Ceres cares and sends me things often. How can I not be grateful?" said Kazuma.
 "Yes, my daughter doesn't send me either, but Ceres-kun sends me books and rare things... I don't want anything, but I appreciate his thoughtfulness. I really thank him," said Shuuto.
 "He's really different from Mel's," said Kaito.
 "I'm grateful too, even more than my son, Zect," said Sector.
 "Sector, you don't have to say anything. You'll live the rest of your life thankful to Ceres."
 I thought it was funny.
 The three of them are acting as if they're working together.
 They were thinking of Ceres in their own way.
 What this peaceful village need is not a 'hero.'
 But people who think and act for the good of the village.
 Since Ceres has done so much for me, too, I must think of something.

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