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Chapter 45 The Hero...

Volume 2 starts...

 Zect's POV
 In the end, we decided to continue our journey, relying on the church.
 'But it's boring...'
 We can now live a clean life for sure.
 Our clothes are washed... and we are fed.
 It's just...
 "Let us pray to the Goddess for another day..."
 There's not much meat in the food.
 And even though we're the first to bathe because we are the hero and the third main job, I had to wait for my turn to bathe, so I couldn't relax.
 The beds are clean, but they are hard and painful.
 As for the paperwork, it is done by verbal communication and is reported as it is.
 It's a lot easier.
 It's better, but... that's it.
 How did this happen?
 "Zect... you've become weak, haven't you?"
 "Lida... you too."
 Maria and Mel don't say anything...
 We haven't really gotten weaker.
 Instead, we're better individually.
 Maria and Mel have learned new spells, and Lida and I have improved our skills.
 But I still say that we are weaker now.
 In fact, Lida has a hard time against the Orc King, and it's hard to imagine her defeating even a wyvern.
 Something is different...
 Even though our strength has increased.
 But... here we are.
 We're not exposed now, but this will be a problem someday.
 We're supposed to be stronger but struggle more than before.
 Since Ceres left, we don't work well together.
 That's why...
 I can only see a future where we'll lose not only to the Demon King but even to the Four Heavenly Kings.
* * *
 Main Character's POV
 I have memories of my past life.
 That's why I know... being a hero is probably the most depressing job in the world.
 Because you know what?
 Unlike other jobs, a hero cannot change jobs.
 And they must fight until they defeat the Demon King or until they can no longer fight.
 But that's not all...
 Their lives become even more miserable along the way.
 To get to the Demon King's castle, they must enter a demon country, a demon clan's territory.
 In that land, the Demon King is righteous..., and the heroes are evil.
 No one will give the heroes food or supplies, so they are left to their own devices.
 They will chase and rob the demon tribe... or even kill the demon tribe...
 Their lives are like those of an evil man.
 Even though they deal with demons, they continue killing and robbing like criminals.
 In such a life of neither evil nor righteousness... there is no escape from the battle... and the end of the battle is the decisive battle with the Demon King... and the chance of winning is 50-50... there is no life sadder than this.
 And I never wanted to live that kind of life.
 However, I owe a debt of gratitude to the people of the village.
 After my father died, I was living alone with my mother... and Jimna villagers helped me.
 It was also Jimna villagers who helped me after my mother died and took care of me.
 It was funny when I earned some money... but when I was a kid, Sector was like a bad father who taught me bad things (stories of womanizing and gambling).
 My first love, Shizuko, was like a mother to me.
 Kazuma was like a big brother to me.
 Haruka was like a big sister to me.
 Shuuto, who taught me how to study even though he couldn't get along with others.
 Misaki, who was like a mother to me.
 Kaito, who was like a stubborn father.
 Sayo, who loved me like a mother.
 And the village head, who loved me like a grandfather.
 From all of them...
 I couldn't just run away.
 Even though I don't have four main jobs... I have to fight the Demon King.
 However, the more I trained..., the more I felt nothing but despair.
 Maybe I'm pretty strong now... training myself to death every day... hunting the big ones... and at the time we parted, I was probably as good as Zect, if not better than him... but maybe that's the limit...
 Simply put, I am a genius who can study 16 hours a day and get into Tokyo University... that's me.
 On the other hand, the geniuses who can get into Tokyo University easily if they study only a few hours a day... that's them.
 Yes, their methods are not admirable...
 But I was relieved to be expelled.
 That's why I said...
 'Next time we see each other, we'll smile and talk... also, thank you for your help until now. I hope you four live happily ever after!'
 I gave them those words.
 If I meet Zect and the others again, it will be after the battle of the Demon King.
 But if they're dead or incapacitated, then I won't be able to smile.
 So, although our paths are different, I don't want them to be unhappy.
 I want to talk with them who are laughing at the victory over the Demon King.
 That's all...
* * *
 "Ceres-kun, you look like you're in trouble."
 "Really? I don't think so... we're about to arrive in the town, and I'm going to make all three of you legally my wives... that makes me a little nervous."
 "Are you really saying that, Ceres?"
 "Oh, by the way, we are going to be Ceres-san's official wives, aren't we?"
 "Ceres-chan's wife, huh? That's unbelievable."
 "I'm the one who can't believe... I will be the wife of the four people I loved so much."
 'You'd better go back to the village and become a local adventurer... or find another weak party...'
 Zect said those words in mockery, but that life is much more enjoyable for me than in "hero's party." And while I'm going to the capital...
 'Why don't you guys just save the world?'
 That's what I wanted to say...
 They should work hard, become strong, and save the world....
 But by the time the Demon King is defeated, I'll surprise them and say I'm their stepfather.

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